nox emulator logo#1 Nox
Nox is an excellent android emulator that not only runs smoothly, allows you to root the emulator from the options menu, but also looks good and runs without crashing on any Windows system. The compatibility with android games is higher than most Android emulators and the emulator features a very awesome drag and drop to install APKs system, which makes using this app player incredibly easy.

In my opinion this is easily the best emulator that I have tried on the market right now. It does not ask you to pay or install unwanted apps either, which is awesome. So that alone puts it at the top of my personal list. On top of that performance, looks, stability, user experience and easy integrated root are incredible too. I highly recommend this one. 


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- Integrated internal Root from options menu (no riks of damage when rooting, very awesome!)
- Runs without crashing
- Incredible performance runs smoothly
- Drag and Drop APK installation from PC
- Game compatibility is high (almost all games run here)
- Fast and easy download and install
- Mac version


bluestacks emulator logo

#2 BlueStacks
Bluestacks is probably the most well-known emulator on the market, simply because once upon a time it was used to cheat in Pokemon Go. So while this a very well established emu, you will need to root this one manually, it will crash on you once in a while and not all games are compatible with it. However, using older install versions of Bluestacks you can make almost anything work with this one, it is also a good simulation of how hacking games would be on an actual Android device.

Bluestacks has fallen behind a bit is usability, stability and performance, also it will ask you to either pay or install unwanted apps to keep it running. My best guess is that the devs got so much money, that they kind of dropped the ball here. Still very much useable, but not the best anymore sadly.


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- Realistic rooting and game hacking
- Runs well, but will crash once in a while just restart Android plugin
- Easy APK installs one button press
- Compatible with most games
- Will ask you to pay or install unwanted apps to continue using it



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