skip human verification 

Everyone knows it: You want do Download something awesome, like a hack, Generator or get some free goodies, but it the website asks you to for “Human Verification” or “To fill in a Survey” or whatever. These following methods will allow you to Skip 100% of all of these annoying pages today! These Methods are easiest used on Windows PC, but can be used on Android, iOS or Mac OS just as well using custom browsers. However, we recommend Google Chrome to do this easily and quickly.



#1 NoScript (Success Rate: 45%)
“NoScript” stands for any app or program that will block java script on any website you visit. NoScript apps and programs exist for free Download on Mobile, PC, Mac ect and are generally very easy to install. This will work on about half of all human verification content blockers and it will remove the overlay generated to cover the website and any download links that are to be found below that overlay layer.

  1. Go into your appstore/playstore/ browser extensions tab ect and search for NoScript.
  2. Install the NoScript plugin/app/software on your device.
  3. Visit the website with the content blocker (survey).
  4. The survey has a good chance of being bypassed by this simple method.

NoSript for Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS, Mac


page edit#2 Page Editing (Success Rate: 55%)
Page editing is the use of browser plugins or core browser functionality to edit the website you are looking at and remove the layers that are blocking you from accessing the website below the human verification box. This method is similar to the NoScript technique, but will generally work for a few more cases that are not using javascript to trigger the survey content locker software.

  1. Go to your PC and open your favorite browser
  2. Open your plugins/extensions and go to the extensions search function. Or Google “your browser extensions plugins” and visit the store that way.
  3. Search the store for “page edit” and install a plugin that allows you to edit the page and look at the source code.
  4. Now highlight the human verification box and delete it after activating the plugin.
  5. You can also use the source code to remove the code sections pertaining to the survey overlay, finding, isolating and deleting them.
  6. This method has the highest skill ceiling, so if it is too much for you, try another one first.

Page edit for Chrome, Firefox

adblocking#3 Ad Blocking Apps / Software (Success Rate: 40%)
This is the easiest way to get rid of surveys, but sadly also the one method that the sneaky people making the things are most aware of, so the odds of success are sadly limited. A lot of the content lockers used in “human verification” is recognized by most ad blockers as ads, since that is basically what it is. A software to get you to buy stuff to maybe gat a download that may or may now be what you are looking for. So by using simple advertising blocking apps, we can disable the most simple of offer overlway.

  1. Go to your playstore/appstore/extension marketplace and search “adblock”
  2. Istall an adblocking extension/browser/plugin ect on your device (for android/ios istall an ad blocking browser app) and visit the website again.
  3. If your specific anti-ad app recognizes the code, the survey may be gone.
  4. If not try another plugin that blocks ads or try another method if nothing works.


exploit#4 Exploiting (Success Rate: <5%)
Every once in a while when the blue moon and the solar eclipse fall on the same day, people figure out how to Exploit specific content locker providers to skip human verification webpages provided by that one provider. They usually do that by creating a generator for verification tokens that can then be sent to the Server to authenticate the completion of an offer. However, this happens incredibly rarely and you will first have to go into the source code, figure out who provides the survey software, what servers, what company, then use Google to see if there are any Exploits avaible.

  1. Go into the web page source code.
  2. Analyze the code source, what URL is the javasript embedded from? Where is it pulling data from, where is it sending it?
  3. Some human verification will use php proxies to hide from adblockers, making things even harder.
  4. However, if you figure out the provider, Google them and look for Exploits. If nothing else works, it’s worth a shot.


realize#5 Realizing (Success Rate 90%)
If you are reading this, you are ready for the truth: 99.99% of Human Verification are S.C.A.M.S, standing for “sleazy, childish, abhorrent, measly SCAMS” . They promise you impossible things to lure you into giving them money indirectly. And since you are not paying them directly to give you that “generator”, “free whatever”, “hack” or whatever they promised you, there is no getting your money back. It is one of the oldest and most awful Scams in the book of the history of the internet and the only reason why it works, is because it is so easy to promise anything online.

So no, my dear reader, that “Girlfirend Generator” that was promised to you is sadly not real or that “free Billion dollars” offer is sadly not real either. It is all just a very simple trick, claiming to give out impossible things to make some cash.

Ideally the success rate on this method should be 100%, but a lot of people have to get burned first before they get that it is all a ruse, and some never understand, thus 90% success rate to get rid of human verification.

  1. Realize that if the “seller” had a legitimate product they could sell it for real money instead of “offers”.
  2. Realize that what is being offered is not possible or logical.
  3. Realize that once you complete that survey, the provider has 0 incentive to give you what you want.
  4. Turn back or learn by getting burned instead.
  5. You now have Basic Internet Knowledge Level 2.

hackerbot app rounded

Use HackerBot FreeFinder to find Game Cheats with No Human Verifications (Success Rate  80%)
These days using normal search engines to find hacks, Generators, tools and other cheats for games is a bad idea, since the results are full of Survey Offers, Human Verification, Fakes and other kinds of Spam. HackerBot FreeFinder is a curated custom search engine that will only search legitimate websites for the cheats, hacks and tools for any game, allowing you to find working cheats only and avoid all the spam.

While Generators and tools, for unlimited gems, real life money and all kind of god modes for online games, all of which are actually impossible, sound good, most people prefer real cheats that actually exist. So if you are looking not to get tricked and to get around surveys and human verification, then HackerBot Find is the way to go for you.

  1. Visit or download the HackerBot App.
  2. Go to ‘Find Cheats’.
  3. Enter the name or your game + cheat you asre looking for.
  4. Example ‘clash of kings Mod apk’.
  5. Click the results to download real, legitimate cheats with no human verification surveys.

In the end at least one of these methods should have worked for you. Through technical means it is not possible to bypass all survey content lockers and human verification websites, because very simply put, it is based server-sided checks and all we can actually edit/mod or hack is what is happening on our own device. However, by realizing that it is all not real and a giant scam, you will be able to get around any survey on the whole internet.