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The use of PC controller (gamepad) and mouse + keyboard controls in mobile games for Android and iOS is an extremely overlooked and underrated way of cheating / game hacking, as it can give you a huge skill advantage in many mobile games, such as multiplayer shooters. This tutorial shows you how to do it.

How to use PC controls on Android / iOS Games

  1. Download a working emulator for Android or iOS.
  2. For online games you may need an emulator bypass mod or enable emulator mod. Use HackerBot to find and download a working one.
  3. Install your game on your Android or iOS emulator.
  4. Configure your controls.
  5. Bind any tap buttons to hotkeys on your keyboard, mouse or gamepad controller.
  6. Use D-pads for movement, G-sensor emulation, Mouse aim mode ect.
  7. The best emulators will even enable you to create scripts and macros to automate complex series or action to one hotkey. Zooming, sliding, and tilting your phone, tapping, aiming with your PC mouse or controller. Everything is possible.
  8. Save your configuration, test it in game, perfect it and enjoy.

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Will using emulators and PC controls get me banned?

In many online games the use of emulators and PC / MAC controls is considered cheating, as it gives you a huge advantage especially in online multiplayer shooters. This is also the reason why many online games make it impossible to use the game on the most popular emulators and why in those cases a bypass mod for using the game on emulator is required. However, if you can find a way to make your game work on emulator and the game is not detecting what you are doing, there is really nothing that can happen. If the use of emulators is against the terms of service and considered cheating will depend on the specific game.