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injustice 2 mobile cheats

Is it possible to cheat in Injustice 2 Mobile?
Yes indeed it is possible to cheat using different means: Hacks and modded game files can be used to implement cheating options into the game itself and bots can be used to automatically farm free gems, credits and characters. The most popular method of hacking Injustice 2 on Android and iOS is using modded APK/IPA files. In the early stages of the game it was possible to get almost unlimited free gems and credits and character shards, but that has since been patched and most hacked accounts have been banned. At this point all your important account stats are stored server-side on the servers belonging to Warner Bros. – This essentially means that Injustice 2 Hacks for unlimited gems and money are no longer possible in any way.

Injustice 2 Hacks & Mods

When it comes to hacks, the most popular ones applied to Injustice 2 on mobile are speedhacks to speed up fights, auto fighting functions, auto-counters, displaying AI attacks and more. Such functions can be implemented into the game either by decompiling, modding and recompiling the APK/IPA of Injustice 2 or to use memory editors such as GameGuardian of Cheat Engine on your mobile device or on your emulator running on your PC. But keep in mind that modded game files have to be constantly updated as the game gets update or your cheats will not continue to work. Also be sure to only download such files from legitimate and trustworthy providers to avoid risk of detection or infection of your device.

Overall hacks can help you to perform better in arena and harder missions or story fights. However, they are limited in auto-collecting and farming rewards. So this kind of tool is best used in PvP rather than to get gems or level up your heroes. Again: trainers for unlimited gems and money do not exist and anyone claiming to have them is not to be trusted.

injustice 2 mobile bot app

Injustice 2 Bots and Macros

A bot is basically an app or program that will automatically log into your game either through your mobile device, emulator or PC and play the game for you automatically. Bots and Macros can be used in Injustice 2 to farm campaign missions, arena fights, operations and resource missions automatically, as well as collecting free hero chests and collecting daily rewards. Essentially a bot can keep your account progressing without you actually having to play the game, allowing you to slowly but surely get essentially unlimited resources, all character shards, level up all heroes, get all characters to max gear level and complete all achievements in the game. Granted it will take a lot of time, but a good bot/macro will keep your energy spent and your account progressing.

Bots can either be custom made apps specific to Injustice 2 Mobile or they can be macros that farm the game through an emulator for your Android / iOS device. It is possible to set up your own bot essentially for free if you do not want to spend any money on cheating apps.

injustice 2 mobile cheats

How to create your own Injustice 2 macro bot:

  1. Set up an Abndroid / iOS emulator on your PC.
  2. Install Injusteice 2 Mobile from the appstore/playstore.
  3. Connecto to your account and install a macro recorder + editor on your PC
  4. Start in the main menu screen start recording a macro
  5. Do a loop in which you farm missions, send heroes on operations, do arena battles or whatever you like to do.
  6. Complete your farming loop by going back to the menu where you started
  7. Stop recording your macro.
  8. Play the macro as a loop and you got yourself a bot.
  9. Now use the editor fuction to optimize and get the bot unstuck.
  10. Enjoy!

Is cheating in Injustice 2 mobile legal?
Cheating in any game is completely and 100% legal and that includes online mobile action games. Cheating is a breach of the EULA / ToS of the game, but those are not enforceable contracts. Warner Bors and the developers of the game have the right to ban any user from using their services for any reason, so the worst thing that can happen to you is that your account gets banned. While this is possible, we are not aware of large-scale account bans on mobile games just yet. However, it always pays to use cheating apps that are up to date and of high quality to minimize risk of detection.

Do unlimited gems hacks exist for Injustice 2? Are they legit?
As far as we can tell at this point, these hacks did exist once, because the account data was stored client-side in the early stages of the game. However, since then this has been patched and account data / save games are now stored on the game servers just like any other online mobile game, which means that hacking gems is not possible anymore. If you want gems, buy them or farm them. There is no other way and anyone who offers you impossible tools and generators online may not have the best intentions.