top best ios game hack apps

These are the best game hacking apps on iOS that allow you to enable cheats in your games, get Unlimited Money, gems, health ect in both online and offline games alike. Most of these apps will only work with a jailbreak, but some will work with no jailbreak on your iOS device.

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#1 iGameGuardian

An excellent memory editor for simple client-side hacks that allows the user to scan for values/numbers, such as their in-game money, gems or other currency, then change the values easily after. AS truly universal way to cheat in iOS mobile games without having to look for specific Mods or tools online. GameGuardian is one of the leading memory editors for mobile games and the iOS version is no exception to that. This app will require your phone to be jailbroken in order to work properly, is very simple to use and will work on any game, but will enable significant options, such as unlimited gems only in single player, non-online games. – A great app and a must for everyone who wants to hack iOS games.



#2 HackerBot HackFinder

Finding legitimate game cheats, including game mods, is incredibly difficult these days, as the web is full of fakes, sites that claim to have you download mods, but let you download an unmolded game, survey Scams and a lot more spam. HackerBot FreeFinder solves the issue by using a custom search engine that only searches legitimate sites that post actual working game hacks for the iOS game Mod you are looking for. Simply enther ‘Your Game iOS mod’ into the search bar and if there are legitimate mods out there on the known game hacking sites, then the search will find them. It will save you time, money and will let you find free downloads for any game cheats faster. – The best way to find game mods there is.



#3 iOS Game Mods

Modded games are without a doubt the most powerful cheating method on iOS right now and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Mods are in essence games that have been decompiled by a pro, they then coded cheats directly into the game scrip and recompiled the app. – What you end up with is a modified version of the game or “Game Mod” that comes with cheats already enabled from the second you start up the game. All you need to run this kind of app is a jailbrake, download and start playing. However, finding these mods in your average search engine is near impossible, as there are tons of fakes, spam and survey scams. We recommend using HackerBot FreeFinder instead to find game mods.


#4 GameGem

Another very nice memory editor app for iOS that allows you to scan your game app memory for values and edit any memory value to get cheats working. While it is not the most complex and sophisticated of cheating software, it is easy to use and works very well. As the name implies this app will allow you to change the numbers of gems and other goodies you have in certain games. To run this you will require a jail broken iOS device and it will generally only work on games that do not store your savegame on an online Server, aka offline games that do not require you to have an interent connection in order to play. As always, try playing a game in flight mode to make sure it is offline. This is an awesome tool and is highly recommended.



#5 GamePlayer

If iGameGuardian and GameGem for some reason are not working out for you, GamePlayer for iOS is a good alternative for you. It scans for the usual DWORD and Float values and has an auto identify mode for value types as well. It is in no way better than other memory editors on iOS so far, but may be compatible with certain devices and operating system updates that the other apps may not work for. As always, a jailbreak is required. Some people will try to tell you that memory editors do not need a jailbreak, but the truth of the matter is that in order to install apps that Apple corporation does not approve of, you need a jailbreak and in order for any app to be able to access another app, you will need a jailbreak as well, making it impossible to run any value editor for games without a jailbreak required.



#6 Xmodgames

Xmodgames is a game patcher and launcher that basically allows you to turn your normal games in to modded games by patching/updating them. However, this method of game modding is extremely unreliable, since it is usually only compatible with one specific version of the game you are trying to hack. The success rate of this app is very low compared to simply downloading actual game mods and the app also tends to show you a lot of ads and sponsored content, making it not only unreliable, but extremely annoying at times. While it can work for some people and some games, it usually does not, but is easy to use, which is why it still made it on this list of game cheating tools for iOS.



#7 File Explorers & Managers

File explorers are another great way to cheat in iOS games through manipulating game data, savegames, databases and game resources. These apps allow you to view all the files on your phone, insert files, delete files, change and edit files ect. File managing apps are a great tool for iOS game hackers of any degree of experience and with some game mods, these apps are even required to get them to work. Aside from that it is more of a way for advanced users to be able to perform some more advanced techniques to implement cheating option into their games. However, this kind of tool will require you to have a jailbroken iphone or tablet and will simply not work without a jailbreak at all.


#8 Emulators / Simulators

Important: At this point there are no actual iOS Emulators, only simulators and fakes! However, some of the iOS simulators can still play apps that connect to your apple account or that come close to the actual iOS versions of games, which allows you to use PC / MAC memory editors, such as Cheat Engine to hack them, allowing you to gain advantages that may carry over to the mobile version of the game in some cases.

Emulators also make the list, because IF, and when they finally exist for iOS (maybe never) they would make cheating great again for sure. Macros could be used more easily, mouse and keyboard could be used to control iOS games, rooting and jailbreaking could be done without risk or breaking your iPhone and a lot more. Let’s hope someone makes it happen.


#9 Macros

There is variety of macro recording and editing apps for iOS that allow you to record your taps, stripes, movements ect, which can allow you to automatically play and farm a lot of online games, such as your popular clash of clans, clash of kings, clash royale and all the other clashes. Since online mobile games on iOS are especially hard to hack usually, as they use server to store your game data, this is a very welcome way of getting around the game rules and gain a small advantage. This can allow you to optimally spend your available ‘energy’ all the time to farm and redeem free rewards, such as chests and free packs every few hours automatically. This kind of script will however, increase your battery consumption as your phone will be active as long as the script is running.


#10 Moving to a superior OS for Game Hacking

Now to the more purist iOS user this may sound bad, but trust me when I tell you that the opportunities when it comes to game cheats, not criticizing Apple software in any other aspect, are sadly a lot better on 4ndroid than they are on iOS. On 4ndroid there are emulators due to the open source nature of the OS, no jailbreak is required and it is overall just friendlier and more accessible to new developers aka most game hackers. Having used both systems and having hacked games on both, I can tell you that without a question, the communities, apps, tools and mods are simply better on 4ndroid. – You love Apple stuff, I get it, but this is sadly just a fact and it does not take away from Apple devices as such, it just means that cheating is easier on the alternative OS. Check out the top android apps used to see the difference.