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A Klondike Adventures Hack is any tool, method, Mod or Exploit that allows players to gain significant advantages on Android and iOS alike, getting more free Emeralds, Energy, Coins, farming resources faster and unlocking more stuff. While working KA hacks of many kinds exist, hacks for unlimited free Emeralds, Coins and Energy do not exist for Klondike Adventures.

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Klondike Adventures Hacks

Hacks in the sense of ‘code manipulation’ are the main method applied to achieve working cheats in Klondike adventures on both Android and iOS mobile gaming systems. – The two prevalent methods of code hacking in mobile games is the use of Mods or ‘modded apps’, such as modded APK files and iOS mods and of course the use of game hacking software, such as memory and data editing tools, to modify the Klondike Adventures game app and activate cheating features. While the possible options may vary depending on the OS, game version and server-sided checks, game hack options such as speedhacks, auto play, auto farming, auto order completion, auto energy, achievement hacks and similar features may be possible. Especially automation scripts will be able to gain you some nice free energy, emeralds and lots of coins in Klondike Adventures over time. However, there are no hacks to get Unlimited Money/gems or resources directly in Klondike Adventures as it is an online game.

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Mods for Klondike Adventures

Mods are no doubt the most popular means to tackle cheating in mobile games of all kinds and including farming games, city builders and adventure games like Klondike Adventures. – The great thing about mods is that they are, while not entirely trivial, relatively easy to download and install and come with all the hacks and cheats that are potentially possible to be implemented into the game, making things as comfortable for the user as possible. Installation, while much more simple than the alternatives, can still be challenging for first time users, as they will be required to follow a step-by step guide to install a modded APK or iOS Mod for Klondike Adventures. Most moded game files for Android and iOS will indirectly require a root or jailbroken devices respectively, as during the installation process system files may have to be changed or replaced. We generally recommend using an Emulator or only using mods that require no root and no jailbrake.

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Mod Menus

Mod Menus are the Porsche, the Crème de la Crème or mods: They usually come equipped with the best and latest game hack options, a greater variety of features and options and of course an in-game menu to customize your cheats and turn individual options on and off. – But of course with premium quality also generally goes a price and most mod menus will only be available as limited or ‘lite’ versions for free download. If one wants to download the full version Klondike Adventures mod menus, one generally will have to sign up for a subscription. However, the upsides are quite significant as mod menus generally get updated rather quickly wile free mods may take days to weeks for get updated after a new patch or version of Klondike Adventures is released.

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Game Hacking Tools

The use of tools, such as memory editing apps, in order to modify games and get working hacks is far less prolific than modding, but can achieve the same effects without the need to update to the latest working version all the time. Game hacking tools such as Game Guardian for Android or GameGem for iOS can be used to modify the game memory data instead of the game files themselves, making it a more consistent but far more complicated method of game hacking for mobile games like Klondike Adventures. – So if you were already struggling with trying to install a mod, then trying to use game hacking software is not going to be the way to achieve your goals for you specifically. However, if you are not afraid to learn and follow in-depth tutorials and not having to update mods every few days sounds good to you, this tutorials will give you a brief overview of what memory editing in order to modify games is, how it works, what tools are used and where to find tutorials in order to apply the tools correctly.

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Generators and Online Hacks

There are no resource Generators or online game hacks of any kind, neither have there ever been, nor will there ever be. Any legitimate hack for Klondike Adventures will require you to download something. There is no ‘hack’, tool, Generator or other software that gives you free resources, coins, energy, free emeralds (emerald hack or generator) or other goodies at the push of a button. – This is not to say that any file you download is legitimate either. In fact most hacks for Klondike Adventures are 100% fake. Keep in mind that this is an online game and important account data like your money, items, farm, unlocks and similar data are stored online on the game servers that cannot be modified by anyone but the developers of the game. You can only ‘hack’ that which you control and since you do not own or control the game servers, you cannot modify them either and neither can the people claiming to generate stuff for you online.

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The most underrated and most overlooked cheating method out there is the use of automation software or ‘bots’ / ‘robots’ in mobile games. A good bot app is able to autonomously play the game for you, amassing lots of free energy, emeralds, coins and other goodies. A bot is able to log into Klondike Adventures, complete  ship orders for rewards, plant and harvest crops, feed animals and turn them into gold, do quests, complete minigames, use the cauldron, camp fire, furnace, sweets shop, clear story chapters, do events, store up lots of energy over time, refine and gather resources and lots more. In essence, a bot is able to do anything you can do yourself, but it can do it 24h every day forever, allowing you to enjoy the spoil of lots of playing Klondike Adventures without having to actually spend the time farming. Over time a bot is able to collect lots of free stull, making this the closest thing to an unlimited emerald or free coin hack available in Klondike Adventures. If you would like to learn more about bot and how to set up your own simple bot for farming mobile games, check out this tutorial.


Potentially the most powerful actually existing cheats available in Klondike Adventures, Exploits or ‘exploiting’ is the use of bugs in the game to gain an advantage. Cheats of this category are usually short-lived and can crop up and vanish within a single update. Bugged prices, rewards, bugged items, glitches, such as duplication glitches or dupes are all possible if the right bugs are present in an update and can be found and used. – So exploiting is very much about exploring the game for bugs and bugged game mechanics and ways to get bugs to be reproducible. Usually the underlying bugs making powerful Exploits such as free purchases, unlimited money, free gems and similar cheats possible are quickly fixed and patched once the developers of the game hear about them for obvious reasons. – Overall, it pays to keep an eye out on the game hacking forums to catch potential exploits before they get hotfixed, because almost every online game will have an unlimited money exploit at some point in some way, if someone is able to find it.