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A Walking Dead Survivors Hack is any tool, mod, app, technique or means by which it is possible to gain an edge over players that are not using hacks, getting more free rubies, resources, rewards, farming and building more effectively, getting more rare and legendary survivors ect. While hacks do exist for TWD Survivors on Android and iOS, hacks or generators for unlimited free ruby, resources, veggies, bullets, water, meat and free purchases do not exist.

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TWD Survivors Hacks

Hacks as modifications to game code come in 2 different varieties: mods and memory editing. While mods are modifying the TWD Survivors game files to activate cheating features in your gameplay, memory editors do not modify the game itself, but your mobile devices memory files instead to achieve the same effect. – Each method of game hacking in The Walking Dead: Survivors comes with its own advantages and disadvantages: Mods are easier to install, but get outdated quickly, while game memory editing techniques are a lot more complicated to implement, but often will keep working for a long time. Possible modifications/cheats in The Walking Dead Survivors may range from speedhacks, automated farming tools, auto building, auto saving, auto farming walkers to increased rewards, possible damage hacks in defense and more depending on the build of the game, the operating system and what cheats are possible at any time.

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Mods for TWD Survivors

Mods have gained incredible popularity on Android, but also iOS mobile gaming systems mostly because they are the easiest way to cheat available to mobile gamers to date, seeing that resource generators for free rubies / gems, resources and free survivors / broadcasts are all 100% fake and will never work. – While one does still have to follow a guide to install a TWD Survivors mod APK or iOS mod, and the process is more complex than simply downloading and installing a file, and the process will usually require a rooted or jailbroken mobile device of the Android / iOS variety, it easily beats the alternatives or playing with no cheats at all. – So if you are serious about using mods for Survivors, then do expect a learning experience, as sadly there is no simple button you can press and get anything you want in 1 second, which is rarely the case in life.

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Mod Menus

If mods are ‘cars’, then mod menu s are ‘luxury cars’: In essence mod menus are the premium version of mods with more features, easier to use, easier to install and keep updated, getting updated more quickly, offering the latest working cheats available at any time. However, with convenience and quality often comes a price, which is why most mod menus are only available to people paying a premium subscription. Free versions that offer fewer options are generally available for free download and in many cases are quite useful in their own right, even if they are not the full version. Generally, mod menus are the best hacks available for The Walking Dead Survivors and will allow you to gain a significant edge, collect your 5-Star legendary survivors faster, farm the game more quickly, get more free rubies and resources, more hero summons / survivors, perform better in events and so on.

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Farming Bots

Often overlooked, underestimated, and misunderstood: Bots are without a doubt the most powerful cheat available for most online games, city builders, farming games and multiplayer online mobile games like The Walking Dead Survivors. A ‘bot’ or robot is an app or software that is able to automatically play the game for you 24h every day, allowing you to farm the most free stuff physically possible in server-sided online games. Since hacking money, resources and gems, or in this case buby / rubies directly is not possible due to server-processing, bots are the closest thing to a replacement, allowing you to use all you troops/crews/armies to farm walkers for rubies and resources, gather from camps for resources, automatically upgrade your base, complete tasks, complete events, automatically react to incoming pvp marches/attacks and more. Along with running multiple accounts to benefit your main account, bots are a tool that all the top players of TWD Survivors use and are quite easy to set up yourself as well. To find out how to create your own bots, check out this tutorial.

Game Hacking Tools

Game hacking tools and especially memory editing apps are the most commonly applied game hacking tools in online mobile games like The Walking Dead Survivors. The most popular choices are Game Guardian for Android and GameGem for iOS, but there are many more and they all work very similarly, allowing you to scam and modify the game memory while the game is running, change game speed, load scripts and trainers and offer many tools for manipulating the game is all kinds of interesting ways. If you are not afraid to learn, then starting to learn how to use these tools, or simply starting out by following tutorials is the way to go for you. The great thing about game hacking tools is that the methods used usually do not need to change much between updates and patches that are pushed to the TWD Survivors game app, which is not the case if you are using mods for instance.

Generators & Online Hacks

All The Walking Dead Survivors ‘Generators’ and online ‘Hacks’ Websites are fake and will never work. They all do claim to give you free ‘resources’, such as free rubies, food, water, meat, bullets, free in game purchases, speedups, shields, vip level and legendary heroes/survivors, but those things are simply impossible because TWD Survivors is an online game and all your account data is stored server-side on the game servers that can only be modified or manipulated by the game developers. You are able to hack data stored on your own device, but not the game servers. – If you try any of these ‘tools’, then you will be disappointed as what they are claiming to give you simply does not exist.

Alt Accounts

Alternate accounts are a very simple method of cheating that is used in almost every single city builder mobile game out there. – You simply use emulators and VPNs to create multiple secondary accounts, build them up to produce lots of resources, then raid / attack them with your main account to transfer resources. All top players in TWD Survivors are most certainly doing it and if you want to be one of them and not spend all your money on micro-transactions, then you will want to do it too. It is vital to use a VPN to change your IP address when doing this, else you are running the risk of getting all your accounts banned, since having multiple accounts feed your main account is blatant cheating and easily traced using IP address data.