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The best Genshin Impact Hacks include any and all software, tools or methods that allow you to gain an advantate in Genshin Impact on PS4, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch and other platforms: This includes powerful farming bots for farming Primogems, Mora and Gear, client-side hacks for PC and hacked consoles, scripts, mods for mobile and much more. However, hacks for unlimited free Primogems, Mora, Resin and free Wishes do not exist.

Genshin Impact Hacks

Hacks are programs, software, tools and other devices that modify the Genshin Impact game code or memory. The most common use is found on PC where game hacking tools and programs are used to inject code into the game to allow for powerful hacks such as teleporting, speed hacks for faster travel, damage hacks to do more damage, semi-god modes to avoid damage, noclip hacks for walking through ibjects, fly hacks, climb hacks, jump hacks and much more. – What exact hacks are possible in Genshin Impact at any time depends on the game build, what information is processed server versus client-side and other factors.

What is consistent however is that all your account data, your currencies, inventory, unlocked characters and similar data is stored on the game servers and cannot be hacked using any means. Hacks for unlimited free Primo Gems, Mora (Gold), Resin, Summons and other currencies are simply impossible and anyone claiming otherwise is trying to scam you.

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Bots for Genshin Impact

As with any game that involves farming and grinding for gear, unlocks and materials, Genshin Impact is perfect for the use of bots to automatically farm primogems, artifacts, weapons, mora, ascension materials and other goodies automatically. – A bot does not need to eat or sleep and can farm the game for you, complete events, spend your resin, fight mobs, do daily quests and achievements, upgrade your gear, ascend your characters, farm adventure ranks and character levels, cook, gather, do expeditions, sell gear, complete dungeons and fight bosses forever, allowing you to play the game for fun and enjoy the fruits of the grind.

However, bots can currently only be set up for the PC and Android versions of Genshin Impact. If you are playing on console (PS4 or Nintendo Switch), then you will probably want to switch to a platform that either can run bots or allows you to use the same account as a platform that can use bots. If you are somehow unable to download working Genshing Impact bots, check out our tutorial on how to create your own bots. Bots are essentially an unlimited money cheat in disguise and probably the best cheat available for Genshin Impact to date.

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Genshin Impact Exploits

Extremely rare, exploits are bugs in either the Genshin Impact game client or game servers that allow players to gain huge and unexpected advantages by using such bugs to do overpowered thing such as: duplicating items, farming unlimited XP, farming unlimited money, primogems, mora, get unlimited resin, get gold legendary items easily and much more. – However, before you jump for joy keep in mind that these bugs do no stay around forever and that while they are around not everyone knows about them. While exploits are probably the most powerful hack for Genshin Impact period, they have to be found, and nonce they are found, they have to be kept a secret, lest the developers fix the underlying bugs and make the exploit unusable.

To find the latest working exploits for Genshin Impact, it pays to keep an eye on all the relevant game hacking communities out there and participate on their forums where such bugs and exploits are commonly discussed and shared.

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Downloading Gehshin Impact Hacks

Before downloading any file, software, hack or bot it is extremely important to make sure that the download source you are using is clean and safe to use in all cases. – Only download from proven and trusted providers which you can find through our FreeFinder tool. These websites have been in the industry for a long time and have a good track record when it comes to safe and clean downloads.

Still, do make sure to check the thread where any hack or download was posted for recent comments about the safety of the file. Make sure the Genshin Impact hack you are downloading is up to date, currently working and will not get you banned from the game when using it. It always pays to test any mod, hack or bot on a secondary account first and use a VPN for accessing it, before using any cheat on your main Genshin Impact game account.

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Genshin Impact Hacks on PC

Windows PC is without a doubt the most common operating system used by game hackers alongside android mobile. It provides the greatest variety of game hacking tools by far, the most bots and macro software, the biggest game hacking communities and makes easiest to install and run Genshin Impact hacks. If you want the greatest and best selection of cheating software and tools for Genshing Impact, then using Windows PC to play the game is highly recommended with Android being the second best choice for sure. PC also offers the greatest variety when it comes to scripts and macros to automate actions and ability usage for maximum DPS output in combat.

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Genshin Impact Cheats for Consoles

While not the best choice, hacking games on consoles like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and other popular gaming consoles is still possible: Using hacked consoles it may be possible to run unsigned code and memory editors to cheat in Genshin Impact, you may be able to join a hacked lobby to complete bosses and dungeons alongside a game hacker and get lots of good loot and even packet editing hacks may be a thing on consoles as well. – However, you will soon notice that the extreme trouble and monetary investment that you may have to consider when trying to set up working hacks and bots for your favorite console is much worse than simply buying an average gaming PC, which is probably what you will want to do, unless you are quite tech-savy.