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A Fishdom Hack is any modification, app, software, technique, method or other means of gaining unfair advantages in Fishdom on Android and iOS with no root and no jailbrake required. – While there are many different options for game hacking, hacks and generators for unlimited free gems (diamonds / crystals), coins (gold / money), lives and moves do not exist and are always fake.


Fishdom Hacks

The game hacking techniques that can be used in Fishdom are quite diverse ranging from using modded game apps, which is the easiest method to use, over the use of memory editors and similar game hacking tools, the use of automation bots and scripts to auto farm and auto match or highlight the best matches at any time in the Fishdom level and some other minor client-side hacks that are feasible on Android and iOS alike. Possible Fishdom hacks may range from anything between speedhacks, unlock hacks, timer hacks for timed levels, infinite moves and life hacks, achievements completion and more depending on the build of the game app, the current update, if you are playing on Android or iOS and other factors. – The only limit on what game hacks can do in Fishdom is what data is processed on the server, since the game servers cannot be modded or changed in any way beyond allowed interactions through the Fishdom game app.

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Generators & Online Tools

As briefly mentioned in the intro, all generators for free gems / diamonds, unlimited gold coins / money, moves, unlimited lives and free in-game purchases are completely fake and will never work. – Now as to why this is the case: What you must understand is that Fishdom on Android and iOS mobile is an online game, which means that a lot of the data and currencies are stored and processed on the game servers, known as server-side processing and game hacking tools are only able to access data stored on your mobile device, known as client-side data. So any tool, software or resource ‘generator’ is only able to modify data on the device it has admin access to and the game servers are not on your mobile device, meaning it is impossible to manipulate your coins, get free gems, free lives, unlimited moves, uinlock all rare fish ect. In theory game servers can be hacked, but doing this would be highly illegal, would not be done through some kind of generator website, and no one wants to go to prison for some virtual gem currency in some random match-3 mobile game.

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Mods are the preferred method of cheating for many Fishdom players, since they are a lot easier to use than other means. All that is generally required in order to get w mod to work is to download the file either for Android (modded APK file) or for iOS and install the app, then delete the original game app, play and connect the account. However, more advanced mods may require you to either change some system files using a file editor or have a jailbroken device or root, though there are also modded game clients that require no root and no jailbreak at all.

When looking to download Fishdom mods, beware of fakes: Any mod, generator, online tool or hack that offer you free gems, coins, god mode (unlimited lives) is 100% fake and will never work, since this is an online game and these values are stored on the Playrix servers. To find working cheats, use this tool.

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Mod Menus

Mod menus are the Porsche of mods, the cream of the crop, the best of the bunch: They work much in the same way as other hacked game clients for Fishdom, but will usually come with a much greater selection of features, a menu that allows you to customize the cheats included in the download, some may even offer automated updates and free purchase emulation if it is possible in the version of Fishdom that you are playing. – However, while mod menus are certainly the greatest cheats available for players of Fishdom on Android and iOS, they are also exceedingly rare to find and even rarer to find as free downloads. Most of the time one has to purchase a premium subscription from the developers of the app in order to get access to the full download. This may be well worth it for you if you are looking for the best tools available.

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Game Hack Apps

If you are at any point unable to find and acquire working downloads, then your only way to cheat in Fishdom is to follow tutorials and try to hack the game manually using game hacking tools for either Android or iOS. Game hacking tools will allow you to mod the game memory on your mobile device, which is to say it modifies the current state of the game on your phone. The most popular game hacking apps and software can be found for Android and iOS respectively here on

When trying to find tutorials and using tools, one needs to always be aware that this is quite the riskly process and can easily result in an account ban. This is why we recommend only trying techniques for memory editing, free purchase emulation tools and similar software on an alternate account first. Never, ever should one experiment around on an account that one cares about or one has invested money into purchasing gems, unlocked rare fish, decorations and unlocked many fish tanks.

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Exploits & Glitches

Exploiting and glitching is the use of bugs and flaws in the game for cheating and gaining unfair advantages. – It is one of the very few cheating methods for Fishdom that require no root and no jailbrake at all, making it the perfect means for beginners to start their cheater career. The greatest thing about exploits is that especially server-sided exploits can break the rules of what cheats are possible, making impossible cheats like unlimited gems, money, coins, resources, boosters and mores possible that would otherwise be entirely impossible due to server-side checks and processing. So overall it pays to keep an eye on the relevant game hacking forums covering Fishdom to catch active exploits before the developer notice and inevitably hotfix the issue.

Mod Money

As outlined multiple times already, unlimited free money cheats are impossible in Fishdom due to server-side processing of your in-game currencies and shop purchases. – However, this slightly significant fact is not stopping literal hordes of shady APK download sites, weird iOS modded app stores, less reputable software downloading websites and similar fishy actors of low repute from advertising their questionable downloads with the ‘mod money’ feature and advertising cheating options like unlimited gems, infinite money, free coins ect. – These downloads must never be trusted as they are at the very least using false advertising by claiming features that are simply not possible, probably are entirely fake and in the worst case may even infect your Android / iOS mobile gaming device with malware, adware or worse. If you must try these mod money downloads, because you do not trust our warnings, at least use an emulator as to not get your actual mobile device infected. Stay safe out there.

Bots & Scripts

Who is better and faster at solving logic puzzles, such as match-3 games, than humans? If you guessed AI, software or bots, then you are 100% correct. This is how AI and bots can be used in Fishdom and similar puzzle matching games to not only highlight the best possible matches, but also to play the game automatically, completing levels in the fewest moves possible, using the fewest boosters items and lives possible in the shortest times possible and farming lots of gems, coins, money and fish unlocks in the process. While such scripts and match-3 puzzle solving software is still quite rare, this is sure to change as match3 games continue to be more and more popular and successful in the years to come. Automated software is extremely good at analyzing all possible matches in milliseconds and planning future moves to create boosters, combos and solving levels faster and more efficiently than any person ever could.

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