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If you are looking for Guild Wars 2 cheating software like Bots, Hacks, Cheats or Exploits, then you have come to the right place. is a community with the purpose to find new ways to Cheat in MMO games like GW2. We are always coding new hacks, bots andother Tools to help you cheat at your favorite games. Sing Up and Download our Cheats.

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Guild Wars 2 Bots
Bots are the most common way to cheat in GW2. They are very widely used amongst the upper ranks of Guild Wars 2 players to level up characters, raid, collect crafting materials and farm rare items. Bots provide an excellent way to farm gold, crafting materials, experience points and other important resources without having to actually do all the grinding manually. There are many bots out there and most of them can not be downloaded for free, since they need to be kept up to date. The downside is that setting up bots to do all the work for you is not always easy, you do need some expertise when it comes to using computers and most of the time, you will need a dedicated PC to run your bots.

The use of bots in MMOs and MMORPG has always been a way for people with little time to do all the grinding without actually spending all the time to do it manually. In many popular MMORPGs one needs to farm mobs, complete quests or raids to get to the maximum level and get (or craft) end game gear and to get the best gear you need to spend hundreds if not thousands of hours farming.

Guild Wars 2 Hacks (GW2 Hack)

Choosing the right Guild War 2 Bot
Most Guild Wars 2 Bots are heavily flawed: Some get stuck a lot and don't reset, others do act very unnatural and are easily detected, there are lots of bots that do get disconnected from the game and have no way of automatically logging back into the game, even others lack important features like customizable paths, selling and trading of items or gathering. This is why one has to really do some research, before choosing ones botting software.

Guild Wars 2 Hacks
There are a few working Guild Wars 2 hacks out there that do work quite well. The most commonly used hacks are speed hacks fly and jump hacks, teleport hacks, ESP hacks and wall hacks. These hacks can usually be acquired for free and they allow you to see items and players from far away (ESP = Extrasensory Perception Hacks), teleport to almost any location, walk through walls, fly around, jump really high and run very fast.

When using hacks in GW2, one should always make sure not to be seen, since people will most certainly report you if they see you flying around or running at 5 times the normal speed. These hacks usually do work for WvW and PvP but we do recommend that you only use them in PvE for very obvious reasons.

Guild Wars 2 Bot (GW2 bots)

Guild Wars 2 Exploits
There have been quite a few working exploits in the launch phase of Guild Wars 2. Some events that could easily be farmed 24/7 using simple mouse click scripts, trading exploits involving the magic forge and lots of others. Even now that the game has been out for a few months, there are still some working exploits that can be used to gain an advantage in Guild Wars 2. – Exploits are usually very much temporary bugs and only very rarely a certain exploit keeps working for weeks at a time.

Guild Wars 2 God Mode and Gold Cheats
Getting unlimited health and gold in GW2 is impossible through the use of client-side programs (on your PC). Anyone telling you that it is possible is therefore a liar and trying to scam you, so beware. Health and Money are processed on the game servers in any decent MMO these days. Why? Because if your money and health value were processed on your PC, everyone would be cheating, the game would stop being fun and competitive and the developers would lose their primary source of income. The fact that the game still exists and seems to be working correctly is proof that god mode hacks are not possible.

Buying GW2 Bots | Guild Wars 2 Paid Bots Review

Guild Wars 2 Paid Bot Review (Buy Bots)

Guild Wars 2 Paid Bot Review (Buy Bots)


Are you looking for legit and working Guild Wars 2 Bots?
Free GW2 bots are rarely reliable and will not be up to date at all times, since no one is really responsible for keeping them working. Now if you really want to have a bot that can constantly and reliably farm for you over weeks, months or even years, you will want to get a bot subscription. And you will want to find a bot developer that is reliable and offers a product of good quality for your money. Paid bots subscriptions will give you access to a variety of toolkits and custom bots that allow you to set up your very own setups. Most subscription even allow for use on multiple accounts, allowing you to farm currency and sell it.


Where can I find legit Bot developers? How can I avoid Scammers?
It’s the internet: Anyone can claim to have a good product and scam you with surveys or low quality software. If you want to avoid that problem, offers you a reviews section that contains reviews of legitimate bots and hacks for MMOs and FPS such as Guild Wars 2. We have been in the business for a long time and know pretty much every legit developer in the field. If you want the best software for cheating in GW2 on the market, then subscribing to our reviews section might be a good idea. A subscription costs 5$ for 367 days.


What will I gain from my Reviews Subscription? Why does it cost money?
Mostly you will avoid scammers. 5$ to make sure you don’t get scammed for 30-60$ is a fair deal we feel. We have to make serious investments into buying games and cheating software and we do need some kind of compensation in order to keep HackerBot running. 5$ is nothing for a person that can afford to buy a bot or hack for ten to twenty times that money. We know how frustrating it can be to get scammed when it comes to buying hacks and we would like for you to avoid that kind of trouble.


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