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A Blue Archive Hack is any tool, software, app, download or other means of gaining unfair advantages in the game used to get more free Pyroxene, more credits, unlock more heroes / students and get other goodies and rewards more quickly than intended. Game hacks exist for both the Android and iOS versions of Blue Archive and may be used with or without a root or jailbrake. – While the possible features for such cheats are many, any generators or tools for unlimited free Pyroxene, free Credits / Money, Tickets, free in-app purchases and unlimited energy are always fake and do not exist.


Blue Archive Hacks / Cheats

By far the most sought-after and most infamous cheating method, hacks are basically any software that is able to alter the game by changing its code or memory on your device. The possible cheats that may be achievable this way may range from simple speed hacks that speed up the game through to damage hacks, semi-god modes, unlimited EX skill meter, no cooldowns, increased healing and more depending on the version of your game, what platform you are playing on (Android or iOS), what information is processed server-side and other factors. - In general the main categories of Blue Archive hack are: Mods that modify the game files themselves, tools that modify the game data or memory while the game is running and bots that automatically play the game for you and farm unlimited money and resources over time.

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Generators & Online Hacks

Is it possible to get unlimited money, pyroxene gems and unlimited everything in Blue archive? – The short answer is no, not by using a simple online generator. Any generator for Blue Archive is a scam and 100% fake. This is due to the fact Blue Archive is an online game, meaning that any really important information is stored on the game servers and online, making it impossible to manipulate or change data directly from your device by any legal means. However, by using bots you may be able to farm almost unlimited pyroxenes (gems), money, credits, tickets and elephs over time and unlock all the 5-star students and max them out over time. This method is certainly more challenging than pushing a ‘generate’ button online, but in comparison it actually does something.

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 Modding, or rather the use of mods is a game hack method that incorporates the cheating functionality directly into the game files for Blue Archive, making it by far the most convenient method available: Any modified iOS game app or APK mod can simply be installed instead of the original game and then played just like the original, giving players easy access to cheats. – However, the installation process is not quite trivial in many cases and one needs to follow the installation instructions exactly in order to get mods to work correctly. Despite this, mods are far easier to use than tools or bots in most cases and are well worth a try. Many mods will require a root or a jailbroken device, but some may work with no root and no jailbrake enabled on your device. In any case, we do recommend everyone to use an emulator and a 2nd account in order to test any mod, before moving on to potentially using is on your main account or main mobile device. Such security precautions are recommended on Android and iOS alike and for any tools or software you use, no matter the source.

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Mod Menus

These are some of the most advanced mods, generally premium software, locked behind a paywall: Mod menus are mods that will usually be made by professional modders and programmers for a paying audience and they will usually come with good support, faster updates, more features and options and of course the namesake in-game menus that lets users customize and toggle individual cheats and features while playing the game.

blue archive game mod hack


Bugs, unintended features and coding mistakes have always been a part of games and can sometimes be used to gain advantages. This process is called exploiting or glitching and can make usually impossible cheats possible even in an online game like Blue Archive. However, as opposed to offline single player games, these bugs that can be used to exploit games are much easier to fix, but will come up more often as new features and updates can break game mechanics every once in a while. – While unlimited free pyroxene, free in-game purchases and similar cheats are generally impossible in Blue Archive, the use of exploits is potentially able to circumvent server-side limitations on such cheats by using server-sided bugs. The only significant downside is that such exploits, or rather the bugs that make them possible, are in our experience rather short-lived, especially after an exploit becomes public knowledge and the developers become aware of the issuie. Overall, a great way to get unfair advantages in Blue Archive that is rather newbie-friendly and requires no advanced tools or software.

blue archive game cheat tools


The use of software to automate gameplay is one of the oldest and in our experience most effective cheats available in many online games such as Blue Archive. A decent bot is able to automatically log into your account, claim free rewards, level up students / characters, farm for free pyroxene from dailies, weekly missions, story missions, total assault matches and special events. Bots can also farm for other crafting materials and level materials, helping you to 5-star all your favorite characters / heroes, complete the monthly battle pass and get a lot more free stuff over time. Overall, a bot is the closest thing to a money or gem hack for unlimited everything that you can get in Blue Archive, but can be tricky to set up correctly. If you want to learn how to set up your own bot for Android and iOS mobile games with no root and no jailbreak required, check out this tutorial.

Tools / Modding Apps

By far the most advanced way of hacking any game, the use of tools comes with upsides and challenges alike that one does simply not enjoy or suffer through using mods, bots or other game hacks for Blue Archive: While mods have to be updated with every new patch that the Blue Archive game app receives, the techniques used in memory editing tools and similar modding apps will very often persist through updates or only need very slight changes, making this technique update-proof to some extent. Another upside is that many techniques applied are near universal, meaning they can be used on many games on Android and iOS alike to implement cheats, such as money cheats, damage hacks and similar features. The best tools for Android and the best software for iOS can be found right here.

Our Experience

In our time trying to get working cheats to use in Blue Archive we used exclusively HackerBot HackFinder along with other tools found on in order to avoid any fake software and only find working apps from trusted sources. In our experience, getting working mods that are up to date was easier than in most titles and the options available were useful, but not overpowered. By far the best method and the most useful proved to be the use of bots and scripts in order to automate farming, allowing us to get a steady and passive stream of free pyroxene, money and materials coming in from daily rewards and spending AP / energy 24h per day. So while modding is certainly possible and tools are certainly an option, bots have been the most useful cheat for Blue Archive by far in our personal experience. Even using bots, maxing out a lot of characters will still take years, if you spend no money, but it is the best option available in our qualified opinion. And having been part of the game hacking community for many years, this is not unexpected, as bots are generally the most effective way to cheat in any online RPG, hero collector and gatcha game.


Overall, cheating in Blue Archive is very much possible, not trivial, not too complicated and the best method by far will be to use an emulator and automated farming scripts to automatically farm the game. The use of mods is also not the worst and may prove quite effective in some cases. As always it is recommended to use emulators and alternate accounts to test any downloads for safety and never trust any online generator that promises unlimited pyroxene / gems, money hacks or unlimited everything, as these cheats are simply not possible at all. Keep in mind that using such software to get around the game rules is certainly legal, but frowned upon and can result in a permanent game ban if detected or caught. It pays to do whatever you decide to do with respect for the game and other players, not be too selfish, as it may help avoid manual reports and banned game accounts.

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