“I think this player is a bot. He is running around in circles.”
“This guy is clearly using an aimbot! He hit my head across the map without a scope!”
“Not sure if I like all these advertising bots in the general chat. I with the devs banned them.”

bot robot softwareWhat is a Bot?
The word “bot” is short for robot and a robot is essentially a human programmed machine created to perform certain tasks that do not require any constructive thinking or creative solution-finding (repetitive, simple tasks). A bot can either be a physical machine driven by software or can be software-only and running on any kind of PC or electronic device and OS. Robots have been used heavily by humans in the 20th and 21st century in manufacture, software and many other industries including, lately also the Gaming Industry.

Bots in Gaming
Bots are primarily used in games in order to give human players opponents to play against outside of an online multiplayer environment. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is programmed in order to imitate a human opponent. However, these AI are not able to think creatively and therefore are not able to come up with their own solutions to problems. A creatively thinking bot would be called a VI (Virtual Intelligence) and is impossible to create, since man does not have the power to animate inanimate objects.

Later, with the rise of online multiplayer gaming, bots were adapted by cheaters in order to farm games that use very repetitive game elements that can easily be exploited using AI. Another use that cheaters found to use bots to gain an advantage over their non-bot counterparts is the use of aimbots that will automatically aim weapons in shooters and similar games at opponents and shoot them.

Bots have also been adopted by many other shady figures in the gaming industries, such as RWT (Real World Trade) websites that use them to spam chats in games in order to advertise their goods and services. Bots have also been used to perform very complicated dupes (item duplication exploits), since they can achieve almost perfect timing and repeat the action thousands of times per hour. Overall bots have been very successful in helping people to gain an edge in online games.

Other Uses of Bots Online
Bots are used for many other purposes on the internet, such as the crawling of the web by Search Engine, such as Google, in order to help us find relevant information. The most advanced use of bots that we know of is also used by Google and is called “machine learning”. – This is a very complex process that actually allows bots to “learn” by analyzing huge chunks of data and recognizing common pointers in order to recognize similar content in the future. Bots are still developing to be able to handle more and more complex tasks.

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