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Star Trek Fleet Command Hacks are any and all tools, Mods, game hacking techniques and other means of gaining an advantage, farming more free Latinum (gold/money), resources, ships, recruit tokens and summon chests more quickly. There are a variety of ways to cheat in ST Fleet Command. However, generators or hacks for unlimited free Latinum, Resources and Recruit tokens do not exist.

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Mods & Hacks for Fleet Command

Modded Android APKs, modded iOS apps, hacked apps: ST Fleet Command Mods come by many names and can be downloaded and installed on both Android and iOS. They are in essence game versions that have been tampered with, reverse-engineered and reprogrammed to offer the user cheats as a part of the game itself. All a player has to do is download and install a Star Trek Fleet Command Mod, replace the original game files with the hacked app and play the game as usual. The game will then either include hacks as part of the game by default or will allow the user to activate cheating options, quite similar to a game trainer or cheat table, through a so called ‘mod menu’.

Mods are quite temporary in nature, since they are made for a specific update or game build of Star Trek Fleet Command. Once Sopely updates the game, the Mod will usually be outdated and stop working until the same mod is made for the new game version. While it can be quite a challenge to find working mods and free downloads, you can follow this tutorial to find working mods for this game.

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STFC Mod Menus

Mod menus are the most popular way to implement cheats into mobile games for both Android and iOS these days: A Mod Menu will allow a player to very easily and quickly turn cheats on and off at their convenience. Speedhacks, auto collecting rewards, auto questing, auto opening cheats every 10 minutes, 4 hours or 24 hours, farming bots ect. Any functions included in a hack for Star Trek Fleet Command may be easily enabled or disabled using a mod menu.

Overall, mods can allow you to enable usually simple but helpful cheats that will not give you unlimited latinum, officer shards, recruit tickets or resources, but will make farming these same resource a lot easier, quicker and will help you to skip a lot of unnecessary busy work in most cases. When looking to download free mod menus it is imperative that one makes sure that whatever files one is about to download have been confirmed as being undetected, working and clean by multiple real people and recently. If one does not follow these precautionary measures, one may find their account getting banned from playing Star Trek Freet Command pretty quickly, since Sopely is not known for being very gracious with cheaters in their games.

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Game Bots for ST Fleet Command (Cheat)

Imagine you had a tool that could play Fleet Command for you. Imagine this tool could automatically build your base, farm resources, mine resources automatically, attack players, attack mining spots, farm daily missions and achievements for free latinum, officer shards, free recruit tokens and resources. – Bots and Macros for Star Trek Fleet Command can do just that for you while you are off busy playing that hardcore game called ‘real life’ that so many people these days seem so extremely obsessed with.

A bot does never get tired and can farm all day. Most bots that people use in Fleet Command are maros set up through Emulators and you can find a tutorial on how to create your own bot here. Bots can also very rarely be downloaded as scripts that can be run on a rooted android or jailbroken iOS device, but generally we advise against using any mobile bots and use Emulators instead, because it is safer and simply because the macro technology on mobile is not developed to the point yet where it would be possible to farm a game like Star Trek Fleet Command efficiently. – Overall bots are the best cheat to use in this game, because they can literally farm unlimited latinum / gems, resources and officers over time. If you run a bot for long enough, you will even surpass the strongest wallet-warriors in the game. However, we still recommend spending money on Fleet Command to stack the odds in your favor if the developers are ever considering banning you. And also supporting game devs is always a nice thing to do.

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Game Hacking Tools for Fleet Command

If you are unable to find working or up to date mods for Star Trek Fleet Command, then you may want to consider seeking out game hacking tutorials for Android / iOS instead. Memory editors, file editors and similar game hacking tools can be used to hack the game manually. The best thing about this is that while mods will inevitably get outdated with the next game update, a lot of the game hacking tool methods keep working through time.

You can find the most popular game hacking tools for Android here and the best apps for iOS here. However, please: Never use any of these tools on your main account to begin with! Please, always use any tool on an alternate account, ideally on an alternate device or even an Emulator before moving on to trying to hack the game on your main Star Trek Fleet Command account or you will get automatically banned with a very high certainty. Please use our finder tool to find good game modding tutorials for your device and then follow the lead of people that have experience with modding online mobile game, such as this one. Most  of these tools can be used with no root and with no jailbroken mobile device.

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Unlimited Free Latium, 5 Star Epic / Legendary Ships and Officers, Stat Hacks and Generators

Now while it would be quite nice if there were working Generators and hacks for unlimited latinum, parsteel, tritanium, dilithium, unlocking epic ships, epic and legendary officers, unlimited free chests, recruit tokens, ultra recruit tokens, unlimited damage, unlimited combat and pvp strength, score, free upgrade and son on, the truth sadly is that any of these hacks are 100% impossible under any circumstances.

Star Trek Fleet Command is an online mobile strategy game. – The ‘online’ part of that means that most of the vital information about your account, such as your money, health, strength, latinum, base ect are stored on the deveopers (Scopely) online servers. These online game servers are secure computers that cannot be modded, hacked or modified by anyone but the game admins, developers and the Server admin, making any overpowered hacks sadly impossible in Fleet Command. Anyone claiming otherwise is probably trying to scam you using a human verification survey scam and should not be trusted, since anyone can claim anything in the internet.

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Are there Cheats for Star Trek Fleet Command?

Yes, there are mods, hacks, bots and other cheating tools for both the Android and iOS versions of Star Trek Fleet Command. Mod Menus included in modded versions of the game will allow players to turn individual cheating option on and off, allowing the user to farm free Latium, Resources and XP faster, build their base faster, get a stronger ship, epic and legendary officers, epic  ships and farm more officer fragments to get 5 star officers. However, there are no hacks for unlimited latium, unlimited recruit tokens, resources ect, since Star Trek Fleet Command is an online game and all your account save data is stored safely on the Scopely (developers) online servers that cannot be hacked using any means whatsoever. There are working downloads for Android an iOS both requiring a root or jailbreak and requiting no root and no jaibrake at all.