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A Tank Stars Hack is any software, app, modification, tool, method or other means for players to gain unfair advantages over other players, get cheats, get more free Diamonds (gems), Money (gold), unlocks and other goodies on Android and iOS alike with no root and no jailbrake required. – While there is a plethora of different cheating methods available for Tank Stars, generators and hacks for unlimited free Diamonds , Money and Resources do not exist and are always fake.

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Tank Stars Mods & Mod Menus

The way most hacks are delivered is through simple download of a modified version of the original Tank Stars game app. These modded or hacked game files are known simply as Tank Stars Mods and are quite nice due to the fact that they are easy to download, simple to install and enable the user to use cheats very quickly. Such files do exist for Android as modded APK files and for Apple iOS devices as modded apps or IPA Mods. While it is easier to find modded game clients for Tank Stars on Android, they do exist for iOS as well, but are generally even harder to find. To learn how to find and download such files safely, easily and quickly, go here.

Tank Stars Mod Menus are the most loved and sought-after mods in existence right now. They are the best thing that can happen to any cheater and the holy grail of modding this game. A good Mod Menu will allow the player to toggle all kinds of hacks while playing the game, allowing the player to tailor the game experience and the trainer options and features used to their liking. Mod Menus downloads are undoubtedly the most glorious way of cheating in Tank Stars, but exceedingly rare as one might imagine.

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Aimbots for Tank Stars

Now while it is certainly possible in some builds of the Tank Stars game to get all unlocks by getting unlimited Diamonds/Gems and Money and Legendary Chests, but this will still not make you invincible in PvP battles against other players. You will still take damage and die if you are not hitting all your shots and avoiding enemy damage. -  Now this is where the Tank Stars Aimbot is an actual godsend: Aim assist apps and auto aiming bots for Tank Stars are able to detect what ability / ammo / weapon you are using and is able to automatically aim your shot to do the maximum amount of damage possible. This way you are able to hit the most unlikely and hard shots and will simply seem like a god when playing using an Aimbot that is worth its salt. Usually you need to have a lot of experience at playing any specific tank of any tier, but a good Aimbot will do all the thinking for you allowing you to lean back and behold the lovely damage numbers as your enemy disintegrates and you are able to win even max level tournaments with ease.

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Unlimited Free Diamonds, Money, Gold, Mods in Tank Stars

While most other online mobile arcade games will not allow for actual money and gem hacks, Tank Stars is/was an exception to this. At the time of writing this Playgendary have not yet decided to process their Diamond values, Gold values, Tank Unlocks, Chests, Cards and other account data server-side, meaning that money hacks and diamond mods still do exist and can be downloaded quite easily. – However, this state of affairs will most likely be short-lived and these extremely powerful cheats that allow you to skip all the grind and get everything maxed instantly will most likely soon be a lovely memory of the past. So we recommend that players download Tank Stars Mod files that include Unlimited Money and gems as long as they still exist. The only cheats that are currently not possible are God Mode, invisibility, unlimited Fuel and some others.

In the future however there will most likely be no legitimate Mod downloads for this king of feature and these downloads will be replaced with human verification fakes. So if you are reading this in 2019 or beyond, then most likely this kind of mod will no longer be an exciting possibility.

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Tank Stars Hack

The easiest and arguably best way to cheat in Tank Stars is through the use of tools and apps that change the code of the game to give you advanced options and features. These modifications are known as a Tank Star Hack and can include incredible features ranging from unlimited free Diamonds for buying a lot of chests to level up your tank, abilities, weapons ect, unlimited money, damage hacks, unlimited fuel and more extremely overpowered options. What cheats are possible in your particular game depends on the game version you are playing on, if you are playing on Android or iOS, what cheats may or may not be possible in your game build and other factors.

The most popular and beloved way of using hacks in this game are Tank Stars Mod files (APK / iOS Apps) that can simply be downloaded and installed and will allow you to play the game with modded features right from the start. To find working mods and hacks for Tank Stars, use this awesome method.

Are there Cheats for Tank Stars?
Yes, there are mods, Aimbots and other hacks that can be used in Tank Stars to gain significant advantages, such as unlimited Diamonds, unlimited Gold / Money, Chests, auto aiming / aim assist and other tools that will allow you to win more PvP battles, do more damage and unlock Tanks almost instantly. All of these Tank Stars Hacks are extremely awesome, most are easy to use and download and can be used on both Android and iOS mobile potentially until Playgendary patches them.