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Enter 'your game + cheat + (year + game version)' to find hacks, mods ect! Go here for our tool for finding paid cheats and check our safe download guidelines. Bookmark and check this Page Daily to get the latest Hacks first!


hackerbotBookmark this Page to find Cheats easily or Get our App. – Finding working, legitimate and safe hacks and cheats has become increasingly difficult lately. HackerBot Free Finder solves this problem by only serving you results from legitimate websites that cover game hacks, bots, scripts, exploits and game hacking tutorials. However, you still need to follow our safe download guidelines for maximum security.



  • Specific searches are better than general searches.
  • “Clash of Clans Mod APK” is better than just “Clash of Clans”
  • “Overwatch Wallhack” is better than just “Overwatch”
  • Use the guide below to make sure your Downloaded cheats are SAFE to use (aka up to date and undetected) at the time of download.
  • Bookmark this page or to find cheats more easily at any time.

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Most of these sites allow just about anyone to upload cheats! You are downloading any and all files found on these sites at your own risk. Outdated hacks and aimbots ect may get your account banned! Make sure that whatever files you are downloading are UP TO DATE AND UNDETECTED! Have at least one competent antivirus installed on your machine.

If you want to be sure that whatever you are downloading is 100% legit, undetectable and of the highest quality, use our PaidFinder instead.



  • Check the comments / replies. Are people content with the software? Is it safe? Is it working? Are there any bans? How long has it been working?
  • Check the reputation of the accounts commenting. Don’t trust new/bad rep users comments.
  • Check the most recent comments: Has the hack/cheat been confirmed working by trustworthy users in the last days?
  • If the Program is confirmed working in the last 3 days, it is usually safe to use, but you HAVE TO keep checking the thread for updates and new comments.
  • If the Cheat is confirmed working in the last 3-7 days, it is worth checking on the status of detection by asking in the comments/thread where the cheat was posted.
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD HACKS (especially hacks!) if they have not been confirmed working and undetected in the last 7 days. – The RISK is HIGH and your account is likely to get banned if you do this on a regular basis!
  • Before unpacking/using the app/program, check it with as many antivirus programs as possible! There are many Online Virus Scans for you to use and make sure your devices do not get infected. Do it. Or you will inevitably regret it sooner or later.
  • Only after going through all these checks, you should even consider installing any program or app on your gaming device.



Why regular Search Engines do not work for Hacks, Bots and other Cheats
The game cheating industry has been hijacked by a flood of fake generators, fake online hacks, fake downloads and spammers. The problem is that the fake cheats sound 100 times better than the real ones, as they are able to claim the impossible to draw people in.

For this reason it has become increasingly difficult, nay almost impossible to find legitimate hacks for PC and Mobile games, modded APKs, legitimate free downloads and so on. At this point you need to know someone who knows the industry, the community and knows the legitimate forums, sites and providers / developers, which is why we made this Custom search Engine for Game Cheating Software.


Features of HackerBot FreeFinder:
- Search trustworthy sites for cheats.
- Avoid any illegitimate software, scams and fraud.
- Search a constantly updated list of forums and sites that make a huge effort to keep their downloads clean, working and up to date.
- The best custom search engine for game cheats, hacks and bots!


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