FREE Automated Chat Bot for Chats, Online Games and other Applications (Download)

If you are looking for a bot or script that is able to automatically send chat messages to any conventional chat system (inside or outside of games), then our  Universal Spam Bot might just be the right choice for You.

spbot what you get

- Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8/8.1 or later
- .Net Framework required
- An online game or application with integrated chat to spam


- Allows for multiple messages to be sent in succession
- Allows to set delays between auto chat actions up to 300 seconds
- Hotkeys for starting and stopping the bot
- Configurable chat key for games that don’t use enter to open chat
- Automatically binds to active window
- Works for most online games, shooters and MMORPGs
- Also works for other chat systems like Facebook, Skype, IRC, Twitch and so on
- Can be run on multiple machines
- Is very easy to use


screenshot chat bot

How the Bot can be used
This software is especially useful to use in games that feature a player economy with trading features and allows you to save a lot of time when looking for a buyer for your items or currency. The software might also be interesting for people looking to advertise their game-related websites, clans or guilds in in game chat. The bot works for about 90% of games and only very few chat systems are sophisticated enough to inhibit it from automatically typing and sending messages. However, the use of the spam bot is at your own risk and can certainly get your account banned, if used excessively, as is the case in most games. – Therefore it is recommended that you use alt accounts to do the spamming in order to minimize risk.


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Using the bot with respect for the game or chat
Now obviously you will want your interest to be heard in chat, else you wouldn’t think about downloading this software. However, please do keep in mind that there are a lot of other players or users accessing the same chat that you intend to spam. Now while you can certainly go ham and spam your message every 2 seconds, we do recommend you set your bot to spam every 10, 20, or even 40 seconds in order to minimize the annoyance you create. After all you will want the chat room to still be useable in order for your audience to be the greatest it can be. So we would urge you for your own good, the good of the service you are advertising on and the good of other users to set long enough delays when posting messages using this software. Respect the players, respect the developers and use with other peoples interest in mind.


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