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A One Piece Treasure Cruise Cheat is any method, app or tool that allows players to gain gameplay advantages in the game on Android and iOS mobile alike. While there are several working hacks out there for OPTC, unlimited gems, belli / money, cola, stamina and characters unlocks do not exist.

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There are several popular methods that players of One Piece Treasure Cruise use to improve their gameplay and gain the edge: The most popular method by far are game mods in the form of APK and IPA files. There are also data editing tools that can be used to modify the game by themselves, bots that can automatically farm the game for unlimited items and resources over time and rare game bugs that can be exploited for insane advantages that last usually for a short time.

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Mods and Menus

Mods are edited or modded versions of Treasure Cruise that come with advanced options and features already enabled. All you have to do is download the tampered .APK or .IPA file, depending on if you play on Android or iOS and install it instead of the original game. After you installed the edited version of One Piece Treasure cruise, you can now start the game and play with mods enabled without having to do anything else.

These mods can be found for free, but are usually updated whenever the game gets an update, which means you will need to download the latest file every single update, if someone is awesome enough to actually code a free hack for the game. However, this is the easiest way to get cheats working in the game.

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Bots in One Piece Treasure Cruise automate gameplay, handling tasks like farming beli, gems, turtles, skill books, pigs, and characters from raids and missions. Essentially, a bot plays the game for you, acting as an unlimited resource generator over time. There are two types of bots: pre-scripted ones that run on iOS, Android, emulators or PCs to interface with the game server or its interface; and free macros that you set up yourself through an emulator. These tools keep your stamina spent wisely while leveling up characters and steadily increasing your gem count effortlessly.

Unlimited Gems, Belli and Money

No, unlimited rainbow gems don't exist. Your account data—gems, money, characters, inventory—is securely stored on Bandai Namco's One Piece Treasure Cruise servers. Only a developer or game admin could grant you such perks, and chances are you don’t know one. Instead of falling for online scams promising miracle generators or tools, invest time in farming the game or spend some money if you're impatient. Remember: anyone can make wild claims online with just an internet connection and a keyboard. Stay cautious before downloading anything dubious.

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An often overlooked way to get ahead in OP Treasure Cruise is exploiting game bugs: These are temporary flaws in the game code or the game servers that can be exploited to gain more rewards, achieve god mode, get shop purchases and more for a limited time. These glitches are extremely rare and are usually patched from the game as soon as the developers beomce aweare of them.


When it comes to using tools in One Piece Treasure Cruise, there are two popular and effective methods. First, you can manually hack the game using memory editors like GameGuardian or Cheat Engine. This involves finding and editing values while the game runs, allowing you to manipulate speeds and other elements yourself. The second method is using modded game files—altered versions of the original APK/IPA that include built-in advanced features. These files are often shared online for free or for a fee. While easier to use, ensure you download from trustworthy sources to avoid potential issues. Remember: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is—a crucial rule when dealing with game tools.