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Short: Cheating in mobile devices on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows ect) is possible, but requires a rooted phone, which comes with risks. There are modded apps, bots, scripts, hacks, memory editors, exploits and other ways of cheating. It is recommended that one uses an emulator instead of an actual physical device to use game hacks and cheats on mobile games.

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Is it possible to cheat / hack in mobile games?
Yes as with any other gaming platform different kinds of cheating methods can be used on mobile devices as well. However, in order to use hacks, bots or other cheating apps to cheat in your game, you will usually need to root your phone. Rooting gives the cheating app the rights and possibility to influence your game app and is the base of what makes cheating on your phone or tablet ect possible. Once a phone is rooted however, cheating becomes a breeze: Hacks, hacked apps, hacked clients, bots and scripts become possible and relatively easy to use, if you have the right software.

Does cheating work on all mobile operating systems? (Apple iOS, Google Android / Microsoft Windows…)
Yes technically, but no not practically. While in theory all the operating systems can be rooted and can be hacked on, there are simply ones that are more popular due to the simple fact that they are more accessible for programmers, more popular and more open with their source code. The best platform for cheating at the moment is without a doubt Android, since it is very easy to program for and even has a few emulators for PC floating around for it. Other companies like apple do not give people the opportunity to get insight into their code and development is harder for it, which is why it is slightly harder to cheat on iOS or Windows than on Android.


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What are the risks?
Besides the possibility of getting banned from any online multiplayer mobile game you may be playing, rooting your actual physical phone comes with huge risks of actually damaging the device to the point where it is unusable and needs to be reset by a professional or even replaced. This is why I recommend that you start by using an Emulator to learn the process of rooting your phone installing admin permission apps and cheating first. Emulators are not available for all operating systems however. Beyond that the risks are negligible, since cheating for your own enjoyment is completely legal everywhere in the world.



Cheating  and Hacking Games on Mobile: How it works
Mobile game hacking works much in the same way that it does on PC: You either edit the game files (hacked client), you inject code into the game app process (hack), you change values (memory edit), you use bots or scripts to play for you or you exploit the game using bugs. The only difference is that on mobile your application A is not by default allowed to access, read or edit application B, which is kind of required in game cheating, so the phone has to be rooted.

Once the phone is rooted, cheating works almost as easily as it would on a Windows PC. Yoru Android, iOS or Windows device is now allowed to run application that insert code into your game, that are modded, that edit memory structure and so on. With other words: Cheating in offline and online mobile games is pretty simple at this point.


Is cheating in mobile games legal?
Cheating for your own enjoyment in any game offline or online on your mobile is 100% legal everywhere in the world. It is only when you are literally running 1000s of bots and competing monetarily with the developers of a game and seriously harming their business when you have to be scared. So cheat on your own account and the worst thing that could ever potentially happen is your account getting banned, which is easily fixed by creating another account.

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