iosapple How to cheat in iOS Games

Cheating in iOS games follows much the same lines as other mobile operating systems, except that you will HAVE TO jailbreak your device, as by default apple devices and devices running iOS do not allow you to install “non-approved” apps that you did not get through the apple store. So cheating on iOS is generally more work and less popular due to this fact and the fact that apple is not releasing their source codes, making development of emulation tools a lot harder and development of hacking software a lot more cumbersome as well.

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Overall iOS is definitively the worst mobile operating system for hacking games, but it can still be done using modded IPA files, memory editors, data manipulation and other cheating software and apps. However, if you have a choice, we would recommend using any other mobile OS instead as most games are available on multiple platforms. This situation may well change in the future, but as for now in 2017 it seems hopeless.


softwareapple Top iOS Game Cheating Tools & Apps

softwares video iGameGuardian is a decent memory editor for iOS at the moment and works very well for offline games to change simple values, such as money, gems, health ect. Jailbreak and root is required. Can work on online games, but not recommended.

softwares video iOS Emulators or PC do currently NOT exists. Please don’t fall for the fakes.



apple How to cheat in iOS Single Player Offline Games

To cheat in iOS offline games, you will as always need a jailbroken (at least) and ideall a rooted device. A jailbreak will allow you to install prehacked games (games that have been modded to include cheats) and a root on top of that will allow you to hack games manually using memory editing software such as iGameGuardian, Cheat Engine, GameGem ect. To install modded or hacked games all you basically have to do is open your jailbrake-appstors (such as Cydia) and search for the game, then install and play.

If you want to hack games manually, you will need to install a memory editor, grant it system app privileges (root access) and attach it to the game you want to hack. Then scan for the value you want to hack, change it in the game, scan again ect until you are left with sub 10 values, then change the values. That way you will be able to get unlimited money, health, gems, gold ect is tons of iOS offline games.


apple online How to cheat in iOS Online / Multiplayer Games


anonymously apple online Staying Undetected when cheating in iOS Online / Multiplayer Games

As of this moment, detection and bans due to detection are incredibly uncommon to inexistent on iOS online games. This is because the technology has not yet caught up with mobile game hacking at all. The only way to get detected and banned is to do something that is obviously impossible using normal game mechanics, such as using fake GPS data and jumping instantly from Europe to the US which physically according to the laws of physics does not happen.

However, bans do happen on occasion due to account trading, multiple accounts, exploiting, real world trading and similar offenses. In those cases it is still useful to be able to change your IP to any country using a VPN or similar solution for unbanning yourself and avoiding bans. Any pro game hacker should have access to a IP changing solution, even on mobile.

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