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A Brown Dust Hack is any modification, tool, software, app or other means of gaining unfair advantages in the game. – While there is a huge variety of different ways of hacking the game that work quite well, generators and hacks for unlimited free diamonds, gold, summons (summoning scrolls) do not exist and are always fake.

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Brown Dust Hack

Any method or app that modifies the game code or game memory in order to allow the player to use cheats and similar features in Brown Dust is considered a hack. While there are multiple interesting methods of achieving such cheats, the most popular way by far among all Brown Dust Hacks is undoubtedly the mod, which is easiest to download, install and run by far and is essentially a modified or hacked version of the Brown Dust game app for iOS or Android respectively. Another extremely nice way of implementing cheating options into Brown Dust is the use of memory editing tools and game hacking apps to manually, usually following tutorials, change the game memory and activate cheats that way with no download or installation required. Whichever way you chose to hack your Brown Dust game app, you will want to use this method in order to find working downloads and legitimate tutorials. Check back often to find the latest and best hacks as they are released.

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Brown Dust Mods

By far the easiest way to hack Brown Dust is the use of mods, modded game files or hacked game clients: These are in essence the original game file (APK files on Android and IPA files on iOS) that has been decompiled, modded and recompiled (reassembled) and can be downloaded and installed just like the actual game, but it comes with cheats enabled by default. So all a user has to do to get working hacks for Borwn Dust is to download a working Brown Dust mod, install it, uninstall the original game, play the modded app and connect to your game account linked to your goolge or apple account. The simplicity of use is really the main reason why many mobile gamers consider Brown Dust mods to be the premier way of cheating in Brown Dust. Mods can include incredible features such as damage hacks, stat hacks, unlimited horseshoes, god mode, faster action speed, speedhacks, auto mission completion and more depending on what kinds of cheats are possible at any time, if you are playing in Android or iOS gaming devices, the actual build and build version of the game and other factors. In order to find working mods for Brown Dust, go to our Finder Tool and check back often to not miss any mod releases.

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Bots for Brown Dust

While bots are not quite as famous and sought-after as other cheats available for Brown Dust, they are arguably more powerful than their competition in several regards, especially since all unlimited Diamond hacks, Gold cheats and tools for unlimited money, coins, 5 star heroes, free summons, free diamonds and so on are Human Verification Survey scams and not actually possible in Brown Dust. A bot is the closest kind of cheat available for Brown Dust that is actually able to farm almost infinite free diamonds, gold, summon scrolls and other goodies for you over time. A bot, script or macro can do so by automatically playing the game and performing automated actions for you. A great bot will be able to automatically farm campaign battles, guild battles, arena pvp for honor, crystal cave for crystals, event dungeons, rune temple runs, world bosses for gear and even raids. Using a bot you will get a steady stream of resources, diamonds, gold, summons and will over time be able to get all your mercenaries maxed, awakened, 6 starred and may even have enough Diamonds left to buy some free costumes or skins. If you want to learn how to set up your own bot for Brown Dust Android or iOS to cheat, then check out our bot creation tutorial.

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Brown Dust Mod Menu

While technically the much beloved mod menu is just another kind of mod available for Brown Dust, it really is in a class of its own in terms of quality, power and usability. Being a mod for Brown Dust it comes with all the associated advantages of that subcategory of cheats, but in addition it offers a dedicated menu that may allow the user to not only customize individual cheating features, turn them on or off, but also configure them to their liking. Some extremely nice Brown Dust mod menus may even include auto-update features that will allow the mod to automatically update once a new patch is available, making it entirely unnecessary for the user to go online and look for the latest download of the mod menu. However, usually such luxurious features come with the downside of not necessarily being available for free download, since the programmers and game hackers skilled enough to implement such complex techniques are extremely rare and their time increasingly valuable. So if ever find a working mod menu for Brown Dust to download, thank the awesome person who created it and never ever forget them.


Gem and Gold Hacks

As already briefly mentioned in the bot section: All Gem hacks and Gold cheats for Brown Dust are fake and are Human Verification Scams. We do know this because Brown Dust is an online mobile game by a seasoned and great developer, Neowiz, and as such all the integral data about your account, such as your Diamonds, Gold, Summoning Scrolls and similar information is stored on the secure game servers that cannot be modified or hacked using any kind of online or offline tool or download. The reason why we are using illustrations showing these kinds of cheats is because this is what people want to see and to illustrate how easily such cheats can be faked.