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Is it possible to cheat in Forge of Empires?
Yes, as in most mobile online strategy games it is indeed possible to cheat: Mods / Hacks can be used by downloading and installing modded or modified game files for Android or iOS easily. Automated playing software or “bots” can be use to automatically build your town, collect resources (gold, supplies ect), automatically fight and even automatically complete pvp battles for more medals. There are also very rare exploits and minor hacks for Forge of Empires that allow for easier resource collection and motivating or polishing friends towns. However, there are no unlimited gold and supply / diamond hacks or generators for any platform (iOS, Android and Facebook), because these values are processed on the InnoGames game servers.

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Forge of Empires Hacks and Cheats

The best, most safest and most effective way of using software to cheat in Forge of Empires is to use so called “bots” or robots, which are apps and programs that automatically play FoE for you. There is an incredible variety of tasks that scripts can automatically complete for you. Forge of Empires Bots are able to automatically build buildings, do research / spend forge points, motivate and polish friends town for money, trade goods, do pvp and pve battles and conquer map areas. Automated bot scripts are also able to automatically gather resources in intervals, maximizing your productions and complete quests automatically. Bots can be scripted for all platforms that Forge of Empires runs on: iOS, Android devices and even Facebook. Overall automated playing software can maximize your coins, supplies, goods, medals, population and happiness without having to spend money on diamonds. However, if you love the game, support the developers by spending money.

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Hacks and Bots for Forge of Empires

Using botting software on mobile device and social networks is pretty save for now, since mobile games are generally pretty simple and detection software cannot be easily be implemented yet. Since there are really no hacks for Forge of Empires that are of any considerable effect that is not really an issue. The only thing you really need to look out for when using Forge of Empire bots is that you do not have your bot running for excessive amounts of time: Having a bot running for 16h a day must the absolute maximum and having your bot on for 24h a day might throw up red flags and have your account reviewed by a game moderator, since no actual person is able to play a game for 24h a day. The other problem is getting scammed by people claiming to have unlimited gold generators or diamond adders and so on, since these cheats for Forge of Empires are impossible due to the very nature of an online game.

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Are there and Unlimited Gold Hacks, Diamond Generators or Supply Adders?

Sadly there is simply no legitimate and real way to add gold, diamonds of supplies to your Forge of Empires account. Any generator, hack or tools that is advertised is sadly fake and used to scam people into filling in surveys, giving their login data or downloading viruses. This kind of game hack is impossible, since all important account data for your FoE is processed on the ImmoGames game server and not on your device or computer app. The only way to change the data would be to actually hack into the game servers, which is not only highly illegal, which can get you to prison, but is also incredibly difficult to impossible. So unless you know a game admin at Forge of Empires, you wont get unlimited diamonds I’m afraid. However, there are some market buts that can slowly increase your resources and gold.

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Is it legal to cheat and will my account get banned?
Cheating in any kind of game, including online mobile and social games, such as Forge of Empire, is legal everywhere in the world and is not in any way illegal. However, InnoGames as the developers of the game do have the good right to ban anyone from their services and games and therefore it is incredibly important that you use quality software coded by skilled cheat developers that keep the hacks and bots up to date at all times and with every update of Forge of Empires.