androidandroid How to cheat in Android Games

On android memory editing, APK modding, data editing and diverse other client-side methods can be used to cheat in online and offline games alike. If your game does not require an internet connection (single player) it will be a lot easier to hack than if it requires internet (online mobile games).

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Android is currently the superior mobile platform to hack games on, since there is a variety of emulators available and therefore development of cheating apps and tools is incredibly easy. Android is also easy to root and does not require a jailbreak.

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software android Top Android Game Cheating Tools & Apps

softwares video GameGuardian is currently the Best app for cheating in offline Android Games. This app is highly recommended, if you are looking for something that does not require a root to work, we recommend finding yourself some legitimate hacked APK files instead.
softwares video SB Game Hacker is a good GG alternative.

link video How to Mod APKs  A tutorial on how to mod android games yourself.


android How to cheat in Android Single Player Offline Games

The easiest way to cheat in Android offline games is to do it without requiring a rooted device: using modded or hacked APKs. – These are Apps that have been decompiled, modded to include cheats (such as unlimited money, god modes, unlimited gems ect) and then recompiled as a normal runnable APK file. All you have to do in this case is find a modded APK and install it on your device.

Another way is to use memory editors to manually change values in the game, such as your money, gems ect. This technique requires a rooted phone and a memory editor, such as GameGuardian, Cheat Engine + Emulator ect. All you do in this case is scan for the value you would like to change, narrow down the selection by changing the value in-game and scanning again, then changing the value to whatever you like. – This is the basic concept of it, but it can of course be taken a lot further.

The last but certainly not least method of cheating in Android single player games is to use playstore payment emulators that will emulate payments through the google playstore and allow you to get free in game purchases. This only works for true offline games that process purchases on the client-side, meaning on your phone. This will allow you to get gems for free $0 purchases in a lot of Android game apps. There are multiple of these tools available here.

linkMemory Editors  link Modded/Hacked APKs  link Free Ingame Purchase Tools  link Top Android Emulators for Gaming and Cheating  video How to hack Android Games using Memory Editing Software



android online How to cheat in Android Online / Multiplayer Games

Gaming an advantage is online and multiplayer games on android is in some ways easier and in some ways harder than in offline ones: The greatest upside is that more often than not it is possible to use macros, scripts and bots to automatically farm the games for essentially unlimited money, gems and other goodies. Bots are either set up as an app, as a macro on a PC, playing the game through an android emulator or as a script running on a webserver or PC directly communicating with the game server. Bots allow for unlimited automated farming and are the closest to an actual money hack you can get in your favorite online games on Android.
video link How to set up your own Mobile game bot

As in offline games, it is also possible to use hacked APKs to cheat in online games as well: However, as opposed to single player games, here it will usually not be possible to get unlimited money, god modes, unlimited gems ect. 99.9% of online games are storing any essential account information, such as money, helath, items, gems ect on the game servers, which are PCs belonging to the developers/publishers of the game that cannot be hacked in any way. – Keep in mind you can only “hack” what you have access to, which is basically your device. If it’s not on your device, it cannot be manipulated.

Of course there are also ways to hack online Android games using memory editors, exploiting bugs in the game as they come up, creating bot armies, spamming referrals and so on, but these are a lot more rare and niche cheats. Speedhacks using your  favorite memory editing app also work for some online apps.

link Modded/Hacked APKs  link Bots 
arrow Find Legitimate Hacks for Online Android Games!


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anonymously android online Staying Undetected when cheating in Android Online / Multiplayer Games

As of this moment, detection and bans due to detection are incredibly uncommon to inexistent on Android  online games. This is because the technology has not yet caught up with mobile game hacking at all. The only way to get detected and banned is to do something that is obviously impossible using normal game mechanics, such as using fake GPS data and jumping instantly from Europe to the US which physically according to the laws of physics does not happen.

However, bans do happen on occasion due to account trading, multiple accounts, exploiting, real world trading and similar offenses. In those cases it is still useful to be able to change your IP to any country using a VPN or similar solution for unbanning yourself and avoiding bans. Any pro game hacker should have access to a IP changing solution, even on mobile.

anonymously link IP Changing Solution for Android Devices


Android is the largest base of mobile game players on the planet, extremely easy to develop for and continues growing. Game hacking on Android is here to stay and will continue to offer greater and greater opportunities as the mobile platforms become more powerful and more customizable.



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