“Hooking is to change the way a game works on your PC.”
“You need to inject the cheat.dll in order to get the hack working.”
“Sadly DLL injected hacks can often be detected by client-side anti-cheat.”

dll inject cheatsDLL Injection & Hooking
The injection of a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file into a running process (game) on your PC is really what connects game hacking with the actual black hat kind of hacking. It is essentially a thing that originated in the dark hacking scene where hackers used malware (viruses) to inject code into running software on your PC to perform certain tasks. In game hacking however, this is used not to spread malware, but to add functionality to a game, such as an ESP hack or aimbot. The process of injecting a DLL file into a process is also called hooking (general term for changing processes using other processes) and it can change pretty much anything about a process, making a lot of different client-side hacks possible in most online games. In single players games it is usually enough to edit a few values and injection is not required, since no functionality needs to be changed, only values.

How to do it
Sadly most people that know about advanced hooking and DLL injection are either high-end engineers in the IT industry or black hat hackers and not really the kind of people that have the time or inclination to teach others how to do it. However I am convinced that if one has a talent for programing, which I don’t, and does some digging, one will find a lot of useful information out there on the web.

About free DLL Hacks
To detect injected DLL using a simple anti-cheat like punkbuster is fairly simple and that is the main reason why public DLL hacks for all kinds of games are usually detected within days and it is very risky to even use them. All the anti-cheat employees have to do is copy and paste some of the code and blacklist it and bang everyone that still uses it is permabanned. So use free hacks using DLLs at your own risk. Also beware of some if the “injectors” circulated out there. (Injectors are the software used to inject the DLL into the game process.) Some of these are infected with malware. Overall a very risky business.

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