‘God Mode’ is a video game cheat that will always include infinite health / no damage, or invulnerability / invincibility, making the player unable to die. – Its origin is from the time of cheat codes where cheat codes like ‘god’, ‘godmode’, or similar cheats were used to activate the cheat. Today mods, trainer, cheat tables or other game hacks are used to enable god mode in offline games and in online games if possible (usually not).

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Features Included in God Mode Game Hacks

While god mode game hacks will always include some kind of ‘never die’ feature, often the god mode cheat code or trainer option will include other features on top of that. So here are some of the features that may come with the unlimited health in order from most often included to least often included:

  1. Unlimited health, infinite HP, no death, never lose, never game over (always included)
  2. Unlimited stamina for running
  3. Unlimited mana or ability casting resources
  4. Unlimited carry capacity or inventory slots
  5. Infinite Ammo
  6. Unlimited money

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Origins & History

The origins of the term ‘god mode’ are likely in the 90s and early 2000s when almost every popular PC game came with some kind of command console or cheat console enabled right out of the box. While the cheats were probably primarily used for testing purposes, they were almost never patched out for the full release of the game and were very sought-after at the time.- The most popular commands to enable god mode back then were ‘god’, ‘godmode’, ‘invulnerability’, ‘tgm’ (from Bethesda games), or stuff like ‘infinitehealth’ or ‘unlimitedhealth’. – The choice of name is obvious, as being unable to die, and maybe having unlimited everything on top, does make you feel like a god, thus the name.

After the early 2000s, the use of console commands and cheat codes slowly faded for unknown reasons. – Probably because modding became a thing and cheating software, such as Cheat Engine were becoming extremely popular and the cheat codes were simply not necessary or sought-after anymore. However, the God Mode name stuck and is being used to this day.

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Are God Mode Hacks possible in my game?

The general rule is: If your game requires no internet connection to play, then chances are that a god mode is possible in your game. – Else your game is most likely an online-game that processes player health / hp on the game servers and therefore it is impossible to modify your in-game health due to server-side processing. Read our wiki article about server-side processing vs client-side processing to learn more about this issue as it applies to game hacking.

While there are exceptions to this rule, it will work 100% of the time for offline games and 98% of the time for online games. – Even if a god mode should become possible in an online game for a time, this will generally be resolved by switching to a model that does not trust the game client when it comes to HP, switching the game to primary server-side processing of that data and making godmode cheats impossible once more.

Creating Your own God Mode

Memory editors and similar game modding tools can allow you to create your own godmode cheat by modifying game memory or data yourself. The most popular tools used for this purpose are Cheat Engine for PC, GameGuardian for Android and GameGem for iOS respectively. – These tools will allow you to scan for values in the game memory (physical RAM of your device), then narrow down the list of possible values by changing your health and scanning again to find the exact location of the health value in your game memory.

Generally it is easier to scan for character stats, such as vitality instead, as most games will not show an exact health value for you to try and mod. If you want to learn more about manually memory editing your game, check out this tutorial.

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