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Is it possible to cheat in Star Wars: Force Arena?
Yes cheating is possible on both Android and iOS devices. There are Force Arena bots that will automatically collect rewards, fight arenas, rank up for you, optimize your deck and level up your account. There are also some hacked and modded APKs and IPA files that will allow for some minor hacks to be activated in game alongside with some exploits. However, it is at this time not possible to get unlimited credits (money), infinite crystals, card packs or free ingame purchases, since this is an online game and your account data is stored on the games servers.

Is it legal to cheat and will my account get banned for it?
Cheating in any kind of game has always been legal and will always be legal, since it does not hurt anyone. The only thing to watch out for when using a SW: Force Arena Bot or Hack is that the developers of the game, Netmarble Games. Have the right to ban any player for any reason from their games. For this reason it is recommended that you only buy quality cheating software to use on your game in order to keep your account undetected and safe.



To find mobile game hacks & bots go here.

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Star Wars: Force Arena Bots
Bots are essentially apps or programs that can be run on iOS, Android or Windows PCs or even emulators that will automatically play the game for you and farm credits, packs, level up your account and automatically fight arena battles for you. Bots can be customized by setting priorities and setting custom strategies for each of your decks in PvP battles. A Force arena Bot will never perform as well as an actual pro player, since it cannot think creatively, but an AI is easily able to perform above average and hold a decent place in a league simply by being fast, having no lag, not needing to actually tap ect.

A bot is most useful in leveling up your account and farming free card packs and credits / crystals as fast as possible and without you actually having to play the game 24/7. A bot will do automatically what you would spend between 2-4h per day on and they can do a lot more than that as well. The potential to farm credits is nearly unlimited and free card packs will be opened automatically, allowing you to unlock as many legendary and normal cards as possible as fast as possible for free. Bots work for 1v1, 2v2 and with most decks and strategies, but are most effective in 1v1.


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Force Arena Hacked APKs and Hacked IPAs
Hacks are another way of cheating in Star Wars: Foce Arena. While it is sadly not a possibility to gain unlimited health on your hero and units, to get unlimited credits and crystals, get all the cards and level them up instantly or to hack your account level, since all this data is stored on the SW:FA game servers and cannot be hacked, hacked game files can still have quite an impact: Hacked APK and IPA clients can allow you to speed up animations, disable animations for better performance, automatically loot free card packs whenever your phone is running, auto use cards, get faster energy regeneration, dodge attacks automatically, teleport your units and a bunch more.

The hacks that are possible here depend on how much of the game is processed on the client (your mobile device) and will change during the life of the game. Most Hacked clients are produced for Android, since it is easier to reverse engineer and hacked APKs than to do it on iOS. Installing hacked or modded APKs or IPAs does not require a root, but may require a jailbreak on iOS.


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Is there a way to get Free Star Wars: Force Arena Stuff?
We all want some free diamond packs, infinite fee credits and crystals, but is it possible to get that stuff for free? – SW:FA is an online game and that means that all the important values concerning your account, such as your money, unlocked cards, card levels, currency values, account level ect are stored on the game servers and NOT on your phone. Hacking only works for stuff that you control on your phone and therefore any of this is sadly impossible and anyone that claims otherwise is trying to get you to complete some scammy offers. So please: If someone offers you the impossible online, don’t trust them. No one can hack the game server and even if they could, it would still be highly illegal and get them to prison.

Sort: If you want crystals or credits that you did not earn, you will have to spend money. There is no other way that is actually real. Here are no hacks, no generators and no adder apps. No real ones anyways.






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