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If you are looking for Cheats to use in Realm of the Mad God (ROTMG), you have come to the right place. is a community of Hackers, Botters and other Cheaters devoted to coding and releasing the latest cheating software for MMOs such as ROTMG. If you want to submit your own codes or Download our existing Hacks and Bots, then Sign Up and Get Started.

download rotmg hacks


Realm of the Mad God Hacked Clients
This is the most common kind of Cheat used in ROTMG. It is called a "hacked client", because the hacker changes the way the game client (the .swf file) processes the input from the user or the input form the server into the client. This method has been very effective in the past. Up until a few months ago it was still possible to create a working god mode for Realm of the Mad God using this technique.

Realm of the Mad God Dupe Clients
First duplicating items in Realm of the Mad God was a trivial thing to do and everyone took advantage of it. After the game economy crashed, the developers patched duping. - Or so they thought. Hacked clients were made in order to reverse the duping patch and for a long time this worked out very well. Whether or whether not there still are working dupe clients we do not know.

 RotMG Hacks (Hacked Clients)

Realm of the Mad God Bots
There have been many kinds of bots used in Realm of the Mad God. Most of the bots that are currently known, are sale bots used to make trading items easier. But there are have also been some primitive farming bots back when fame was still a valuable currency in the game. At the moment farming bots are seen very rarely at most, but this might change drastically once fame returns to being the primary way of getting amulets or items similar to amulets.

ROTMG Auto Nexus Tools
This is the most commonly used "cheat" for Realm of the Mad God. It's a tool that automatically sends a character to the nexus if its health is below a certain amount. Most of the time this is done by visual recognition and sometimes the function is integrated into the client itself. In that case it is a auto nexus hack, since the game client has been altered to achieve the effect.

Realm of the Mad God Cheat Engine Hacks
In the very early days of this game it was still possible to change any stats on any character to almost any number using Cheat Engine. Nowadays this kind of cheating does not work anymore. One can still change the displayed value of any stat, but this kind of hacking will not affect the skill value on the server and thus not benefit you at all.

Realm of the Mad God Cheats

ROTMG God Mode
There have been many kinds of god mode hacks in the past of Realm of the Mad God. Up until June 2012 it was possible to achieve a total god mode and not take any damage from any monsters. After that for some time it was still possible to get partial god modes working that did disconnect you from the servers once in a while. Now the developers have pretty much patched any god mode exploits that have worked in the past and character health is almost completely processed on the server side.

ROTMG Item Hacks, Admin Items and Item Generators
There have been many players asking us for all kinds of ways to manipulate their Realm of the Mad God inventory, so we will address the issue: Any and all ways to manipulate items (adding items, changing items, generate items…) are no longer within the capabilities of client-sided hacking. All items are being processed on the server ant thus we cannot access or change them.

ROTMG Fame / Realm Gold Hacks
Another thing that is high in demand amongst our ROTMG hack users are hacks that will change your realm gold and fame. Sadly it has been impossible to change those values for a long time. That was patched even before the god mode and for obvious reasons: It would ruin the game and the developers income. There isn’t a serious MMO game on the planet that does not process its main currencies on the server. Anyone who tells you that he can hack gold or fame is lying in your face. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

Buy / Sell RotMG Items & Accounts [Realm of the Mad God Trading]
If you are looking to buy or sell items or accounts in Realm of the Mad God, then you can just post your offer to our ROTMG trade section. Real life money trades are allowed, however beware of scammers. – If you want to make sure that you are not being scammed, then a trusted middleman can help, but not even he can guarantee that you won’t get scammed.

buy sell rotmg accounts items

buy sell rotmg accounts items


Trading of Realm of the Mad God Accounts
In order to buy or sell accounts in ROTMG, you will have to either change the email address assigned to an account or trade the email account as well, since the password of an account can be recovered through the email address. Be sure to get the real name, facebook profile, skype name and whatever information you can get from your trading partner in order to make sure that they are legit and not just trying to scam you. Of course this is the internet and no one can give you any guarantees that you will not get cheated, but you can try and turn the odds if your favor.

The HackerBot staff will not interfere with the trading in the trading section if we can help it. Unless someone scammed you and you can prove it without a doubt, then we will keep out of your business. This is a platform that you can use to trade, not a service that we provide and actively support.


Trading of Realm of the Mad God Items
Feel free to trade items for items or PayPal, but do please stick with realistic prices. Selling a tier 12 item for 300$ for example is not realistic. Of course trades are made ingame and we will not further interfere with the process. We do recommend that you screencap (record) the trade itself, so if someone tries to cheat, you have proof and we can ban them from the forums.


Free Realm Gold, Item Generators and Fame Hacks
There are a lot of people out there in the web claiming to have forking item generators for Realm of the Mad God, they say that they have tools that allow you to change your fame or even realm gold. All of this might sound quite interesting, but the fact is: It is impossible and they are all trying to scam you in one or the other way.

While in single player games it is very much possible to changes stats like your gold, experience, level, money and all the other good stuff, in an MMO (like RotMG) that is a bit different. While a single player game is exclusively running on your PC and you are able to change just about everything with the right hacks, an MMO is hosted on a server and your PC only does a small part of the whole processing. And obviously people like Kabam are not going to let you PC process stuff like your items and fame, since you would be able to change those, and they would make less money.

I hope that little piece of logic is enough to make you stop looking for RotMG item generators and gold hacks and that you will not get scammed into filling in surveys, giving away your login data or even paying real life money for a fake program.


This short video shows you how to download hacked clients from and use them to play Realm of the Mad God. If you have any questions, ask the community on our forum. These are the simple steps to downloading and using a hacked client:

1. Sign Up at
2. Download the Archive containing the client
3. Unpack the Archive using something like WinRar
4. Open the containing .swf file (using Flash Player!)
5. Log into RotMG as always
6. Have fun hacking


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