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A Pokemon Masters Hack is any modification, tool, software or method that allows players of the game to gain unfair advantages and cheat, get more free gems, coins, items, sync pairs and summons. – While cheating in Pokemon Masters is entirely possible, hacks or generators for unlimited free gems, coins, items, summons and other goodies are not possible and always fake.

Pokemon Masters Hack

Hacks are the commonly used name for any type of cheating technique used to modify the game files, client or memory of a game like Pokemon Masters to gain an advantage in the game itself in order to get more rewards, unlock more awesome and rare Pokemon, Trainers, summon more Sync Pairs, level up all your Syncs to level 100, max out all abilities, get free Gems and Money and gain other edges over the competition in Pokemon Masters. – The way hacks are enabled on Android, iOS or other mobile devices is either by using tools, such as memory editors to manually modify code or memory addresses or by using mods, which are modified versions of the game that can be downloaded and installed, which are the easiest way of getting great working Pokemon Masters Hacks at this time. Possible features included in hack apps and modded clients may range from speedhacks, damage hacks, stat hacks, unlocking new legendary pokemon, faster farming to semi god modes and similar depending on what mobile gaming system (Android / iOS) you are using, the build of the game and what powerful cheats and exploits may be possible in Pokemon Masters at any time. To find working hacks use this tool.

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Mods for Pokemon Masters

By far the most prolific and most preferred method of cheating in Pokemon Masters is the use of mods: A mod is quite simply put a modified or hacked version of the original game app that has been decompiled, modified to include cheating features and functions, then recompiled into an app that can easily be installed on your mobile gaming device of either the Android or iOS variety. The Pokemon Masters Mod is by far the most popular way of gaining an unfair advantage in the game, simply because of how easy this kind of app is to download, install and use on most devices. No prior experience and no advanced knowledge is required to use mods and in many cases you do not even require any root or jailbreak on your device in order to be able to install such Pokemon Masters modded game builds. The only perceivable downside of using modded APK and iOS apps is that a download will only ever work for a specific version of the Pokemon Masters game app. With other words a mod that has been created for version 1.0.1 will stop working after the game updates to version 1.1.0, requiring you as the user to download the latest working version of the mod to be able to use it again. – This cannot be circumvented either, since Pokemon Masters is an online role playing game. – To find the latest mod downloads, go here.

pokemon masters cheats

Game Hacking Tools for Pokemon Masters

It can be quite difficult to find the best latest update of a APK mod or iOS mod for Pokemon Masters and sometimes the watest mods are simply not yet released or developed for that matter. – These are the times when game hacking tools are the most useful by far, since they do allow you to manually hack a games memory or data not matter what version or update of Pokemon Masters you are currently playing. While many modded clients get outdated by a simply update to the game through the playsotre or appstore, tutorials using advanced game cheating tools and apps often keep working through time. However, not only will you need to install the tools on your mobile device, but you will usually also have to follow some advanced tutorials in order to get the cheating techniques outlined in these guides working. If you are looking to learn the basics of mobile game hacking and memory editing, then check out this tutorial. To download the best Android game hacking tools or iOS tools visit those pages respectively. Just keep in mind that this will not be as easy as simply installing a mod and playing right away.


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Pokemon Masters Bots

The bot or automated gameplay script is the sleeper among cheats for Pokemon Masters and most online mobile games for that matter, especially since PKMN Masters in not using a staina or energy system that would hinder a bot from simply farming 24/7/365 at any time always to the end of eternity while you go about your life, playing the game for you and farming near unlimited gems, coins, level-up manuals, buff blends, tech tonics, aid ades, notes, training machines (TMs), Skill Capsules, Star Power ups, Evolution Materials, Pearls, Star Power Ups and therefore allowing you to summon / scout any sync pair you want over time. – With other words: Pokemon Masters Bots are extremely overpowered and absolutely worth your time. Especially in the endgame a good bot will automatically be able to farm gym books, hard main story missions co-op hard, hard challenges, very hard challenges, do gem farming by doing daily missions, gem farming sync pair stories and a lot more.

To learn how to set up your own bot, please follow this tutorial. Since Pokemon Masters is using a static interface it is extremely easy to use a macro editor to simply create very effective bots through a Android or iOS emulator and let it auto farm the game on high speed for as long as you wish, allowing you to get level 100 trainers / Pokemon, get all legendary syncs, evolve up to 5 stars, 6 stars, 7 stars and beyond and even get ultra-rare drops from co-op bosses and super hard supercourses in Poekmon Masters.


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Pokemon Masters Mod Menus

Mod menus are the holy grail, the crème de la crème, the Porsche of Mods: The most significant difference between a regular mod and a mod menu is that a mod menus offers generally not only an in game menu to turn on and off individual hack features, hence the name, but in most cases also a better variety of cheats, customization, better anti-cheat defeating measures, a better user experience and in some cases even auto-update function to always keep your Pokemon Masters Mod Menu up to date with the latest and best hacks available at any time and during any update.

Now while a mod menus is clearly and in every way better than its standard counterpart, finding working downloads, especially for free can be quite the challenge indeed. However, if you ever manage to find a free file available for quick download and installation for the current build of Pokemon Master for example using our Finder Tool, then you are one of the lucky few and should thank the creator of that app.

Exploits & Private Servers for Pokemon Masters

As aready briefly touched on, Pokemon Masters in an online multiplayer role playing game, which means that the game uses servers to store the most important data concerning your account, such as your gems, coins, unlocked sync pairs, scout points, pokemon stats, level and so on. Now usually it is entirely impossible to hack these values anf for example get unlimited HP (God Mode) or unlimited Gems. However, in rare cases bugs may occur that will allow for exploits, the exploiting of game bugs for the purpose of cheating in Pokemon Masters, which can change that rule. However, such explots are always temporary and the underlying bugs will get patched as soon as the developers over at The Pokemon Company / DeNa Co. learn about them.

Private servers are the most powerful ‘cheat’ available for Pokemon Masters and what a private server will do is essentially simulate or emulate the original game servers, allowing you to get any mod you want including unlimited gems, all level 100 pokemon, unlimited stats, god mode, damage hacks and much more. However, the downside is that you can only play with other cheaters, which will make you a lot less special. However private servers may be able to unlock Legendary / Mythic Pokemon like Arceus, Mew, Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Kigure, Groudon, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Xerneas, Yvetal and more before their release.

Unlimited Gem Generators, Tools and Money Hacks for Pokemon Masters

As in any online game it is impossible to mod the Pokemon Masters game servers, unless you are using a private server, which won’t affect your main game connected to your google/apple account. So there really is no way to get unlimited gems, money, scout points, legendary pokemon ect. Sadly this means that any tool, generator, online hack or other app is 100% fake that claims any of these options. – These fakes are usually human verification scams that try to get you to fill in surveys by claiming impossible cheats for Pokemon Masters and must not be trusted ever. – The closest you can get to unlimited anything in the game is to use a bot for a very long time and do daily missions for gems or spend money and support the developers.

Exploits & Glitches

Exploiting is the use of game bugs to break the game and gain significant advantages in Pokemon Masters. The bugs that enable the best exploits and glitches are usually temporary and will be fixed as soon as the developers become aware of them. – Only in very rare cases do exploits stay undetected for very long, especially powerful server-side ones that enable overpowered features such as item duplication, free gems, unlimited coins and unlimited free summons. – Exploits are also the only kind of cheat for Pokemon Masters that can be used with no root and no jailbroken device required on both Android and iOS in most cases, making it the perfect cheat for newbies. Overall, keeping an eye out for newly discovered exploits on the game hacking forums covering Pokemmon Masters is well worth your time if you like the game.

Game Cheats

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