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Tomb Raider (2013) Hacks | How to Cheat in TR using Cheat Engine


How to hack Tomb Raider (2013)
To hack Tomb Raider (2013) you will need a little program called Cheat Engine. The techniques demonstrated here to hack ammo and salvage, can also be used to hack skill points and possibly other values in the game to give you an advantage.


Hacking Salvage

1.Download Cheat Engine (if you don't have it already installed)

2. Start Cheat Engine

3. Start Tom Raider

4. Make sure you can ALT+TAB between the two programs. If you can’t, then set the game to window mode for the duration of the hack.

5. Load or start a game

6. Switch to Cheat Engine

7. Select the tombraider.exe process (through the little PC button in the upper left corner)

8. Now under "Value:" type in your current amount salvage, then press "First Scan"

9. Switch back into Tomb Raider and play until you get more/less salvage. Pick up some or spend some by crafting.

10. Switch back to Cheat Engine and under "Value:" type in the changed amount.

11. Press "Next Scan"

12. Now there should only be one Value left in the Address Box on the right (if not: repeat step 9-11)

13. Double click the value. (It now appears in the list below) Alternatively select the value and then click the red arrow below.

14. In the bottom part of Cheat Engine right click the value and go to: Change Record > Value and type in the amount of the resource you want. (Don't go too high. 100k is more than enough.)

15. Click OK and you are good to go


Ammo Hack
Hacking ammo works exactly the same as the salvage hack, except there will be 3 values for your ammo. You will need to edit all 3 of them at once. Other than that it’s no different from hacking any other values.


Skill Points Hack
Again works the same as hacking salvage. You will need at least 2 skill points to make this work without crashing the game. 3 skill points would be perfect, since that way you can scan 3 times. You might have to change lots of values for this hack, since you might be out of skill points before coming up with the right value. I do not recommend changing more than 100 values at once, since it will be likely to make your game crash.


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