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A Clash of Clans Hack is any tool, software, modification, method or mans for players to gain unfair advantages and cheat in COC on both Android and iOS alike. – While there is a huge variety of different ways of hacking the game, hacks and generators for unlimited free Gems (crystals), Elixir, Dark Elixir, free Gold (money / coins) and other Resources or free Builders, free in-app purchases do not exist for CoC and are always fake.

Clash of Clans Hacks

There are several more and less sophisticated and prolific methods of game hacking applied in CoC on Android and iOS alike: App modding is used to modify the APK and iOS game app files themselves to gain advantages, tools, such as memory editors are used to modify game data and memory to implement cheats, bots and automation software are used to farm the game for unlimited free resources, gems and other desirables and more rare cheating methods, such as exploits and glitches can be used on rare occasions to make impossible cheats, such as unlimited games, possible for a short time. Generators and online tools are always fake, because CoC is a very server-side processing heavy game at this point and any legit game modding method is client-sided.

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Mods & Mod Menus

Modding is the most popular cheating method for CoC on both Android and iOS and it is a means of modifying app files to implement cheats directly into the game by reverse-engineering the game app and modifying the decompiled code. - The great thing about this method of cheating is that it is incredibly convenient to the end-user, allowing them to simply download the modded APK or modded iOS file, install them in place of the actual game, then play and enjoy the Clash of Clans hacks that are possible at that time. Again, just like with hacks and generators, mods for unlimited gems, gold and elixir are not possible, as these are processed server-side.

Mod Menus are fancy versions of mods made by the best developers in the industry that generally come with more options, better features and an in-game menu to toggle individual cheats and customize them.

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CoC Game Hacking Tools

While not as convenient as simply downloading and installing a mod, the use of game hacking tools requires much more time and effort on the part of the user than other means of cheating in Clash of Clans: Not only will memory editing and manual game hacking usually require a rooted Android device or jailbroken iOS phone, it will also require some general knowledge of game programming and structure basics and being able to follow some very in-depth instructions and tutorials. Now the big upside of using game hacking tools is that the same techniques may continue to work for a long time and in multiple different games if they are coded in the same game engine. – While mods will generally be outdated every time a new patch for Clash of Clans is pushed to the client, game hacking methods may be unaffected by multiple or even many updates. – Currently the most popular tools to use are GameGuardian for Android mobile and GameGem for iOS learn the basics in this tutorial.

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Clash of Clans Bots

Bots are programs that can automatically log into your CoC account and perform certain tasks and procedures fully automatically. This kind of cheat is the closest thing you can get to an infinite gem and resource hack in Clash of Clans, as bots can farm the game forever: Bots and game automation apps can be programmed to upgrade your base automatically and build creatures and your army, complete missions, complete challenges and achievements for free gems and unlocking the gold pass. There are also very few advanced bots that are able to raid enemy bases, deploy troops and heroes, cast spells efficiently and farm gold, elixir, resources and trophies that way. However, in order to raid bases in higher leagues, a human mind is required, but bots are always nice to farm out low-level players. That is also why you might lose a whole bunch of trophies if you do not configure your bot correctly.

Overall bots are the most underappreciated cheat in Clash of Clans, being only outpaced in potential by extremely rare exploit and have the potential to get you unlimited free resources, gems, money, maxed buildings, a maxed base, maxed units and other goodies over time. If you want to learn how to create your own bot, then check out this tutorial.

clash of clans auto gameplay bot robot

Exploits & Glitches

Exploiting or ‘glitching’, both meaning the same thing, are a method of gaining unfair advantages that use bugs in the game bot server-side and on the game client itself to break the game and cheat. – While these bugs that can be exploited for great gain are incredibly, unfathomably rare in Clash of Clans and only exist until the developers become aware of them and hotfix them in the next patch, they have the potential to make impossible cheats possible for a limited time: So while under normal circumstances cheats like free gems, free in-app purchases, unlimited gold, dark elixir, money hacks, infinite trophies for titan league, unlimited shields, decoration unlocks, free gold pass, unlimited magic items, damage hacks, god mode for units, level hacks and similar features are impossible, glitches can make these options possible for a limited time. Especially since CoC is an almost completely server-sided game, exploiting is one of the best methods available for cheaters and game hackers to use. – On top of all these great advantages, most glitches require no root and no jailbrake to use them successfully on both Android and iOS mobile devices, making it the perfect way for newbie cheaters to get started.

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Generators & Online Tools

As I already mentioned; these kinds of hacks are impossible now. Your Units Health, Your Town Your Gold, Gems and Elixir are not stored you your computer, but on the game server. The game servers are not accessible to us by any legal means. This is the same for all platforms: Even a rooted iOS or Android will not allow you to get more gold, gems, dark elixir, trophies ect in Clash of Clans. – These times are sadly over, though it seems to have been possible for quite some time. So there is simply no way to cheat by changing these values. Everyone that is claiming to have any generators or hacks to get you money, gems, elixir or buildings is trying to scam you. – These people might be changing some display values in the game or using video editing to make their product seem legit, but all they want is for you to fill in surveys or to steal your login data. – So do not fall for these tricks. You have now been warned. All the very important values in Clash of Clans are processed on the game server and there is simply no way to change them without breaking laws. It’s very sad that people providing these fake coc hacks are still ranking 1st in google for this subject. Pease share this page with your friends in order to change that and counteract the scammers. Thanks.

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Possible and Impossible Cheats & Features

Due to the insane popularity of Clash of Clans, Supercell have decided to make the game largely server-sided, which means that almost all data is processed on the game servers, making game hacking extremely difficult to do. – Contrary to what some of the’fkae generator’ people will say it is actually impossible to hack server-sided game data in Clash of Clans. Your best bet for gaining unfair advantages at this point is through the use of bots and scripts to play the game automatically and get you more free gems, gold, elixir and other money resources that way.

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The Best working Cheat for CoC

As we just outlined, Clash of Clans has slowly transitioned to a heavily server-side processed game infrastructure, making manual game hacking and modding extremely difficult. – The way around this is the use automated farming software also know as ‘bots’ or robots / scripts. These can still farm an unlimited amount of free resources for you, including gems, gold, elixir, dark elixir and other goodies. You can find more about bots and how to use them down below, but at the moment it is clearly the #1 best way to cheat in CoC and uncontested in that regard.

Mod Money

There are many shady app download websites, APK download websites, app stores and other sources out there advertising Android and iOS mods for Clash of Clans featuring ‘mod money’ or unlimited money features as parts of their modded app or mod menu download. – These are all fake and will never work as advertised. Again, CoC is completely server-sided when it comes to processing and storing your game currencies, items, resources, buildings in your base, troops, skins including your gem count, gold number, elixir and dark elixir values. – These are all stored on the game servers that cannot be hacked as messing with them would be highly illegal and no one would take such a risk to be slightly better in a mobile game.

Private Servers

In order to understand the concept of a private server and why it would actually allow one to get infinite gold, elixir, troops and gems / trophies, one has to understand the concept of a server: The server is where the whole game is processed and stored and you connect to that server to play using your game client on your PC or mobile device (that you downloaded). Now while usually you are connecting to the official server by Supercell, the developer, there is a way to program the client to connect to another server that you control. Now Clash of Clans does not allow for anyone to create a private server, contrary to other games like Minecraft, but there is still a way. If one were to emulate a server, that means create a custom software that does the same thing as the CoC servers, but does not include stolen code, then it would still be possible to run your own private Clash of Clans server. Legally speaking it would be a kind of a gray area, as long as you do not make any money from it. However, this private server would be under YOUR control, allowing you to get unlimited resources and health on your units ect, which is impossible in the official game and on the official servers. It is highly doubtful that people will try to reconstruct the CoC server infrastructure just to get a God Mode, but it is one of the biggest online games out there, so who knows what the future holds.

Game Hack Features

In the beginning of Clash of Clans as an MMO it was still possible to use very simple client-side hacks in order to get basically unlimited gold, elixir and gems. Back then it was even possible to make units unbillable and obviously man people abused that fact. But as the game progressed, these bugs got patched and these days these certainly game-breaking exploits have all been eliminated. There are still certain advantages that can be gained from using hacks, such as displaying hidden defenses and displaying a comprehensive list of defenses and their levels, but these are only useful at the very highest levels of play. There are also hacks that will automatically rebuild all your units after a raid, but you really don’t need that kind of tool if you are not in the top 100 of the world. So while god modes, unlimited elixir and gems are no longer possible, there is talk of hacks that allow you to farm specific players.  – That means a kind of hack that allows you to raid a certain players base, allowing you to set up alts that you can use as farms to feed your main base. However, it seems that if this hack really exists, it is being kept private at this time and is very unlikely to get into the public sector any time soon. Clash of Clans is a very popular game and any hack like this that is released into the public for free will spread like wild fire and be detected and patched within days. – This is a very sad reality when dealing with hacks for very popular games like that. The best hacks have to be kept private in order to keep them working and undetected.

Cheaters & Game Hackers

Cheats in Clash of Clans are mostly just ways, programs and exploits that allow you to make more money (gold), elixir, dark elixir, trophies and gems more quickly. While there is no direct way to change your gold, elixir or gems values, there are many ways to farm more effectively and get more achievements while spending less time to grind out the game. Software can be used (bots) in order to automate many processes in the game and farm gold or raid other players. However, bots are not very good at getting trophies, so you will still have to farm those more quickly. There are also manual exploits that can be used to farm a lot more effectively and upgrade your town hall to level 10 at maximum speed. Since this is an MMO, there are no cheat codes to use, since cheating is not an intended part of the game. However, cheating in Clash of Clans can potentially save you a lot of time. Aside from the use of bots, there are certain hacks that allow you to make finding and raiding certain people easier, allowing you to set up farming groups and entertain accounts that you use to farm on your main account. What makes cheating in CoC harder is that the game is on many platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. Most of the cheating software that actually works will be found on the PC, since it is the easiest platform to develop cheats for.

CoC Raiding Bots

It is highly unlikely that there will ever be a bot that is smart enough to raid real players bases, since it really does take a human mind to figure out weaknesses and how to distribute your units correctly in order to do the most damage and farm the most resources. This speaks for the game and the amount of skill it requires. So do not expect that there will ever be a bot that can get to gold league and beyond, farming trophies successfully. If you want to get to crystal, masters league or even champions league, then you will have to do your raiding manually for sure. It may be possible for bots to brute force down opponents that are 1 or 2 town hall levels below you, but not too much beyond that, unless there is some seriously sophisticated AI that gets developed in the future. Most of that is that every unit has their strengths and weaknesses and there is no one unit that is good at everything and that can simply be spammed to win. Also the time limit on raiding (timer) cannot be stopped using hacks anymore (there were timer freezing hacks in the past) and that makes it even harder for bots to farm effectively.

Auto Resource Collection Scripts

As we all know, an opponent can only loot resources from your base if you are not regularly emptying and using your resources. Now obviously it would be unbelievably useful to have scripts that would automatically collect resources from your Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors and Dark Elixir Drills and automatically use them to build units and buildings so that raiding your town is far less profitable for anyone trying to do so. Now while building scripts or bots are very rare and hard to come by, auto collection software is easier to program and can even be achieved using simple click bots (use our search to find more information). Using simple click macros you are able to automatically collect all your gold, elixir and delixir in order to keep it save. Obviously, you should choose a base plan that will have your resource buildings outside of the primary defense wall and the storage buildings at the center. Also make sure you are using up as may resources as possible on a regular basis in order to make raiding your town as unattractive as possible. More about simple click bots and how to create then here.

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