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A Robux Hack, if it were possible, would be a tool, method, Roblox hack, software or other means for getting unlimited Free Robux in Roblox. – While there are potential ways to get Robux using cheats, since Roblox is an online game and all your currencies are stored server-side, there is no direct way to get Robux using any tools. Also all Generators and online hacks are 100% fake and will never work.


Free Robux Hacks

They do not exist. While cheats for unlimited money are extremely prolific in single player offline game, the same is not true for online games that require an internet connection in order to play, as the game save data, including your in-game money or Robux is the case of Roblox, is not stored on your device, but on the game server, making it impossible to directly hack the money value using any kind of tools, mods or similar methods.

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How it works

In offline games it is possible to get unlimited money using mods, tools, memory editors and save editors, since all your money values and data is stored on your physical device (Android, iOS, PC or Console).

However, in online games like Roblox things are rather different: As vital game data like your Robux money value are stored on online servers that you have not admin access to, modifying these values using any tools, mods, generators, hacks or other software is utterly impossible. – Only the developers of the game over at Roblox Corporation are able to directly modify your current Robux value.

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Server Cheats

Yes, technically it is possible to hack game servers for unlimited free Robux: However, doing this would not only be highly illegal, it would also be extremely difficult and rely on vulnerabilities being present in the game servers. So overall, no one wants to go prison for a few virtual Roblox dollars and go through that much trouble to get there.

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Online Resource Generators

As you have probably deduced at this point all online resource generators and Robux generator tools are 100% fake and will never work. Same goes for free Roblox Premium Membership. – Simply put: They are offering, rather advertising, features that are impossible in order to trick people into completing offers that make them money and will leave the user with a broken link, a non-working or outdated hack and maybe even malware.

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Private Servers

One of the few ‘actual’ ways of getting money hacks for online games on Android, iOS, PC and Xbox is the use of private servers: These are emulated or copied servers based on the original game servers that are not run by the official Roblox developers and may allow users to get infinite free Robux. However, as anyone using such a server would be able to access this mod money feature, it would be nothing special at all, making it basically useless and on top of that such private servers can get shut down at any time due to copyright and IP issues.


Bugs in the game servers could potentially make unlimited Robux cheats possible for a limited time. So far no exploit has become public that allows for free purchases, duplication or similar cheats that would allow player to get free Robux, but that does not mean that this will not happen in the future. However, it ever happens, which is very possible, it would be around for long as the developers will almost certainly patch / hotfix such a bug within hours of becoming aware of it and roll back a lot of the obvious cases of exploiting such a bug.

Top Ways to get Robux

  1. The most obvious one is supporting the developers by either buying Robux (less efficient) or getting Roblox Premum (more efficient) to get free Robux over time.
  2. Trading items for profit and playing the market. Requires patience and Premium.
  3. Build your own Roblox game to earn free Robux.
  4. Beg other players or your parents to get you free Robux using their Credit Cards. Many people have chosen this lifestyle and you would be surprised how much money or Robux people can earn by begging.

Actual Roblox Cheats

If you are looking for cheating apps and software for Roblox that actually exist, such as multi-hacks, aimbots,wallhacks and similar mods, then go here. Only because it is not possible to modify money values in this game, that does not mean that there are not a lot of awesome and fun cheating methods out there that are usable in many different game modes and can get you huge unfair advantages over other players, allowing you to perform better.


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