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A 7DS Grand Cross Hack is any tool, app, software, technique, method, modification or other means for players of the game to gain unfair advantages over other players get more free Diamonds, Gold Coins (Money), rare gear, characters, awakening materials and UR stuff more quickly. – While there are a variety of ways to cheat in Grand Cross on Android and iOS, hacks for unlimited free Diamonds, Gold, Heroes / Characters and summons do not exist and are always fake.


Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Hacks

Any method that will allow you to play 7DS Grand Cross with modified code that gives you any kind of significant advantage over other players is considered a game hack. The major ways this cheating method is achieved is through mods and game hacking tools, both of which exist for both Android and iOS versions of Grand Cross.

Mods are by far the most convenient and popular option available to people looking to use 7DS Grand Cross hacks, since working versions can simply be found using this tool, downloaded, installed and played like you would the default game. Ease of use is without a doubt the greatest feature of hacked game clients or mods for mobile games. However, be warned that installation can still be quite technical in some cases and you may still need a root or jailbreak on your mobile device or phone. Game hacking tools on the other hand are much more challenging to use and you can find the best software for your device here. However, you will still want to use FreeFinder to find working tutorials on how to use the apps on The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross in order to actually apply working procedures to the game.

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7DS Grand Cross Mods

Mods are the most popular and arguably best means of cheating in mobile games by far, since they are essentially the fast food of game cheats, being very simple to download, do not require a lot of know-how and experience or use of specialized tools at all and are even sometimes including in the case of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross available for free download.

The options and features available in 7DS Grand Cross mods can range from auto farming scripts to damage hacks, speedhacks, bots, semi-god modes, dupes and other options depending on the game build, what cheats are possible on the game client at any time, if you are playing Grand Corss on Android or iOS and similar factors. However, any specific Grand Cross game mod will only ever work for one specific version or build of the game. With other words: A mod created from and for version 1.0 will simply not work for update 1.0.1 or any other update for that matter. So you will need to find working mods on a regular basis to keep your cheats updated.

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Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Bots

Bots are extremely underrated when it comes to mobile gaming, since they are a lot harder to set up than most other methods and do generally require the use of emulators and PC software in order to work, but they are the closest you can get to an actual money hack or diamond hack for The 7 Deadly Sins Grand Cross, as all generators are of course fake.

Bots are scripts or macros that are able to automatically play mobile games like T7DS Grand Cross for you while you deal with real life. A good bot will be able to automatically farm story mode, raids, daily missions, events, equipment dungeons, auto battle in PvP, spend all your stamina and allow you to get the most goodies possible without actually having to play the game for many hours every day. Over time a good bot for Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross will get you nearly unlimited free diamonds for summons, gold, SSR and UR Characters, evolution / awakening materials for gear and characters, daily free summons, and allow you to max out all of your favorite heroes.

To find out how to set up your own mobile game bot using emulators, please follow this tutorial. The software we recommend you to use alongside your emulator for either Android or iOS is this macro recorder.


7ds grand cross cheat mod


Other Powerful Cheats

Of course there are also other less popular or rarer ways of cheating in 7DS Grand Cross on mobile. While not as prolific as the mainstream ways of gaining advantages, these are still quite viable and are being used by some players.

Mod Menus

While extremely popular and sought-after, mod menus are very rare to find, but potnetially offer all the same cheating options that mods do, but with the added convenience of an ingame menu that allows the user to customize, enable and disable the individual features of the mod. It is very rare to find a working download here, beware of fakes.

Exploits / Dupes

Exploits are rare bugs in the 7DS Grand Cross game on either the client or server that can allow for extremely powerful cheats for a limited time. Exploits are usually patched by the developers, in this case Netmarble, as soon as they become publicly known or noticed by the developers. Exploits previously seen in online mobile RPGs and hero collectors can range from god modes to unlimited premium currency, damage hacks, item duplication and much more.


Any and all generators for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross are 100% fake and will never work. Grand Cross is an online mobile RPG that stores all the important information and data about your account, such as your gold, stamina, diamonds, unlocked heroes ect, online on the Netmarble servers. The game servers cannot be hacked or modded in any way, except by creating your own private servers, which is currently not possible either.

Private Servers

Server-side processing is the primary way that 7DS Grand Cross makes money cheats and similar impossible, allowing the developers to make money selling diamonds, stamina refills and other goodies. – So a way around this is to make one’s own servers, issuing ones own gems / diamonds and running ones own shop, allowing players to get essentially unlimited money on that server. Of course there are legal issues with running private servers and especially with making money from running them, but if done for private use only it can be done without being afraid of severe repercussions.


While most the hacks and downloads out there advertised for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross are fake generators, mods with impossible features and other scams, the real thing does exist in the form of APK mods, farming bots and scripts, iOS modded apps and cheating tools alike. – The most popular cheating method by far is the use of modded clients, APK mods on Android and iOS mods for the most popular mobile gaming platforms. However, the most popular cheats are now always the most effective and automated farming bots are far more powerful than any mod you can download for 7DS Grand Cross, as they allow the user / player to basically farm unlimited free diamonds, gold, money, spend all their energy / stamina, get unlimited gold coins, items and other goodies over time without having to dedicate the time and effort that it takes to farm the game manually every day to the cap. Overall cheating in Grand Cross is possible, but you are going to want to use a tool like HackFinder in order to find working downloads for legitimate and trusted providers with a long and clean track record of providing clean and safe cheats that stay undetected at all times. Have fun cheating!

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