PS4 Hacks are modifications to the PlayStation 4 hardware or software or techniques that can give the player an unfair advantage in PS4 games in single player or online multiplayer. While cheating is certainly possible on the PlayStation 4, it is not easy and not all methods work. PS5 Hacks.

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Is it possible to cheat in PlayStation 4 (PS4) games and in online multiplayer?

In Short: Cheating is possible but highly complex, unless there are cheat codes coded into the game. In online multiplayer games, such as shooters, one needs to own a hacked console that is able to run unsigned code to run simple cheating software, such as aimbots, farming bots, wallhacks ect. Packet editing proxies are the most practical method of cheating at the moment aside from modded controllers that are the only really easy way to hack games on PS4.

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Is it currently possible to run unsigned code on the PS4?

Currently any important code that is run on a PS4 platform has its own signature that has to be verified before execution. Tampering with code run on the platform is therefore currently impossible. Anyone offering you hacks or bots on a USB stick or similar is trying to trick you.


Common Misconceptions when it comes to PS4 Cheats

Fist let’s look at some myths and very naïve views of hacking on the PlayStation 4:
1. There is NO USB Stick hack!
2. Hackers on PlayStation 4 games are actually very rare, because “hacks” (mostly packet editors and scripts) are very rare.
3. There are no online “generators”, “hacks” or “adders” that do anything. They are survey scams, don’t trust them.

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Why cheating on a PlayStation 4 is tricky

Consoles are made for a very limited purpose: The purpose of gaming and multimedia in general. The same goes for the PlayStation 4. Since the platform is meant to be limited and simple, the user does not have full access over the machine and is only allowed to install certain applications that have been authorized by the creators of the console. To make sure no disallowed or pirated applications or altered applications, such as hacks, are installed the console requires all programs to be signed with code that has to be validated by Sony before being run.

This essentially means that it is impossible to run your own custom applications on a PS4 without turning it into a PC, especially if you want to play online. It is a closed system unlike a normal computer that is made to run any kind of application and gives users root access and the right to alter any code at any time.

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How to get around the Problems and to cheat on a PlayStation 4

  1. Packet Editing for Online Games: Packet editing for online games and multiplayer shooters get around the problem of unsigned code by not requiring you to hack your actual PlayStation. Instead a Packet editor will be connected between the PS4 and the Internet in order to change the data that is being sent from your game client to the game server and vice versa, allowing you to send fake data to the server and gain certain advantages. For example a packet editing aimbot will send the server data that says that you are aiming at an enemy when you truly aren’t doing that on the game client. The main problem hereby is that a PC is required to set up packet editing and it is multiple times more complicated than a conventional hack using DLL injection or similar.
    2. Hacking the console physically: Since the PS4 does not allow you to run hacks on the system itself, the only way to get advanced hacks, such as aimbots working would be to physically hack the sonsole and insert a proxy device between the motherboard and the memory to be able to extract or change memory data (memory editing). However, such devices are incredibly expensive and will slow down the games you play significantly, but it will allow you to hack values, run aimbots ect by scanning the memory / GPU memory and using extracted data through a PC and feed the edited data back into the console. The main problem here is that this does not only require custom hardware, custom software, but it also requires you to physically hack the console to implement it. At the end of the day, while this is possible, simply buying a good gaming PC will cost you a small fraction of the money you would spend on physically hacking a PlayStation 4, also you will not need a degree in software engineering and hacking experience or expensive hardware.

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Will there be conventional hacks for the PS4 in the future?

Exploits will allow the execution of unsigned code for a limited amount of time, but in the long run the only way to actually run code and hacks on the console itself will be if the private keys that validate code for the PS4 are either leaked or found using brute force or other methods (quantum computing). At that point it would be possible to set up hacked/modded lobbies and hacks without physically hacking the box and hooking it up to a PC.

But overall it has to be expected that there will be PlayStation 4 emulators before it is possible to run hacks in the console itself without physically hacking it or editing data sent. We are talking 10+ years here. Sadly you will have to wait a long time before you get unlimited money and health in your favorite games on this platform. I’m sorry.

Automatically generated User input bots
This is a kind of cheat that can actually be achieved, but is mostly useful for single player games, unless you find a way to program way bot using visual recognition using a camera. It is possible to hook a PlayStation controller input to a PC and generate user inputs from there. So very simple bots can be set up that way, but without access to the consoles memory (RAM), it will be impossible for the bot to react to any specific game state.

Modded Controllers

Modified or ‘modded’ controllers for PlayStation 4 are currently the best way for normal people to cheat in PS4 games. These controllers come with automated and configurable scripts and macros that are programmed into the PS4 controller itself and do not require the ability to run unsigned code on your PlayStation 4. Functions such as auto aim, rapid fire, drop shots, curst or automated fire are extremely popular functions people look for in modded controllers and are very popular and effective in online multiplayer shooters in PS4.