PlayStation 5 Hacks are means of cheating in PS5 games using modification of hardware, software and sent/received information of the PS5 console. The most popular and sought-after hacks are aimbots, wallhacks, god modes, money hacks, farming bots and similar cheating features.

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PlayStation 5 Game Hacking

There are 3 major ways of hacking any gaming device: Through modification of hardware, software / code or communication interception and editing (aka. Packet Editing). Hardware modifications such as hacked controllers are by far the most prolific of these option in current-gen consoles like the PS5, since they usually lack the option to execute unsigned/modified code due to the closed-garden operating systems used in gaming consoles. However, modification of software and running unsigned code usually becomes possible later in the life of most consoles. Finally, packet editing is an extremely complicated but potentially powerful process that can be used to cheat in online games that use online servers. To find working PS5 hacks and mods, use our FreeFinder Tool for finding cheats from legitimate sources.

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Game Hacking Software for PS5

All major gaming consoles are walled-garden systems or closed platforms: That essentially means that the user does not have administrator access to their device and is unable to run any software or code that is not authorized by the developers of the platform. In the case of the PlayStation 5, Sony gets to decide what software is authorized to run on the platform though encrypted code that needs a valid certificate in order to run on the PS5.

With other words: Until someone figures out a way to exploit the system or gets their hand on a tool that is able to generate valid certificates, it is not possible to run unsigned code on the PS5. This is currently the case and is not expected to change anytime soon. – Usually, people do figure out how to run unsigned code on most consoles after a few years, but this cannot be guaranteed.

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USB Stick Hacks for the PS5

As mentioned, it is currently not possible to run unsigned code on the PS5 and therefore any USB stick hack is fake and a scam. And even if the it was possible to hack the PlayStation 5 at this time, it would still involve a lot more than simply plugging in a USB stick into your console. You would have to achieve root access, then install modified games or hack scripts just like you would on a mobile device for example.

Hardware Hacks for the PS5

This is a cheat that actually does exist: Modded Controllers have been used on both PlayStation and Xbox game consoles for a long time now and they are in many cases not even considered cheating, despite giving you a clear unfair advantage in many online games, but mainly in online multiplayer shooters.

Hacked controllers are hardware macros for consoles, able to automatically send user input to your console much quicker than you would be able to generate it and automatically, which can be extremely powerful in many kinds of games. Modded controllers exist for the PS5 (modded DualSense Controllers) and are being further developed as time progresses to give you more features and functions: They usually will allow you to record and play scripts (macros), come with pre-scripted macros for automatic shooting of semi auto guns, aim corrections for recoil and many more features. If you are looking for a way to cheat in shooters, we do recommend that you get yourself a modded controller as they are pretty cheap and cannot be detected and therefore are safe to use in all circumstances even playing online.

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Packet Editing

In online games your PS5 is connected to a host or a game server: This means that there is data being sent to and from your console to let the server or host know what you are doing, what your status is ect. This traffic can be intercepted and edited to allow you to cheat in many online games and depending on the game can lead to extremely powerful cheats, especially if you are host of a game. God modes, aimbots, wallhacks, invisibility, unlimited money and more are possible in some games using packet editing. However, not only is packet editing extremely complicated, it is also expensive, since you will need special equipment, a PC and software in order to capture and edit packets quickly. – This is the cheating method for the 0.1% that have the money, the connections or the know-how to make it happen. Sadly this is usually not available to normal people, except through hacked lobbies that can be rented in some games, but will cost you.



While it is certainly possible to cheat in PlayStation 5 games both online and offline and it certainly will only become easier and more accessible for the general public, it is still 100 times easier to simply buy the game you are looking to cheat in for PC and cheat on a system that gives you the ability to run unsigned code right out of the box and where the game hacking communities are much larger and cheating software is much easier to find. However, if you are one of the very few that has access to powerful hacks for PS5 games, there won’t be much competition and you will truly feel godlike playing against normal players.

For the general population our recommendation for 2020 and 2021 is that you get yourself a modded controller (DualSense), check FreeFinder for PS5 hacks that might pop up, and if those don’t help simply get a PC beside your PS5 and get hacks more easily there.