xbox series x s hacks

Xbox Series X/S Hacks are any modifications to the console hardware, software or network communications that allow the Xbox Seires X/S player to cheat in their favorite Xbox console games. Modded controllers are the most popular cheats available to date, but software and especially USB hacks are highly sought-after.

Xbox Series X/S Hacks

There are 3 major ways in which an Xbox Series X/S can be hacked to allow for cheats in online and offline games: Through hardware modifications, such as modded controllers, software hacks such as aimbots,wallhacks, god modes, unlimited money and similar cheats, which do require you to be able to run unsinged code on your Xbox Console, or through modifying the data transfer between server and game console in online games.

Of these 3 methods, currently only hardware hacks and packet editing are officially possible, since the Xbox Seriens X/S has not been hacked yet to allow for execution of unsigned / unauthorized code, which is the downside of trying to run cheats on a closed-system game console, but this fact may change some day.

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USB Stick Hacks for Xbox Series X and Seires S

There are currently no available USB Stick hacks for the Xbox Series X or Series S consoles. Anyone claiming to sell such hacks Is trying to scam you and must not be trusted. Even if it was possible to run unsigned code on the Xbox Series consoles, the procedure of actually running hacks would be much more involved than simply inserting a USB drive and playing a game with cheats enabled.

As with any walled-garden OS, one would have to first achieve root access, then install the unauthorized applications or modded game files while also circumventing anti-cheat features.

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Hardware Hacks for Series X/S

Harware hacks are any alteration to the internal and external hardware of the Xbox Series X/S game consoles that allow the player to gain an advantage. The most popular method used here on all kinds of consoles including Xbox are modded controllers: These are custom made controllers that allow for recording, playing back macros, come with all kinds of programmed scripts for automated key presses, allowing you to turn semi-auto guns into full-auto fire in online shooters, correct for recoil automatically and much more. Hacked controllers cannot be detected, since they do not execute any code on your Xbox console, but only on the controller itself that acts like its own small console/platform in this case that can react intelligently and execute automated scripts and macros.

Modded controllers are currently the most popular and most easily accessible and also the safest method of hacking games on the Xbox Seroes X/S latest-gen consoles. This method is made even more attractive by older-gen Xbox One modded controllers being compatible with the Series  X and Series S as well.

Software Hacks for Series X/S

While downloadable software hacks are the norm on open platforms such as PC and rooted Android devices, they are exceedingly rare on closed walled-garden platforms such as Xbox consoles, since they do not allow the user root/admin access to their device out of the box and will by default only run code that is authenticated by a trusted certificate. – The only way to run unsigned or unauthorized code on an Xbox Series X/S is to hack the console itself, install a modified operating system or find a way to sign code yourself. While this is certainly plausible and possible, it usually does not happen until many, many years into the lifetime of a console and in many cases no until one or several console generations later or until emulators are developed for the console in question.

It is unlikely that software hacks and memory editing software will be usable on Xbox Series X and S anytime soon, but you never know what possible exploits and tricks people end up finding.

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Packet Editing Cheats

Since, at least for now, the installation of aimbots, wallhacks, trainers, memory editing software and other cheating apps on the Xbox Series platforms is not possible, packet editing is the more complicated, more expensive and far more resource-intensive version that can still be used, if only in online games: In packet editing the traffic or communication between your Xbox game client and the game server/host is intercepted, the packets or the information sent and received is then modified quickly and sent on. This can be extremely powerful in games where you are the host of an online match, which happens a lot in P2P matchmaking shooters like Call of Duty for example. Possible cheats are almost unlimited from unlimited money, health, god modes, invisibility ect in the case of hosting a match. For connection to a server or host your options are more limited, but aimbots, wallhacks and similar cheats should be possible.

The downside of packet editing is of course that it is a highly sophisticated process that requires expensive equipment, software and a lot of know-how. Not just anyone can do this and the best way for normal people to take advantage of such advanced game hacking techniques is to use hacked lobbies and rent them for a time.



Running game cheats on a closed system is hard. However, if you are not ready to buy a gaming PC or Android device, then your best option is to buy a modded controller for your Xbox Series X/S and check our FreeFinder Tool for free cheating methods to use in your game regularly.

While game hacking is extremely hard on the latest-gen consoles, it is also extremely rewarding if you manage to get cheats working, as you will not face any competition that is using the same tricks and hacks that you are using. However, for the fast majority of people we recommend simply getting a gaming PC and installing cheats there, as it is literally 1000 times easier than is would be on an Xbox Series X or Series S at this time.