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A Pokemon UNITE Hack is any tool, modification, software, method, technique or other means for players of the game to gain unfair advantages and get more free gems, free coins (gold), free Aeos Tickets, pokemon skins, trainer clothing, game score, do more damage and get other goodies. – While different game hacking methods exist for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch alike and can be used with no root and no jailbrake required, Pokemon Unite generators and hacks for unlimited free gems, infinite coins (money) and free in-game purchases do not exist and are always fake.


Pokemon UNITE Hacks

There is a great variety of game hacking methods available in Pokemon Unite ranging from traditional mods and game hacking tools, such as modded APKs, iOS mods and modded Nintendo Switch ROMS to bots and scripts that can be used to farm the game automatically for unlimited free Coins and Aeos Games alike. – Of course there will be exploits and bugs that can be used from time to time to break the game, private servers, aimbots and similar automation software to automatically use skills to maximize DPS and last hit pokemon perfectly to get the most score possible, zoom hacks, ESP hacks to show you enemy positions at all times, even in grass and fog of war and other client-side hacks, such as damage mods, invisibility and god modes could potentially be possible from time to time as well in Pokemon Unite, depending on the platform (Android, iOS, Swtich), the game build and other factors.

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Mods, Mod Menus & Modded ROMs

Modded game files, such as modded APKS, modded iOP apps and modded Switch ROMs, have been the primary and most prolific way of cheating in games on handheld and mobile devices for some time now due to the relatively simple and easy installation process that is, while not trivial, a lot easier than any of the alternative game hacking methods applied on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch alike. – Modded game apps and ROMS for Pokemon Unite are commonly downloaded online and then installed by following simple instructions and may require in some cases a rooted or jailbroken mobile device or a hacked Switch console in order to change system files required for a mod to function correctly in online play. The cheats and features possible are the same as with other client-side game hacking methods ranging from possibly automation scripts, zoom hacks, ESP cheats, wallhacks, minor damage and god modes and similar options. Mod Menus are the most premium mods out there with more features, easier installation, more powerful options, quicker updates and made by the best programmers in the game cheating industry.

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Resource Generators & Mod Money

As already pointed out, all generators and online tools for free gems, unlimited coins and similar stuff are fake and will never work. However, we need to understand why this is the case in order to download hacks for Pokemon Unite that will actually work: In any game there is a client-side, which is the data that is processed on one’s physical gaming device, such as an Android or iOS Phone or Nintendo Switch console, and then in some games, namely online games, there is a server-side, meaning the data that is processed far away on the game servers somewhere in the basement of the game developers. Server data cannot be manipulated using any tools and mods, but client data can. Now Pokemon Unite is an online game, which means that all the vital data, such as your coins / money, gems, items, score, item bonuses, Aeos Tickets, unlocked skins, unlocked clothing, unlocked pokemon and similar data is stored on the game server and therefore cannot be modified or manipulated using any tools, generators or other software. – While technically hacking game servers is possible, no one wants to go to prison for some virtual coins by doing something highly illegal. So for all practical purposes it’s not an option. Mod Money does not exist either and any download claiming this particular feature is fake.

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Bots & Scrips

Gameplay automation or the use of automated bots to farm unlimited free coins, infinite free gems, unlock all pokemon and cosmetic skins, farm Aeos Tickets, automatically last hit wild Pokemon and enemy pokemon for more score, automatically aim and use abilities (aimbots) and similar automated tasks are arguably the most powerful cheat available to Pokemon UNITE players at this time, but this cheating method gets consistently underrated due to ‘bots’ sounding less powerful than ‘hacks’, which is only the case in offline single player games, but not in online games requiring excellent mechanics, good reaction time and last-hitting. – A bot or automated gameplay software is able to either play Pokemon Unite fully automatically, a bad example would be AFK bots, or can be used to automate certain aspects, such as aiming, last hitting, using abilities and blinks / movement abilities to avoid damage, optimize DPS and cooldowns ect. Especially scripts are used in every MOBA by some of the top ranked players to augment their mechanics. Of course a bot cannot make good strategic decisions, but it can time and aim abilities perfectly. If you want to learn how to create your own game bot, check out this tutorial.

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Just like in shooter games, aimbots or automated aiming software is used to automatically aim and use abilities, Unite moves and other skills in Pokemon UNITE as well and is by far the most popular script used by players looking to gain a competitive edge. Especially on Mobile devices, such as Android and iOS, aiming can be quite difficult at times and having a script that does it for you can be extremely powerful in amassing score, farming neutral Pokemon, getting more Kos / kills and therefore more levels, strategical advantage and more wins in the end. Often a script has to be made for one champion / Pokemon specifically, as all their abilities have very different ranges, effects and different ways of maximizing DPS / healing or crowd control. However, once properly set up, aimbots and scripts are extremely powerful tools to increase a players skill level, mechanics and effectiveness and will make it easy to climb the ranked ladder in Pokemon Unite.

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ESP / Map Hacks & Zoom Hacks

Information is key in any MOBA game and knowing where enemies are at any time, what Pokemon camps and boosts are up on the map at any time, seeing enemies in bushes, seeing more of the map at any time and having other advanced information can make a huge difference, allowing players of Pokemon UNITE to make better decisions, score more often, farm more efficiently, get more kills, avoid ganks and overall win more games and matches over the long run. What exact client-side hacks are possible will depend on what platform you are playing on, the version of the game, server-side checks and other factors: Zoom hacks that allow you to zoom out further and see more of the map should be possible on any device, fog of war or map hacks may be possible from time to time and ESP hacks will be possible to varying degrees. ESP cheats may also display timers for respawning camps, neutral pokemon, Dread Gnaw and Zaptos alike.

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Glitches are bugs in the game servers of game app that allow players to gain unfair advantages and break the game in many different ways. – This kind of cheating methods can circumvent the rules of what cheats are possible by using server-side exploits, allowing for unlimited money, gems, instant wins, damage multipliers, score mods, money mods, skin unlocks, free in-game purchases, equipping too many held items, stat hacks, instant cooldowns and potentially many more otherwise impossible features. – There have already been instances of exploits that allowed teams to win regardless of score, making the team with less score win a match and gain ELO and similar exploits. However, this kind of glitch is always temporary as the developers over at The Pokemon Company will work to hotfix and ptach the underlying bugs as soon as they become aware of an overpowered and game breaking exploit that is being used widely. Overall, glitching is the most powerful cheating method for Pokemon Unite in existence, but extremely rare and hart to find.

Game Hacking Tools

Tools have the potential to do the same things as mods, but require a lot more user input and are generally a lot harder to use. Now this might not sound very useful, until you realize that game hacking tools are universal and can be used on any game at any time, requiring no constant updates and working methods may survive many, many game updates, hotfixes and new builds, whereas modded apps need to be updated with every single new version that is pushed to the Pokemon UNITE game client. The most popular tools and memory editors used to manipulate game apps on Android and iOS are GameGuardian (Android) and Game Gem (iOS) respectively, but there are no known tools for the Nintendo Switch sadly. While other software may work with no root and no jailbrake required, this is not the case for game hacking tools and memory editors, which is why we generally recommend using them on emulators only to keep your physical gaming devices safe. Scrips, such as LUA scripts can be used to automate the complicated game modding process, otherwise you have to follow in-depth guides and tutorials in order to learn how to consistently activate cheats using modding software in Pokemon Unite.


Overall, there is no lack of variety when it comes to cheating methods for Pokemon UNITE, but the safest and most effective cheating methods will be bots for farming free money, coins, gems and other goodies, mods and scripts for better in-game performance and climbing the ranked ladder. Mods are probably the best way to cheat for people with no prior experience modding games and Android is by far the most convenient platform to cheat on, featuring the most active and the biggest community of developers by far, followed by iOS and Nintendo Switch. As Pokemon UNITE is primarily a competitive 5v5 MOBA, the most effective tools will not be focused on farming resources, but on in-match performance, better reaction times, better DPS and similar stats, making scripts, bots and aimbots overall the best apps to apply when it comes to cheating in Pokemon UNITE on all platforms.

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