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Is it possible to Cheat in Wartune in any way?
Yes, it is indeed in the realm of possibility. However, there are no hacks for this game. The only 2 ways of really gaining an advantage are farming bots and different kinds of exploits. There are NO god modes, gold hacks, item adders, exp generators or indeed any hacks of any kind. This game is almost entirely server-based.

Is it legal to Cheat and will my Account get Banned from WT?
Cheating in games does not break any laws of any kind. However, the owners of an online service or game are allowed to ban your account if you are breaking their ToS. – So you will need to keep a low profile, not brag about cheating and just be generally a nice player and you will be just fine.

How much do Wartune Bots usually cost?
This is a browser game and your average browser game farming bot can be between 5 and 20$ depending on the kind of software and the developers. A longer subscription will generally be cheaper in the long run. As far as we can tell, there are no free bots for this game available at this time.

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Wartune Cheating Explained
Wartune is one of those browser games that are mostly server-based. That means that most of the stuff you see on the screen concerning where you are, your town, enemy mobs ect are processed and stored on the game servers and not on your PC, making it almost unhackable. However, it is still possible to use scripts or bots to automatically farm the wilds, capture mines, do daily quests ect. This game is almost perfect for the use of automated farming software, since the combat is especially easy and all one really can do during the “final fantasy style” fighting scenes is press abilities and QTEs, which is not a problem for a program to do. Theoretically a script can even do PvP in this game. However, so far I have not been able to get a hold of a pvp software for Wartune. The use of automated grinding software is certainly the most popular ways of doing things and will help you to make the grind to level 80 a lot shorter. Another way of getting around the rules and gaining some cash (gold), andermant and items it to use exploits: Exploiting refers to the use of bugs in the game to gain an advantage in an online game and over the years there have been numerous kinds of these bugs found, used and ultimately patched. And therein lays the main problem about exploits; while they are incredibly powerful, they are also usually quite temporary. That means you will be able to use an exploit until it gets to the developers attention and then gets fixed with the next update. Reports of bans due to exploiting the game are a lot rarer in Wartune than in other browser games. However, there is always a risk involved in using public exploits. If you find a duping technique or maybe a bugged mob somewhere on public board or forum, then chances are that sooner or later the devs will find it, fix it and maybe even ban the people that used it. So the most sensible way of going about this is to sue private exploits that are not publicly viewable.




Wartune Bots and Scripts Explained
A script, program or “robot” is based on a very simple principle: It has an Artificial Intelligence (Program) that will perform simple tasks that you do not want to do yourself necessarily. We all know that leveling up and getting to endgame in Wartune can take quite a lot of time and especially if it is not the first time you do it, can be a bit boring. Enter the Bot. – Automated farming software is programmed to take control of your character and town, farm random castles of lower level, farm random mobs in the wilds, do daily quests and main quests for gold and EXP, loot items, build your buildings and so on. A bot can essentially level up your character to 80 on its own. Of course you will still have to manually recruit troops, equip gear and so on, but it can do pretty much all the hard work. There are even scripts that will automatically plant seeds on your farm and help others with their farm. – this way people have made farming circles that net them millions of gold every week. Most scripts can be configured as to what abilities to use in what situation and when to capture gold mines ect. As far as we are aware the use of this kind of program is not much of a risk in Wartune, since the developers do not seem too concerned about it and the software is decently rare and hard to come by at this point (2015). On top of that all the classes are equally effective at farming in this particular game, whereas in most other MMOs the tanky classes do have a huge advantage, here mage, knight and archer are equally effective. A decent bot, if set up and configured correctly, will get you to level 80 within mere weeks without you having to do more than have a look every few hours to make sure it is still working correctly.




Wartune Hacks – Truth and Lies Uncovered
There are a whole variety of sites out there that have dedicated themselves to offering fake hacks for online games: They will offer unlimited HP and Gold / Andermant Tools and similar. However, as good as these may sound, they are entirely impossible to achieve and there are indeed no legitimate trainers for this game at all. As already mentioned, this game processes almost everything that is in any way, shape or form important on it server. Now the server is a PC that belongs to the game admins and developers and that you do not have any access to at all, therefore it is not possible to “hack” or rather change any values on that server. – While this is possible in single player games, since there all the data is on your own machine, this is not the case for MMOs, such as Wartune. The only way to gain unliited HP, gold or andermant in Wartune would be to commit a crime that could get you to prison: To hack into the server itself using illegal means and even that would require far more than a simple “tool or generaor”. – So please do not trust these people asking you to fill in surveys and download their suspicious software, you are better than this. The truth is that for most MMOs and MMORPGs there are some hacks that allow you to change physical processes, but since this game is not even really 3D, even that is impossible. So hacks for this particular online game are sadly all fake at this point. If you don’t believe me, then fill in the surveys and learn the hard way.



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