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Are there any Cheats for CoD: Black Ops 3?
As in ever CoD game up to this day, there are indeed cheats in BO3 as well: Aimbots are the most powerful cheats, as they are able to automatically aim and shoot your guns to get lots of kills. Wallhacks, also called ESP Hacks, will show you enemies through walls and other obstacles and Exploits may allow you to level up more quickly and maybe even allow for some semi-god modes before they get patched.

Is it legal to cheat in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and will I get banned for doing it?
Cheating in games is as old as games themselves and cheating has never ben outside the law. However, Activision, Steam ect have every right to ban any player they want to from their service. – It is their service after all. So we do recommend that you cheat with respect for other players, try not to ruin anyone’s fun and use quality software that does not get detected automatically and allows for hiding your activity.


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CoD: Black Ops 3 Cheating
Since BO3 once again features dedicated servers, it will be possible for server admins to permanently ban cheaters for their servers. – So if you are looking to cheat, keep this in mind and don’t piss off admins of servers you like. Also you need to keep in mind that Cheats for BO3 will mainly be on PC and that we see PS4 or Obox One hacks for CoD: Black Ops 3 is unlikely, until the consoles are hackable. The most popular cheating method in this game is definitively the aimbot, since it allows a player to get lots of kills fast and therefore unlock weapons, attachments, rank up, get prestige and so on. However, aimbots can be easily detected by players watching the killcam. The second most popular kind of cheat for Black Ops 3 is the Wallhack: This software allows you to see enemy players, explosives, objectives ect through walls and other obstacles. – Kind of similar to the special ability of Outrider called “Vision Pulse”, but permanent. Wallhacks, while they certainly can get detected, are much harder to spot due to the fact that aiming and shooting are still done 100% manually and your edge is purely in situational awareness. Another cheating phenomenon we are expecting for BO3 will be the farming servers, since it features dedicated servers: Farming servers is a whole server with people that are simply trying to farm up their accounts and prestige. In order to do that both teams work together to generate a much score for any one player as they can. Usually, this leads to people being able to prestige about 5 times as fast as usual. We may also see some minor glitches and exploits, but those are usually fixed pretty quickly by Treyarch.


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Black Ops 3 Aimbots and Wallhacks explained
Both of these cheating programs work in very similar ways, but achieve very different effects: Since the whole game map has to be renderable on your PC / Xbox or Playstation, all information about where players, grenades, projectiles ect are has to be stored on a players machine in order to display the game and the action on your screen. – Now this fact allows crafty programmers to extract the positions of certain objects within the game, such as player bodies. Having this information is very valuable, since it allows you not only to show the position of such an object (player) on your screen (ESP hack), but to also automatically aim at that position and shoot if the there is line of sight on the target (aim bot). However, in order to inject the code for such a software into the game process, you need to have total control over the machine that the game is running on. Now this is not a given on most consoles: Xbox One and Playstation 4 are still non-hackable and only PC offer s us easy ways of injecting code into a game. So while cheating on consoles is just as simple (theoretically) as on a PC, the fact that consoles do not allow the user to screw around with the operating system and implement custom processes, hinders hacks on consoles a lot. However, there are new methods of packet-editing being worked on what might change that situation someday.


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When is it OK to use an aimbot in BO3? How should I use it to not annoy other players?
We all know the situation: There are 5 max prestige players on the enemy team, you are getting spawn camped and farmed for score for ever and there is literally nothing you can do, but just leave the server. Now this kind of situation happened quite a lot in most Call of Duty games so far and I really doubt that it will just magically go away with Black Ops 3. – And exactly this is the kind of situation where using an aimbot is morally justified, since they are camping you, they are ruining your fun and you should be able to equalize the game. Another example is if someone insults other players: ESP hacks show players names so find and kill the flamer until he leaves and you are making the game a better place.

Overall it is important to use any power that you are given, and that includes aimbots, with respect for other people (players) and in a way that does not negatively affect them. – Most cheaters know how annoying it is to have a hacker on the enemy team that just spawn camps the whole map by shooting through walls. We know how evil that is and that is why 95% of us are using our cheats in a way that is indistinguishable from the gameplay of a good player. We use cheats to make the game easier, less work and not to dominate and bully others. And thanks god there now is software that can automatically detect the hackers among us that are abusing cheat in a way to annoy others and automatically bans them.


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Prestige Hacks, God Modes, Score Hacks, Weapon Adders/ Unlockers
There are not hacks or generators or other programs that allow you to get unlimited health, ammo, score, get max prestige or anything similar in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. – All these values are ones that are not stored on your PC or console, but on the Treyarch servers. These servers cannot be accessed to change your account, rank, unlocks and so on. While minor unlock cheats have been possible using someone else’s game code in CoD4, this is not possible any more. Anyone that offers you god modes, unlockers and prestige adders is a scammers and either looking for your money or to have you download some kind of malicious software. Hacks do have their limits and the limit is where the server-processing begins. What is not processed on your machine, cannot be changed by software on your machine that is a very simple truth. The only way would be to hack the actual CoD servers, which is highly illegal and can get you to prison. So with other words: You either know an admin at Treyarch or you are out of luck and even if you know one you are probably out of luck too.


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Black Ops 3 Hacked Lobbies: Will they be possible?
Yes, it’s pretty safe to say that modded lobbies will see their return to Call of Duty in Black Ops 3, at least on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Hacked lobbies are a kind of cheat that allows you to get very powerful options like god modes, invisibility, unlimited ammo and so on. However, only people with very advanced knowledge and hardware are able to set up modded lobbies, which makes them very rare, expensive and progressively harder to find depending on how new your console is. For example finding PS4 and Xbox One modded lobbies will be incredibly hard at this time.

However, cheater lobbies are without a doubt the single most overpowered cheat for Call of Cuty: Black Ops 3 at the moment. When buying / renting a hacked lobbies, always make sure you get video proof of its legitimacy first. There are a lot of fakes out there, just like with hacks and packet editors and you need to be very careful. Also make sure there is an option to hide your user name, so you cannot get reported as easily.


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