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Is it possible to cheat in Contest of Champions?
Indeed it is possible to cheat in this mobile online fighting game, just like in most other online game apps: Auto Playing Software or “bots” can be used to automatically farm the game for champion levels, catalysts, ISO-8 and money (gold) alike. There are also Mods or modded clients for Android and iOS that will allow you to enable cheats in Contest of Champions. There may also be some minor client side hacks for iOS and Android devices and some exploits might pop up every once and again. However, there are no gold adders, unit generators or god modes (unlimited health) for Marvel Contest of Champions.


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Marvel Contest of Champions Mods, Hacks and Cheats
Modded or Hacked versions of the game can be downloaded for both Android and iOS. These Mods are versions of the game with cheats already installed. All you do is download the file and install it instead of the original Contest of Champions game, start the game and you have hacks enabled. Since there isn’t a way to use Contest of Champions Hacks to directly add gold, units or heroes to your account, the use of automated playing software is the best way to level up your account, champions, complete missions and slowly farm your way up to tier 5 (5star) heroes and maxed out account. Contest of Champions Bots are apps that will play the game automatically for you, either as a app on a rooted phone (there are some that may work without rooted mobile device as well) and some will sue emulators to automatically log onto the game, complete actions and farm for you while you are out enjoying life or sleeping. Bots are without a doubt the most effective and most popular way of cheating in Marvels CoC.


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How do I use Contest of Champions Hacks and Cheats safely?
The most vital thing when using any kind of app or program to enhance your game performance is to keep a low profile: Do not brag about using tools, be nice and respect all other players in order to avoid manual reports ect. If you are using Contest of Champions Bots, make sure you do not leave them running for more than 16h per day, since no human can play any mobile game for 24 hours per day and any basic anti-cheat will throw up some red flags on game accounts that are online all the time. If you are using any kind of hack, make sure your phone is rooted, since most hacks do require it and make sure you are using legitimate and high quality software, make sure you are buying the best cheats avalaible.


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Are there any gold hacks, unit generators or unlimited health hacks for Contest of Champions?
No, sadly Marvel: Contest of Champions is an online mobile game and therefore all the important account data like your unlocked champions, gold, units, your health potions, your revives, your crystals, hero crystals, premium hero crystals and account level / hero stars are all stored and processed on the Kabam game server and not on your mobile device. – Since the data is stored on a secure server, it is impossible to hack the data using any legal means that won’t get you to prison. With other worlds: Do not trust people that offer you these cheats and do not fill in their surveys if you know what’s good for you.



Is it legal to cheat and will my MCoC account get banned?
Cheating in any kind of game, including online games and fighting games, has always been legal everywhere in the world and that is not about to change anytime soon. However, Kabam and Marvel as the game developers and publishers have the right to ban any player from any of their games and therefore it is recommended that, should you decide to use cheating software in Contest of Champions, you use programs that are 100% undetected and kept up to date with every single patch of the game by professionals, or you will put your account at risk.


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