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Is it possible to cheat in Dragon Mania Legends on iOS / Android / Browser?
The use of cheating software in Dragon Mania Legends is indeed possible: Though there are no legitimate hacks for this game that could add money (gold), gems, scrolls for food to your account, it is possible to use bots or automated playing software to automatically breed your dragons, level them up, collect gold and food, do pve and pvp battles and generally progress your account through the game without you having to play the game 24 hours a day. There are also some very rare and temporary exploits and dupes that may allow you to get more money and unlock rare or even legendary dragons.

Is it legal to cheat and will my account get banned?
Cheating in any kind of game, be that board games, card games or mobile online dragon collection games, is entirely legal all over the world. People generally don’t like people cheating, but they will not throw you into prison for doing so. However, Gameloft, the developers of Dragon Mainia Legends do have the right to restrict anyone from playing their game. For this reason we do recommend that you stick with quality hacks and bot s for Dragon Mania Legends at all time. Make sure the apps you are using are made by real professionals with experience in keeping scripts up to date, undetected and working at all times.



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What is the most powerful kind of cheat for Dragon Mania Legends?
Since there is not a direct way to simply add legendary dragons, gold, scrolls or gems to your account and that information is processed on secure servers, the most effective and most popular way of cheating in Dragon Mania Legends is the use of automated scripts or bots in order to automatically perform simple tasks like building, upgrading, leveling up dragons, completing pve battles, breeding dragons and completing events. A bot app will automatically log into your game on your PC, iOS or Android device and will then automatically perform the configured actions. Bots can play for 24h per day, which makes them exceptionally strong at farming resources and breeding all kinds of dragons. Since bots do also have perfect timing in QuickTime events, they are also exceptionally good at completing dragon battles and farming battle rewards. Bot apps on android and iOS will most likely require a rooted phone and on Windows browsers there will not be any special requirements.


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Are there any Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Gems and Legendary Dragon Cheats?
Sadly this kind of hack would only be possible if you actually hacked into the game servers belonging to Gameloft, which is not only impossible, but also highly illegal and can easily get you to prison. So with other words: Anyone that promises you god modes for your dragons, dragon unlocks, unlimited gems, food or gold ect is a liar and trying to get you to fill in surveys or download malware.

These kinds of cheats are possible in single player games, since in those all of the game data is stored on your mobile device (iOS / Android), but it is sadly impossible for online multiplayer games like Dragon Mania Legends where you are connected to the game through a server and your account information is not available on your game app on your mobile.


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What is the safest way to use DML exploits and bots?
Exploits should only be used as long as they are being kept a secret. Any kind of dupe or other exploit that is available somewhere on a public forum or post should never be used, since it will most likely be patched within days and all its users banned. Private hacks and exploits are the only way to go here.

As for the use of farming bots, since bot detection technology on mobile games is not really advanced yet, you really only need to watch out for the time you leave the bot to farm. 24 hours of farming Dragon Mania a day is risky, since human players cannot be up 24/7. We recommend setting your bot to shut down automatically after 16h max if you want to keep your account safe. Going above 18h will certainly throw up some red flags as soon as any kind of anti-cheat is implemented.



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