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A Hero Wars Hack is any tool, app, mod, method or technique that allows you as a player to gain an advantage in the game, farm more free Emeralds / Gems, Gold / Coins, Soul Stones, Money, Heroes and other goodies more quickly or even automatically on Android and iOS alike. While legitimate working Hero Wars hacks requiring no root and no jailbrake do exist in spades, hacks or generators for free Emeralds / Gems, Gold (Money / Coins), Energy and other Money/Currency do not exist for Hero Wars.


Hero Wars Hacks

Hacks are the main means by which player cheat in Hero Wars and they are modifications to the game, the game client or the game memory that will allow for advanced features, giving the user an advantage over other players that are not using any Hero Wars hacks. Hacks can be achieved in a variety of ways from mods, rather modded game clients, game hacking tools, bots, macros and scripts, exploiting of game bugs and even packet editing and are possible on Android, iOS mobile and also the facebook platform. Available working hacks may range from speedhacks, damage hacks, automated reward collection, stat hacks to auto farming and similar cheats depending on the platform Hero Wars is installed on, the exact build of the current game, what cheats are possible at any time based on what is processed client-side or server-side. The main and most popular and prolific way of hacking in Hero Wars is the use of mods, especially Android APK mods, less commonly iOS, since that is simply where the greatest cheater communities and the best releases and downloads are.

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Mods are the method of choice for most hackers in Hero Wars, because this means of cheating is by far the most simple and straight-forward of all of them: All one needs to do to get an average mod to work is to simply download it, install it instead of the original Hero Wars game by following some simple instructions or tutorials, in some cases editing some system files and play the game with activated cheats. However, as with most cheats there are a lot of fakes out there as well. Do beware of any mods that offer you unlimited money, VIP level 15, unlimited free emeralds and gold, free soul stones or similar cheats, since those are entirely impossible in online games where your account data is stored server-side, which is the case for Nexters Globals Hero Wars as well. – While modded apps and mod APKs for Android and iOS do technically require no root and no jailbrake to work, the installation process will generally require the user to replace system files, which will often require admin access to do.

hero wars mod menus

Mod Menus

Mod menus are a very special kind of mod, arguably the premium version of mods, since they generally offer more options, an in game menu to turn cheats on and off, may offer further cheat customization and some may even auto update to the latest version once one becomes available. However, the downside of mod menus for Hero Wars is that they are much more rare and therefore harder to find, they often cost money and are only available for download to people buying a subscription, since they generally are made by more professional and serious programmers that of course need to be paid. So with other words: Mod menus are the premium and quality version of normal mods if they are real, but as always fakes abound and you need to be very careful when looking for working downloads. As always we recommend using our finding method for legitimate cheats for mobile and online games.

hero wars cheats


Generators and Online Hacks

There are sadly no working generators, tools or online hacks for free Emeralds, Gold / Money, Hero Shards, Soul Stones, VIP Level 15 or other goodies. Any hack or mod offering these features and any ‘generator’ offering you free stuff for Hero Wars is most certainly not going to work and is a scam 100% of the time. Any legitimate hack or cheat will always require you to download something, which of course does not mean that every hack that is downloadable is necessarily legit. Hero Wars is an online mobile game which means that all your vital account data, such as your Emerald count, unlocked heroes, energy and other currencies are stored server-side on the game servers that cannot be hacked. Keep in mind that you can only hack or modify / manipulate data that you control and that is stored on your own device.

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Hero Wars Bots

Bots are the highly underrated and generally forgotten cheating method for mobile and facebook games that are actually extremely potent, especially in online role playing games like Hero Wars. Bots or scripts are generally used to automate actions and gameplay in order to automatically progress through a game, save a lot of time, get free stuff consistently without spending money. In Hero wars specifically a bot would be able to potentially farm tower, farm campaign missions for hero soul stones, farm events, complete daily missions, open free daily chests, do raids, level up your heroes, artifacts and titans alike, fight in the arena for rewards, max out your heroes and get orange gear ect.

Bots are the closest thing to a unlimited money, emrald and gold hack available for Hero Wars, since all the generators, tools and online generators are fake. If you want to find out how bots and macros work and how you can set up your own farming bot for mobile games, please follow this tutorial.

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Game Hacking Tools

Another way of hacking games on mobile is the use of game hacking tools and data editors, such as memory editing software in order to modify data manually as the game is running on your device. The main difference between mods and tool usage is that the usage of tools is more reliable but far more complicated, requiring the user to have in-depth knowledge about game hacking or to follow extremely complex guides and tutorials in order to hack Hero Wars successfully on either Android or iOS. The most popular game hacking tools used for this purpose are Game Guardian for Android and GameGem for iOS respectively. If you want to learn the basics about game hacking using memory editors and get started on your learning journey, then check out this tutorial. Another potential upside of using memory editing apps for Hero Wars is that this kind of tool may be used with no root and no jailbreak under certain circumstances.

herowars game hacker cheater app download

Exploits & Glitches

Every once in a blue moon a game like Hero Wars receives a patch that is not quite perfect, has some minor bugs that allow people to break the game, cheat, gain unfair advantages, get unlimited money, duplicate items, get free in-app purchases or whatnot. – This scenario is called an Exploit or using Glitches to cheat in Hero wars: While exploits, rather the game bugs that make them possible, are almost always temporary, getting patched as soon as the developers of the game become aware of them, they can also temporarily make impossible cheats possible though server-side bugs. This means that while getting unlimited free Emeralds, free VIP level 15, infinite Energy, free hero stones, heroic chests and soul stones are impossible under normal circumstances, server-side bugs can make these exploits possible, making glitching the potentially most overpowered hack for Hero Wars. On top of all that glitches generally require no root, no jailbrake and no tools, even no downloads, to use, making them also the best beginner-friendly method out there for new game hackers to use.

Mod Money

As we never get tired of pointing out and have done in the intro already, money hacks for online mobile games including Hero Wars are entirely impossible due to server-side processing of all your currencies, EXP, items, maxed heroes, hero stats, skin unlocks, VIP status, damage, health, chests and so on. – However, this fact of reality and science is not stopping legions of shady APK downloading websites, less reputable iOS modding sites, fishy app stores and similar software downloading portals of questionable repute from advertising their Hero Wars downloads with the ‘mod money’ feature. – Such downloads should be avoided at all cost as they are at the very least using false advertising by pretending to offer impossible ‘infinite money and resources’ mods on their websites. The chances of getting a completely fake file downloaded is extremely high, the risk of malware and adware is high and therefore one should at least use an emulator to test such files, if one was to ignore our warnings issued concerning such potentially dangerous files here. Stay safe, use cheats that have the potential to exist.

Miscellaneous Cheating Methods

Of course there are a few less common cheating methods available for games on Android mobile, iOS and facebook besides the ones already mentioned: The most potent of them are exploits, which are the use of bugs in the game code and game servers in order to gain advantages. These exploits are usually temporary and will only be usable for a limited amount of time before they get patched from the game, but can offer extremely overpowered cheats, such as unlimited health, damage hacks, item duplication, and unlimited money and so on. However, getting access to the exploit method before it gets patched is usually extremely difficult. Of course boosting in arena using multiple accounts is also a thing for more rewards, running alt account guilds and so on. However, these cheating methods are usually only used by the top 1% of players that have the commitment and connections to make them work.

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