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A Marvel Future Revolution Hack is any tool, software app, modification, method or other means of gaining unfair advantages in PvP and PvE content alike, get more free Crystals (gems), Gold (money / coins), Squad XP, crafting materials, omega cards, costumes and other goodies on Android and iOS alike. – While there is a variety of ways to cheat in Marvel Future Revolution with no root and no jailbrake required, generators and hacks for unlimited free Crystals / Gems, infinite free Money / Gold / Coins and free in-game shop purchases do not exist and are always fake.

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Future Revolution Hacks

As is most mobile RPGs, there are a huge variety of ways and techniques used for cheating and gaining unfair advantages possible in Marvel Future Revolution including game app modding or modded game clients, such as modded APKs for Android and modded game apps on iOS, then there are game hacking tools, such as memory editors, that can be used to hack the game manually or use scripts to do so automatically, bots can be used to automatically play the game which is an extremely powerful cheating method in Future Revolution in particular, as it is an RPG with no cap on farming, no stamina, allowing players to farm Gold, Crystals, XP and itmes infinitely, making bots and automated farming tools extremely overpowered. Of course there are also Exploits, that can make money hacks und free in-game purchases possible for a short time, as well as potentially allowing for damage hacks, god modes, item duplication and similar cheats. Last but not least there are some miscellaneous client-side hacks, such as temeporting, speedhacks, flying and similar features that may be possible from time to time as well.

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Modified versions of the original Future Revolution game app either as a modded APK file or modified iOS game app that come with cheating features added to the core game functionality are known as ‘mods’ and are by far the most popular and prolific game hacking methods used in Marvel Future Revolution and most mobile games in general. – Their popularity stems mostly from how simple mods are to download and install when compared to other applicable game hacking techniques: While the installation process for game mods is by no means trivial, requiring the user to follow instructions and even modify or replace system files, this is a piece of cake when compared to using tools to manually modify game memory or using other manual methods. Most mods can technically be run with no root and no jailbrake required on Android or iOS mobile gaming devices or Emulators, but the installation process for many mods will require the user to modify or replace system files, which is a process that requires admin privileges in a lot of devices, if not all.

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Mod Menus

The most exclusive and premium of mods, mod menus come with more features than regular modded game clients for Marvel Future Revolution, better compatibility, an easier installation process, they are being developed by the best software engineers in the industry, will often offer better support, quicker updates, better performance and more powerful hacks on Android and iOS alike. – While most advanced mod menus for MFR will require you to pay for a subscription, they will often allow free users to download limited ‘lite’ versions of their apps for free. Overall, Future Revolution mod menus are well worth the hassle, as they are not only the best cheating software out there, but the subscription also gives you a sense of security that the developers is not trying to get compensated for their work any other way, such as ads or similar.

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Generators and Online Hacks

As already briefly mentioned, generators for unlimited free crystals, gold / money and gems do not exist and are always fake. – This is the case due to server-side processing in online games, such as Marvel Future Revolution, whereby your account data, including all inventories and currencies are processed on the game Server and not on your Android or iOS mobile device. Tools and game hacking apps are only able to modify or manipulate data processed on the physical device they are installed on, which means that in online games, such as MFR, any currencies, stats, gold, gems, crystals, squad XP, costumes, in-game purchases, items and other integral data cannot be changed using any tools, much less any ‘online resource generators’ or similar software. – Some will retort by pointing out that even game servers can technically be hacked, but of course this process would not only be much more complex than any game hacking method, but would also be highly illegal and no one wants to go to prison for some virtual fun bucks in a mobile game.

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Bots & Automated Gameplay

By far the most underrated cheating method for how powerful it actually is, the use of bots in RPGs and mobile games in general has been extremely effective for a long time, since most mobile games will reward a steady stream of money, gold, gems, crystals, items and other goodies to players that spend the time grinding. – A bot is an automated script / software that does all the farming, grinding and waiting for you by automatically playing the game, claiming rewards, doing daily tasks, raids, Arena PvP, Operations, story quests, side quests, automatically farms mobs, uses auto fight or manual fight to do maximum DPS, automatically uses your ultimate abilities and healing items, manages your storage and inventories and performs many more actions automatically to automatically acquire the maximum Marvel Future Revolution free crystals, gold / money, omega cards, outfits, items, 5 star heroes and other goodies possible in the least time possible. Overall, bots are probably the most overpowered cheat available in Future Revolution and you can find a tutorial on how to set up your own bot here.

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Exploits & Glitches

Bugs in the game code or the server software can make glitches or Exploits possible, which are cheating techniques whereby such bugs are used to gain advantages. The unique thing about exploiting is that not only are game hacks possible that would otherwise be impossible, such as money hacks, unlimited free crystals, gold and free in-app purchases, but also glitching usually will require no root, no jailbrake and no downloads in order to work and therefore is the perfect means of cheating for newbie cheaters, noob game hackers and people unwilling to spend a lot of time learning how to use other tools. The only downside to using exploits is that they are extremely hard to find and temporary in nature, getting patched / hotfixed out of the game as soon as the Marvel Future Revolution developer team becomes aware of the underlying bugs making any specific Glitch possible. – So using glitiches is a race against time, but potentially the most overpowered cheat for as long as the exploitable bugs persist.

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Game Hacking Tools

While tools and game hacking apps are more challenging to use than something as comparatively simplistic as mods, they do technically work for any game at any time with no updated versions required, making them the most versatile and reliable tool in any game cheaters belt looking to get some working cheats in MARVEL Future Revolution on Android and iOS alike. The most popular game hacking tools applied in mobile games on Android and iOS are GameGuardian for Android and GameGem for iOS respectively. Now those that would download these memory editors for the purpose of hacking Future Revolution need to be warned that the process in extremely involved, requiring either years of experience of in-depth guides and tutorials on top of a firm grasp on the game hacking basic skills to even stand a chance of succeeding. However, newbies don’t need to completely avoid these tools, as they do offer scripts, such as lua scripts that can automate the game hacking process, turning you game hacking too into a mod. But if you are going to use tools in this manner to cheat in Marvel Future Revolution, then why not just use a mod instead?

Mod Money

As already explained, it is impossible to get working money hacks for MARVEL Future Revolution due to server-side processing of all vital account data, currencies, purchases, unlocks and items. However, this little significant fact is not stopping hordes of shady app stores, less reputable Android modding sites, weird software downloading portals and other bad actors from advertising their Future Revolution downloads with the ‘mod money’. – We recommend against downloading any of these money mods, as they are at the very least using false advertising, are likely entirely fake and may even infect your mobile device with malware. – If you do not believe us and must download one of these files to try, please use at least an Emulator, so your physical device stays safe.


While there is a great variety of game hacking methods and software that can be used to cheat in MARVEL Future Revolution, there are also many fakes, many methods that are unpractical to the vast majority of players that do not have the experience or know-how to implement them, and there are many blatant Scams, such as resource generators for free Crystals, Gold, Costumes and other in-game resources. – The best way to cheat is to do it on Android where Emulators can be used to avoid rooting your mobile device and to either use mods, mod menus or bot scripts created through macro editing software. If you want unlimited money cheats, the only actual way to do this quickly is to use your credit card and go whaling, or wait a few years for an overpowered Exploit that gets you free crystals. – These are the cold, hard facts about cheating in MFR. If you appreciate us being honest with you instead of scamming you with false promises, please share this with your friends.