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AutoHotkey – Scripting and Simple Bot Software

AutoHotkey is a program that allows you to very easily set up your own scripts to perform anything from simple tasks like pressing or remapping buttons or keys to more advanced, almost bot-like behaviors. This programs is one of the best free programs for cheating in any kind of game, but especially competitive online games that require extremely precise and quick mechanics. Automatically healing to avoid death, automatically using abilities, automatically disconnecting from a game to avoid death, automatically switching items or gear are just a few examples of things that can be set up using this bot creating software. Official AutoHotkey Website

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Creating Bots using AutoHotkey Bot and Script Creation Program
Now if you are looking for a fully visual based program to let you create bots for your favorite PC and emulated Mobile games, then this may not be the entirely right option for you and you may want to look into Macros instead.

However, AutoHotkey uses a very simple and yet efficient code that can easily be picked up in a matter of days by anyone. For advanced functions, you will probably take a bit longer, but the code is simple enough even for more advanced scripts.

However, there are open source macro recorders for AutoHotkey that will allow you to set up simple clicking bots which are very effective in anti-AFK functionality or in online games or browser games with static interfaces. The software can also be combined with other bot and script creation software, such as Autoit for great effect.


A great community providing great and free scripts and bots
For those that are either simply not gifted enough in that particular way or are too lazy to pick up the coding of AutoHotkey scripts and bots, there is a great community over at AutoHotkey forums that provide all kinds or homemade AHK scripts (.AHK files) for you to download and use for free. Overall, this is definitively one of the best programs for people that love to script and automate tasks in games.

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