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A Top War Battle Game Hack is any modification, tool, app, software, method or other means for players of TWBG to gain unfair advantages, cheat, get more free Gold (money), free Gems (diamonds), VIP levels, Resources, Heroes and other goodies. – While there is a plethora of different cheating methods for Top War, generators and hacks for unlimited free Gems / Diamonds, VIP Levels, Money / Gold, Resources (Food, Oil) and VIP Levels do not exist and are always fake.


Top War Hacks

As in most mobile city builders there are multiple viable methods of hacking the game in Top War Battle Game: The most popular is the use of modded game clients also known as ‘mods’ that are probably the easiest way for people playing TWBG on Android and iOS to get cheats, then there are game hacking tools that are more consistent, but harder to use, bots that are arguably the most powerful regular game hacking method as they allow player to farm essentially unlimited gems, gold and resources over time and last but not least there are exploits that are rare bugs that can be used to activate the most powerful cheats imaginable in very rare circumstances. Most cheats will require either a rooted or jailbroken mobilde device, but some may require no root and no jailbrake, such as most glitches.

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Mods and Mod Menus

Modding is the preferred method of game hacking for most cheaters on mobile and Top War Battle Game is not exception when it comes to this: Mods are modified versions of the original Android or iOS TWBG app downloaded from the playstore or appstore respectively. – The main upside and the reason why so many game hackers choose mods over alternative methods is that installing a mod, while not entirely trivial, is a lot easier to do than to modify the game or game memory yourself using tools. So while one still needs to be able to follow some very simple instructions in order to get a given mod for Top War to work properly, the process is comparatively easy when compared to the alteriatives. Due to server-side processing Mod Money is not possible in Top War Battle Game. Most mods do technically require no root and no jailbrake, but will often require one change system files in order to run correctly, as process that does in fact require admin privileges. We recommend emulators if you don’t want to root / jailbrake your phone.

Mod menus are premium mods made by the best developers in the game cheating space and will usually feature more powerful cheats, more options and features, faster updates and in in-game menu that allows for the customization and toggling of individual hack features. – Free version of such mod menus may be available for free download but offering limited options.

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Game Hacking Tools

A much more consistent way to mod Top War Battle Game, but also much more challenging for the user is the use of game hacking tools, such as memory editors or data editing apps. – The most popular tools applied for this purpose are GameGuardian for Android and GameGem for iOS respectively and many of these tools can also be used to run scripts, a kind of trainer specific to that tool, to run their own mod menus, but these are often created by amateurs and not on the level of the more premium mod menus you might find out there for TWBG.

While using tools is more consistent due to updates often not affecting the methods and techniques used to enable cheats using tools, the successful use of these tools will require some basic knowledge about memory editing and game infrastructure and some serious dedication and willingness to learn on the part of the cheater.

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Top War Battle Game Bots

By far the most underrated cheating technique in the game and mobile games in general, bots are automated gameplay software that is able to farm the game for you 24 hours a day, netting you a lot of free resources, gems, gold and daily rewards easily. – Bots can either be set up by the user themselves (bot creation tutorial) using an emulator or can be downloaded as preprogrammed cheating software just like any other cheat.

A good bot for Top War will be able to automatically build buildings on your island, auto build troops, do research automatically watch ads for free gems, farm and attack dark forces and warhammers, collect resources, save resources from raids, raid other players, participate in pvp wazones, level up heroes, attack world bosses, automatically craft, use the dimensional mine, participate in events automatically to farm rare components and resources, switch between arsenal builds, participate in alliance wars and much more. – Overall bots are the closest thing to a money hack, free gems / diamonds cheat in Top War Battle Game that actually exists, seeing that all generators are fake.

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Generators & Online Tools

Al already briefly touched on in the beginning, online hacks and generators for free gems, VIP levels, diamonds, gold and resources for Top War BG do not exist and are always fake. But the point that was not mentioned is why and since a lot of people are not aware how game cheating works here is the reason why these features are not possible in any tool: All your important account data is stored and processed server-side on the game servers, but any game hack of tool is only able to manipulate data that is processed or stored on your device or client-side. Server hacking is not only illegal, it is also not something people generally do to get some gems in a random mobile game, as people go to prison for doing it. So there, that is how we know that all the generators and online tools out there claiming to ‘generate’ free resources and free in-app purchases for you are fake and will never work.


Exploiting and glitching are methods of gaining an edge in Top War that use game bugs and server-side bugs to break the game and even make impossible cheats possible for a limited time until the developers of the game inevitably patch or hotfix the bugs making the exploit possible. While extremely overpowered cheats such as free VIP levels, unlimited gems / diamonds, free gold and infinite resources as well as 5 star heroes, damage hacks, god modes and unlimited free speedups are not possible under normal circumstances, server-side game bugs can make these features possible for a limited time until the bugs get fixed and the glitch stops working. – So while these powerful exploits are exceedingly rare and challenging to find, they are well worth keeping a watchful eye out for on the game hacking forums covering Top War Battle Game on Android and iOS to catch active exploits while they are as yet unpatched.

Alt accounts

The oldest trick in the book when it comes to strategy city builder games is to run multiple accounts and use them to feed your main account or use your main account to farm / raid your alts, combine / rally your troops to attack world bosses and player ect. While not strictly allowed in most city builder mobile games, using a VPN it is fairly easy to run multiple alternate alt accounts and gain significant advantages and all the top player are doing it in every single one of these games, because they would not be the top players if they were not. So the same goes for Top War Battle Game the island builder game: If you want to be one of the best, then prepare to run many accounts and spend a lot of money.

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