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Is it possible to Cheat in Mabinogi in any way?
Yes, cheating is this game is possible. On one hand it is possible to use scripts of bots to automatically farm, quest and even do dungeons in order to level up and get more gold (ducats). On the other hand there are several client-side hacks that can be achieved that allow you to mess with game physics and teleport anywhere you want to be. However, there are NO money hacks of any kind, NX adders, god modes or any similar cheats of any kind.

Is it legal to cheat and will my Mabinogi Account get banned?
Game rules are not enforced by any government and cheating is therefore 100% legal. Unless you are using outdated software or are abusing cheats, you need not worry about getting banned. Just keep a low profile and don’t use bots for more than 16h per day and you will be fine. Don’t use exploits that have come public EVER.

How much do Mabinogi Bots and Hacks usually cost?
Normally, the average MMORGP bot or hack will cost you around 5 to 30 dollars per month. Going for a longer subscription will usually work out cheaper in the long run. As far as we know there are no free cheats for this game though.

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Mabinogi Cheating and Exploiting Methods
As with most online free to play MMORPGs, there is a lot of farming to do if you want to reach the end game and max out most of the stats and skills you really want to do some advanced endgame dungeons and raids. So people have found some inventive ways of shortening that grind just a little bit by programming programs or scripts called “bots” to be able to take control of your account and perform some simple and repetitive tasks for you. Bots will read your PC memory in order to locate you within the Mabinogi world and will then either follow scripted paths and farm mobs or will scan a certain area for gathering nodes, enemies and quests to interact with. Bots are the most effective way of leveling up your characters, skills, acquiring better gear and farming money (ducats/gold) more quickly and with minimal time investment. We are not saying that you should not buy NX cash, because supporting a game you like is always the right thing to do. However, bots will allow you to skip the more tedious parts of playing MMORPGs. Another way of cheating in Mabinogi is to sue hacks that will inject code into the game process on your PC and will enable you to automatically loot items, teleport, walk through walls, walk really fast (speedhacks) and even fly around. There are also some other more advanced macros or mods that will automatically use abilities, display advanced information, automatically sell certain items and so on. People have even created software to create alternate mule accounts, send items to them and so on. However, there are certain values in the game that cannot be edited or hacked: These values include your health, your items, your money, your cooldowns, your inventory, your NX, your gold and so on. – All these values and all the other very basic game values, including stats, are processed on the server, making hacking them an achieving a true god mode impossible. So don’t trust people that offer you such functionality.




Mabinogi Scripts, Bots and Macros
Scripts or bots can be used for a variety of different purposes. They can for example be programmed to perform something as simple as picking up all the gold dropped by mobs automatically, saving you time. Scripts can be set to automatically unleash abilities upon mobs, automatically heal you or others, automatically counter attacks and so on. Bots can also farm mobs. However, when using bots to farm mobs in PvE, you need to make sure that you are able to tank the kind of mob that you want to be farming pretty much for ever, else your bot might die and your gear might get damaged. Bots can also gather resources and do basic crafting, merchanting, repairing of gear and so on. It is best to go for a very tanks melee character when trying to use scripts for farming, such as the knight or fighter. In some cases using a simple click bot using a macro recorder can be enough to make scripting work for you and farm some gold and at other times, more advanced software may be required. People have been able to max out several skills in mere days using this kind of exloit.




Mabinogi Mods, Hacks and Exploits
Mods, as in most MMORPGs are used in order to extend the functionality of the game and give you information that you would not usually get. In dungeons mods/hacks can be used to get a better idea of what mobs are to be found in what part of the dungeon, combine that with a map hack and you are literally able to complete most dungeons in half the time it would usually take and get more loot drops in the same time than you usually would. – The problem about hacks is that they can potentially get detected by anti-cheating software, since they do alter the way the game client works on your PC. Therefore it is highly advisable that you do not use any software that is publicly available to anyone. Exploits are another way of cheating: An exploit is a bug in the Mabinogi code that can be exploited to gain experience, gold, items or some other kind of rare or desirable resource in the game. An example would be a duping exploit that would allow you to duplicate items in your inventory, allowing you to make unlimited gold by selling the duplicated items. Another example would be bugged mobs that could be killed infinitely and would spawn unlimited loot and give you infinite EXP. However, most of these bugs are very temporary and are getting patched soon after discovery. We recommend that you do not use publicly known bugs, since these will be monitored and exploiting them may result in a ban of your Mabinogi account.



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