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A Clash Royale Hack is any method, technique, app, modification, tool or other means of gaining unfair advantages in the game, get more free Gems, Gold (coins), Cards, Troops and other goodies more quickly. – While there is a great many different ways of cheating in Clash Royale, such as mods, mod menus and game hacking tools, hacks and generators for unlimited free Gems (crystals), free Pass Royale, max level Cards, Trophies and Gold / Money do not exist and are always fake.


Clash Royale Mods & Mod Menus

Modding is the most convenient mainstream way of game hacking on mobile and while not totally trivial, anyone that can follow some simple instructions and has access to either a rooted device / jailbroken iOS device or an Emulator can easily do it. – All one has to do is download a modded version of the original APK / iOS app that has been decompiled and modified to include cheating options, follow the installation instructions and play the game mod. – While this is considerably more n00b-friendly than using game hacking tools or modding the game app yourself, the downside is that mods will generally be outdated after every patch, hotfix and new version of Clash Royale that is released, making it necessary to seek for updated versions often.

Mod Menus are more premium mods for Clash Royale that generally come with more options and an in-game menu that lets you toggle individual features and customize them to your liking. – Mod Menus are also generally premium products, but will often offer free limited versions for free download.

clashroyale mod menu hack

Game Hacking Tools

Sometimes it is hard to find working mods and it can be quite annoying to update mods extremely often, which is where manual game hacking tools, such as GameGuardian for Android or GameGem for iOS come into play. – While modding game memory and manually modifying a game is a much more involved process that requires some basic knowledge about game hacking., it also has the distinct upside that such techniques do not generally need to be greatly adjusted over many patches, making it more a more consistent way of manipulating the game. Of course only very few game hacking tools will work with no root and no jailbroken mobile device, so you will need to get a setup that allows for the full potential of these apps to be used and then follow the quite complex tutorials and guides on how to use them. Overall, not recommended for newbies, but highly recommended if you have the stamina and willingness to learn.

clash royale mod modded apk ios

Bots for Clash Royale

Auto fighting bots can be used to automatically fight opponents in arenas and depending on the A.I. may even be able to bring you into legendary tier. A simple bot will be configurable in what units to use when and how to react to your opponents spawns and will be able to continuously spend your elixir on units and spells to push the opponent back. - Clash Royale Bots can also be used to check for free chests every hour, allowing you to get up to 6 free chests every day from that alone. – This will allow you to get all the Legendary Cards faster and level them up to max level. They can also automatically combine and upgrade the cards you have using duplicates.

While a bot is certainly able to play the game and play it well, if you want to get to the very top, you will still have to play manually, since a human brain will always be able to outwit a computer player in most circumstances. But for farming free gold, XP, getting cards to max level and some free gems to buy emotes and other goodies, running an automated gameplay app may be worth it for you. Learn how to create your own macros and bots.

clash royale bot doanload


Exploits and Glitches

Exploiting and glitching are use of game bugs in Clash Royale in order to gain unfair advantages and break the game: Server-side bugs in the game code, servers and client can make usually impossible cheats, such as unlimited elixir, unlimited EXP, free chests, maxed cards, tower god mode (unlimited health), instant wins, disconnect hacks, infinite free gems, unlimited gold coins, free cards and card packs, unlimited trophies, free chests and free in-game purchases, possible that would generally not be possible due to server-side checks. – So while such server-side bugs are quite rare and have to be found before they get patched or hotfixed, they have the potential to be the most powerful hacks available in Clash Royale and on top of that will generally be working without root and without jailbrake required, making it the perfect cheat for new cheater and game hackers.

clashroyale game hacking tool download

Clash Royale Game Hacking

A hacked iOS app or modded APK is basically a hacked game client that will send different data to the game servers than a normal client would. This kind of modified client may allow you to spawn units faster, make certain rare exploits like duping or unlimited gems, gold ect possible and so on. However, there is no reliable way to get god modes for your towers, units, unlimited gems and gold or trophies, unlimited Super Magical Chests since those exploits will usually be patched within mere days of them being discovered. Hacked APKs and Apps may also be able to auto complete achievements and reward you with a lot of gems. Such hacked clients are the most popular way of gaining unfair advantages in Clash Royale and are known as modded APKs or APK mods, iOS mods or modded iPA files.

clash royale bot doanload 

Generators and Online Hacks

Clash Royale is an online multiplayer PvP game and that essentially means that a lot of the data is stored on the Game servers that belong to Supercell and that in turn means that any significant game value for your account, such as your level, your ranking trophies,, your gold (coins / money), your cards and your deck cannot be hacked using client side hacks, the same goes for free chests, free emotes, free pass royale subscriptions, unlimited elixir, damage hacks and hacking the servers is impossible. So be careful if someone offers you hacks, and generator downloads that are impossible. Chances are the impossible is not possible even if you make a generator for it, so these online website generators for Clash Royale and online hacks are always fake.

clashroyale god mode hp hacked

Android vs. iOS Game Hacking

As things are right now, Android has a bigger user base and a lot more developers that iOS, but cheats do exist for both versions of the game. It’s a Supercell game and therefore is quite popular and will have a lot of hacks and bots developed for it. However, hacked APKs and android automated scrips are usually available a lot earlier. – If you do not own any Android gaming devices and still want to switch for cheating purposes, there are a great many Android emulators that you can install on your Windows PC or Mac PC and they usually come with very simple ways of rooting the OS at the push of a button as well, making the installation of mods and tolls trivial.

clashroyale scripts trainers cheat 

Mod Money

There are many mod downloading sites for Android modded APKs and iOS mods that claim to offer ‘mod money’ for Clash Royale. – These mods are all fake and there are no mods for unlimited free gems / crystals, infinite free gold / coins /money, unlimited XP, unlocking and maxing all cards, free chests, free in-app purchases, god modes, damage hacks, unlimited elixir / mana, infinite trophies, stat hacks or similar cheats. As already mentioned multiple times: All your account data is stored server-side on the game servers and these servers cannot be manipulated or changed using any tools which includes any online ‘generators’. Only the developers of the game can mess with the game servers. Client-side modifications cannot give you any in-game money cheats. The best you can do is run an automated playing app (bot) to farm these resources slowly over time.

clash royale cheater gamehacker app


While there are far more fake hacks and scam generators out there than legitimate downloads, the real thing does in fact exist in the form of APK mods for Clash Royale on Android, iOS modded apps and automated farming bots mostly. – While downloading modded files is certainly the more popular option, the sleeper OP cheat is certainly the use of bots that are able to farm what is in essence unlimited free gold / money, gems, chests and trophies over time for your Clash Royale account. The reason why tradition game hacking is less effective in CR is the heavily server-sided nature of the game and therefore the impossibility to manipulate of modify vital game functions through any kind of client-side tools. As always we do recommend players use HackFinder in order to find working downloads for the latest version of Clash Royale from trusted, clean and long-standing sources that have been carefully vetted instead of simply randomly searching the web for downloads. Also it is highly recommended that if you are going to cheat, you do so with the utmost respect for the game, its developer and your fellow game player to avoid any possible reports and account band and keeping your account safe. Enjoy the game and have fun!

clashroyale exploit glitch

The images featuring diverse in-game screenshots on this page are not meant to be misleading: Most the illustrated cheating features are not possible, but our visitors and users do expect to see images of these features, so we have to provide them with what they are expecting to see. Sadly, this is the state of the industry at the moment.

If you have been able to avoid fake tools and similar problems as a result of reading this page, please consider sharing with your friends so they too can download real working cheats instead of imaginary tools and generators that never work.

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