“This move is soooo overpowered!”
“The Desert Eagle is OP!”
“This combo is so broken!”

op overpowered brokenWhat does OP / OverPowered / Broken mean in Games?
Terms such as OP, overpowered or broken are commonly used in English gaming communities to describe an element of a certain game that does not seem to be balanced (stronger than other similar elements). Most commonly it is used in very competitive games, such as MOBAs, Shooters or Card Games. OP stands for Overpowered and means that a certain element is stronger than other elements of its kind. For example an Assault Rifle is OP when it kills in one shot and all other Assault Rifles kill in at least 2 with all other stats being the same. Most of the time however, “OPness” and “Brokenness” of a game mechanic is subjective and often used as an excuse. As an example many League of Legends players blame the OP champion the opponent picked to explain that they are losing the lane. Other players also use the presence of lag, hacking , cheating or DDoSing for tier lack of skill.

Are Overpowered or Broken Game Elements really a problem?
Yes and no. They usually only become a problem if the developers of a game profit from there being unbalanced (broken / OP) elements in the game. So generally in pay to play games this problem will not be nearly as bad as in free to play ones, since in many F2P games with micro transactions, the developers directly profit from new OverPowered elements being released. In pay to play game however, there are only monetary downsides for unbalance game elements to the developers, since all it does is to make the game less enjoyable. So generally what we see is that pay to play games will feature a toolset that is much more balanced.

About Game Balance in General
Balancing all the elements and game mechanics of any multiplayer or single player game is pretty much impossible. There are simply too many variables and combinations (synergy) involved in most cases. Balancing 2 elements is hard enough; now try that with 10 or even 100 or 1000. As games grow and more elements and mechanics are added, the balance often changes a lot and sometimes the game needs to be completely revamped in order to keep it fair for everyone. So achieving perfect balance is realistically impossible. However, through listening to the community it’s often possible to achieve a decent kind of balance and remove the most broken elements of a game.

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