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Streamproof game hacks or Stream Safe video game hacks are a new breed of game cheating software specifically designed to make the game hacking activity invisible to any viewers of a stream (using OBS or other streaming software) for people looking at the screen of a player from the outside. These cheating tools will not only hide any visible menus, indicators, alerts and notifications, but will also apply silent aim for aimbots, human-like aiming speed and many other techniques to hide the tools applied to gain an edge in a the game as well as possible.

The History of Streamproof Game Hacks

Invisible game hacks, especially Aimbots and wallhacks, have been around as an extremely niche and rare kind of software for a while, mostly being used by professional competitive players to cheat in tournaments. There have been many potential cases in CS:GO, Overwatch and similar team-based competitive shooters. However, in the last few years (around 2022) there has been an explosion in providers offering streamproof features, special streamer versions of aimbots and hacks and other special subscriptions and offerings catered to streamers in particular. – The driver of this phenomenon is of course the popularity of streaming and skill being one of the many factors that can cause a stream of  YouTube channel to take off and become extremely successful. We expect this trend to continue and become extremely common in streaming due to the disadvantage that streamers that are not using stream safe hacks will have compared to their cheating counterparts.

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Are Invisible Game Hacks detectable?

While streamproof cheating software for video games can usually not be seen on stream, they may still display menus and UI elements on different screens that are not being recorded, such as  Mod menus, 2D minimaps / radar hacks and similar UI features, therefore some may be detectable for people actually being in the room with a streamer or professional gamer. – Of course aimbots even without UI elements can still be detected by extremely fast and accurate aim (super-human aim), although this can all be hidden using advanced natural movement aiming AI, aim-slowing, triggerbot delays for delayed shooting ect. However, many of the less advanced aimbots will still be visually detectable through obvious aimlocks and it is extremely unlikely that streamers will be able to hide their activity successfully for hundreds and thousands of hours of streaming a particular game. Also, having perfect aim in one game, then playing another and being unable to hit the side of a barn, is also a dead giveaway of stream hacks.

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Why are people using Streamproof Game Hacks and Aimbots?

The answer is quite simple: money. Being stilled at a game and performing well is the easiest way to draw in new viewers and gaining fame as a streamer without needing to have actual skill, being entertaining, educational, being relatable or a nice human being. – So people use streamproof invisible game hacks and aimbots to be ‘skilled’ at a game to draw in crowds and entertain them without actually having to be skilled at a game. – While this is of course quite shady, it does work and overall a streamer using this kind of cheating tool is more likely to be successful that one who is not. However, it comes with the risk of bans not only from the games themselves, but also the streaming platforms, such as Twitch or YouTube.

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Where can I get stream safe game hacks?

To find working downloads and game hacks, Mods and cheats for any game use our HackFinder. – We do neither condone, nor condemn the use of any video game cheating tools. However, we do understand that people will want to cheat for various reasons and we believe if they want to do so, they should do so using clean software and without getting scammed by some random ‘gem generator’ or other fishy schemes. – These days Streamer Game Hacks are pretty much available for any popular shooter, but may cost more than the vanilla version depending on the provider. One should always be aware of the risks one takes, whether one is trying to cheat on stream, on VoD or even in a tournament. In our opinion the risk is generally not worth it, as getting found out as a hacker will usually end careers in the streaming business pretty quickly. However, with the increasing popularity of such behavior, it may just become common practice soon. Only time will tell.