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A LoL Wild Rift Hack is defined as any and all modifications, macros, scripts or tools that allow you to gain an advantage on the rift over other players: Farm faster, last hit better, get more gold, do more damage, get more items, aim better, react faster and of course get more free Blue Motes, Wild Cores, Skins and Poro Energy / Coins as well on your League of Legends Wild Rift account. However, getting free Wild Cores, Blue Motes, free Skins or Poro Coins directly is not possible using any tools.


There are 2 main ways to hack LoL Wild Rift on Android and iOS respectively: Either you use modifications (mods) or you use game hacking tools and memory editors. Scripts and macros for automated actions are also extremely overpowered tools for cheaters in Wild Rift, but those do not qualify as hacks technically, as they do not alter the game itself, but interact with it. Of those 2 choice methods, the more popular option is the use of mods, modded APK and iOS apps, which will implement the game hack features directly into an installable app.

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Mods are by far the most prolific and cherished technique used by game hacking communities in League of Legends: Wild Rift, since they are extremely accessible, effortless to install and download, easy to use on top of that. While most mods will require a rooted Android phone or a jailbroken iOS device, some will require no root and no jailbreak under certain circumstances. We generally recommend using emulators to use mods instead of using you actual mobile device. Mod are created by decompiling or unpacking the original app files, modifying the code to apply cheats, then recompiling the app into an installable file.

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Mod Menus

Wild Rift Mod Menus are the cream of the crop among mod APK / IPA cheats: They will usually include more different trainer features, advanced functionality, advanced anti-cheat, an in game menu to activate and deactivate individual options and sometimes are even packaged with auto-update functionality right out of the box. Mod menus are therefore certainly worth the download if you are able to find a free version and will help you greatly on any champion.

wild rift mod menu

Game Hacking Tools

Unlike mods, game hacking tools and apps will generally work for many different versions and updates of League of Legends Wild Rift and will not have to be updated every time the game gets a new update. The downside is that using tools will not only require root access to your device, but either extensive knowledge about memory editing or following pretty in-depth and advanced tutorials. Some of the most popular tools for Android and iOS are GameGuardian (Android) or GameGem (iOS). Worth a download if you cannot find any current mods. Can’t do anything that a good modded game client can’t do too.

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Cheats that are possible in LoL Wild Rift may vary depending on the operating system (Android or iOS), the build and version of the game, server processing and some other factors. But enerally the most powerful cheats in the game are as follows:

  • Last Hit Scripts, Bots and Macros
  • Damage Hacks (if possible in your version)
  • Aimbots for aiming abilities and summoner spells
  • DPS Scripts for maxing DPS and harass
  • Auto ignite and auto smite
  • Auto farming bots for free Wild Cores, Blue Motes and Poro Energy
  • Zoom hacks for better field of view
  • Other random exploits (dupes, invisibility, god mode ect as they become possible through bugs)
  • Minimap Fog of War Hacks (if possible in your version)
  • No Fog of War (if possible in your version)
  • ESP / VAC Hacks

wild rift scripts


These are the rarest and most temporary cheats, but also the ones with the greatest potential: From god modes, unlimited currency (Wold Cores WC, Blue Motes BM, Poro Coins / Energy Points), unlimited health, mana, unlimited gold for the item shop, free champions, free skins and fee poses, almost anything is possible if the right bugs are in the game, even free in-game shop purchases potentially. – However, these hacks are based on bugs that will be patched by Riot Games as soon as they become aware of them. So an exploit is only useful as long as it is kept private, which means you need to be part of a very select and elite group of cheater to be aware of them and be able to use they as long as they persist in the game.

Bots / Automation

Bots or ‘robots’ are automated software apps that take control of certain aspects of your game or even play the game for you entirely. – In League of Legends and in LoL Wild Rift they are primarily used to enhance reflexes and mechanics, but also to automatically farm the game for unlimited free Wild Cores, unlimited free Blue Motes, unlimited Gold, free Skins and unlimited Poro Coins as well. They are separated into two categories: Farming bots for automated farming and scripts / macros that enhance mechanics.

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Scripts / Macros

Auto harassing, auto last hit, auto ability cast, auto smite, auto ignite, auto heal. Scripts and macros can potentially do everything a human player can do in Wild Rift. They can control your champion, they can use summoner spells and abilities, they can last hit to farm gold, use blinks, movement abilities and flash to dodge damage, they can automatically use items to heal or avoid damage. In essence, they can do anything you can do, but instantly, not being held back by a frail fleshy body. Scripts and Macros are what you want to download if you are looking to play competitively and climb the ELO ladder into challenger.


Auto aiming apps and software are just as useful in MOBAs like League of Legends Wild Rift as in any shooter. Automatically aiming skillshots, automatically killing enemies if they are in range to be killed by your ability rotation and summoner spells is just as effective at piling up kills as in many other games. Aimbots are great means of getting a significant advantage in Wild Rift for certain.

lol wild rift aimbot script

Anti-AFK Bots

The least liked king of bot in the League of Legends community used by many flamers, griefers, inters, trolls and other toxic community members in Wild Rift. The anti AFK bot does what the name implies: It keeps you from disconnecting from a game by performing automated actions. You will still be of no help to your team, but the automated system won’t flag you for being a dirty AFK. Use at the risk of being a massive d-bag.

Exploits & Glitches

Exploiting and Glitching is a rare cheating technique that uses game bugs in order to break game mechanics and make usually impossible cheats possible. So while under normal circumstances it is impossible to get unlimited free Wild Cores, Blue Motes, free Skins, unlimited Poro Energy, in-match money and similar cheats, exploiting and glitching can make these extremely powerful hacks possible. – On top of that most exploits are usable with no root and no jailbrake required, making them the best possible cheat for players new to cheating in Wild Rift.

Game Cheats

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