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An Area F2 Hack is any tool, method, software or app that allows players of the game to gain an unfair advantage in matches, get more free gold, coupons, skins, chests, weapon skins and other goodies in Area F2 matches and the game itself. While there are a huge variety of different hacks available for both Android and iOS versions of the game, hacks for unlimited free coupons, gold, skins and chests do not exist and are always fake.


Area F2 Hacks

Any modification to the game code, memory, game client or data sent to the game servers are considered hacks and can be used to enable cheating features in Ara F2 and other online team-based shooters. The most effective and popular kinds of hacks are aimbots that automatically aim and shoot, wall hacks that allow you to see through walls, no-recoil and no-spread hacks, radar hacks and other ESP cheats among others. – These cheats are usually implemented in one of 2 ways: Either through mods in the game client (modded game clients), or through game hacking tools and memory editing.

Overally, hacks can be used to great effect in Area F2 in order to perform better, get more kills, die less, farm more Gold and free Coupons for skins and unlocks more quickly, and climb the ranked ladder more easily. However, there is always a risk of account bans when using hacks, so be careful and use this tool to get legitimate downloads.

area f2 aimbot

Area F2 Aimbots

Auto aiming is an extremely overpowered but relatively easily detectable kind of cheat for Area F2. A aim bot or auto aiming app will automatically aim and shoot (trigger bot) your weapons as soon as enemies are either in line of sight or can be shot through walls. While using an aimbot can certainly get you a lot of kills quickly, allow you to win matches quickly, get lots of EXP, unlocks and free money, an aimbot is also very easy to detect by other players if you are not making a conscious attempt to mask or hide your cheating activities and will get you banned pretty quickly, since Qookka Games have a 0 tolerance polity when it comes to hackers.

Overally, aimbots are extremely overpowered, but also quite risky to use and most players would be advised to use ESP / VAC cheats instead that will allow for more fun for the user and lower risk or account bans. Also other features will generally be more easy to find and download than automated aiming mods.

area f2 wallhack

Area F2 Wallhacks and ESP Cheats

VAC or Visual Assistance Cheats also known as ESP or Extrasensory Perception tools are generally simply called Wallhacks, since they in essence allow you to see through walls besides delivering you some other vital information. – This cheating feature is generally achieved by searching the graphics memory of your mobile device (Android or iOS) and extracting the location of players / character models, then highlighting them with colored boxes or skeletons / overlays on your screen. VACs may also show you 2D radars of the map (minimap), health bars, names, explosives, traps and tripwires, grenades, riot shields, buildables, bombs, reinforcements, breach charges and other relevant items and information on the map, allowing you to make better informed tactical decisions besides knowing where people are and being able to easily angle and shoot them through walls.

Wallhacks are generally more fun to use than aimbots, come with less of an inherit risk for bans. So if you are looking to download cheats for Area F2, then this one is recommended over most the alternatives.

area f2 mod menu


Area F2 Mods

Modding is by far the easiest way to cheat in mobile games including online shooters on Android and iOS mobile. The way mods are made is by modifying the original game code and packaging the cheats directly into the Android APK or iOS APS file for the game app, allowing you to simply download and install the Area F2 modded game file and play the game with cheats enabled right from the start. However, while this method of activating hacks in Area F2 is  a lot more newbie-friendly and easier than the alternative options, some mods will still require you to change some system files or have a jailbroken iOS device or rooted Android phone, though some mods will require no root and no jailbreak whatsoever.

Overall, mods are just about the best way to get around the rules and gain a significant advantage in Area F2. The possible features are endless: Anything from aimbots, no recoil, speedhacks, teleporting, invisibility, wallhacks, no spread, triggerbots and more is potentially possible depending on server-side processing and other factors. If you are looking for working mobile game mods, please go here.

area f2 mod


Mod Menus

These awesome downloads are the best of kind when it comes to cheating on mobile games and online mobile shooters alike. Mod Menus are the beefed-up and simply better version of mods, usually made by the more professional reverse-engineers and programmers in the industry, but they do also very often require you to buy a subscription and are only exceedingly rarely available as free downloads for Area F2. – Just like other modded game clients, mod menus will only work for a single build or update of the game and will have to be updated with every mainline update that the game gets through the playstore or appstore.

Mod menus will offer you advanced functions, more cheating features and options than most mods, an ingame menu that allows you to enable and disable, customize and sometimes even update your cheats and in rare cases import scripts for automated farming or custom aimbot behaviors into the game. Overall, the greatest hack you can get for Area F2 or rather the best method of implementation by far.


Exploiting is the use of Exploits, game bugs that can be used to gain advantages, to cheat without technically breaking the rules of the game. – These exploits, or rather the bugs they are based on are usually quite rare and when available quite temporarily so, as the developers of Area F2 will of course hotfix such mistakes as soon as noticed. However, while exceedingly rare, exploiting is potentially the most potent and powerful means of cheating in Area F2, as the possible cheats are unlimited, making even free money, coupons, gold and skins possible and with no root and no jailbroken device required at all. Still, there will be no online tools or generators to use such exploits. One will have to join the right game hacking communities that test for such glitches and be there at the right time to use them.

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