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If you are looking for Counter-Strike Cheats, like Hacks, Aimbots or other exploits, then this site is the right place to get you started into the game. HackerBot.net is an educational portal and Community for people looking to Cheat in their favorite games. While our main focus is to educate and find new ways to cheat in Games, we also focus on using our cheating skills for Good. Helping other player is our Creed. If you are looking to Buy Counter-Strike Hacks, then you might want to check out our Reviews and Legit Providers Lists in order to find developers that you can trust and are providing Software worth your money. If you are simply here to Download Free CS Cheats or to share your own stuff with us, then you are free to Sign Up, head over to our Forums and Get Started.

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Counter-Strike Cheats
Cheating in CS is basically the use of any tool, software or method that is technically speaking not part of the official game and its official toolkit and gives you some kind of unfair advantage over your opponents. Now Counter-Strike is a very old game and in its history there have been a whole variety of very powerful cheating methods that were used to great effect, but are now no longer possible to achieve. These outdated cheating methods include: God Modes (unlimited health), unlimited ammo hacks, vacuum hacks and teleporting. However, while some of the cheats have been patched over the years, the use of aimbots to automatically aim and the use of wall hacks to see all enemy positions is still more than possible in Counter-Strike. Now the obvious use of most cheats is to get more kills, therefore get more money and better gear and then snowball from there. The most effective way of cheating at this very moment is the use of aimbots, since aiming is particularly hard in CS games as we all know and really is the difference between a n00b and a pro. However, ESP hacks and aimbots do inject code into the game process and therefore can potentially be detected by anti-cheating measures. – therefore we do recommend that you avoid free hacks for CS, since they are often detected days after release and can endanger your account and game license. Paid hacks are the better option here, since you are guaranted not only a working quality hack, but one that is also undetected at all times.


Counter-Strike Aimbots
If you have played CS before then you know that your aim is really what makes or breaks the game along with your movement and reflexes. Now an aimbot can help you out by simply eliminating that aspect of the game for you pretty much. What an auto aiming program will do is scan your environment for enemy player and once you have line of sight on them, aim and sometimes even shoot automatically. There are aimbots that include a triggerbot and those that don’t. Cheat aimbots will aim instantly, making it very easy to tell for other player that you are a hacker. – That is the main reason why we do recommend you use aimbots of high quality, since they do allow you to enable options that will cover up your bot-like movements. Why would you care about other players being able to see that you are a cheater? – Well because these other players may be reporting you and your account may get banned ba a game moderator. That’s why you should care. And if you do not care about how other people feel about your in game actions, then please leave this website. While aimbots can be quite effective in getting more kills and enjoying the game more, the abuse of this kind of software will annoy people around you and will get you banned and rightfully so. Usually the auto aiming function will be bound to either a mouse button or key on your keyboard and once you hold it down, the aimbot will do its thing. What you need to keep in mind though is that using aimbots really takes most of the skill and therefore the sense of achieving something awesome out of the game. An easy kill does not feel satisfying no matter how cool it might seem now. So please keep that aspect in mind. Afterall you are playing games to have fun and not to collect numbers. If you would like to cheat, but also retain some of the skill involved in Counter-Strike, then you might want to look into using Wallhacks.


CS Wallhacks (ESP)
Extrasensory or Wall hacks are a piece of software that is injected into your game client and can make all your enemies visible at all times. Usually this is done by displaying boxes or 2D chams and will give you a huge tactical advantage over your opponents. The reason why this kind of cheating method is viable, is that most online shooters need to load the whole map onto your PC in order to display the game events to you correctly and in a fair way. Wallhacks can also diplay enemy health, if people can see you or are aiming at you, enemy grenades, weapons and so on. Basically if the information can be thought of, then it can be displayed using an ESP. As already mentioned this cheat is a lot more fun to use than aimbots, since you still feel like you are achieving something and doing something that requires the right input. On top of that ESP hacks are generally a lot less expensive to acquire than your average auto aim. Another upside of wall hacks is that they are almost impossible to detect. Unless you are up against some seriously experienced Counter-Strike players, the chances of people being able to tell that you are seeing them through wall is minimal. But make no mistake: In a competitive setting people will be able to differentiate hackers from legit players. Since CS is one of the few remaining shooters that does not feature realistic physics, the potential for abuse in wallhacks is minimal as well and that is good for everyone.


No Spread, No Recoil, Fast Reload and other Client Hacks
While these hacks are far less popular and far harder to find than the rest of them, there are still noRecoil and noSpread hacks to increase your accuracy and spraying power. There are also ways to increase your reload speed and even your walking speed. Depending on the weapon that you are using, this can be incredibly powerful. Essentially this kind of hack has the potential to rebalance all the Counter-Strike weapons for you, since the accuracy and capacity of a gun does not really matter as much.

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